Steve Schmidt on why many Republican voters are splitting from Trump: ‘He’s a profound threat to the security of the country’

.@SteveSchmidtSES on why Republican voters are splitting from President Trump: 'He’s a profound threat to the security of the country.'

7/9/2020 3:01:00 AM

.SteveSchmidtSES on why Republican voters are splitting from President Trump: 'He’s a profound threat to the security of the country.'

A striking new ad from Republican voters makes the case that their party has fallen under Trump. Meanwhile, polling shows voters who disliked both nominees in 2016 are increasingly willing to support Joe Biden

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SteveSchmidtSES A vote for trump is a death sentence To our democracy and the security of our country. SteveSchmidtSES Of humanity itself.... SteveSchmidtSES Cut the military budget by 10% by the Democrat's does not secure our Country? Steve Schmidt SteveSchmidtSES Got any proof? Didn't think so. SteveSchmidtSES 🏧🇨🇳☠️

SteveSchmidtSES 🏧$ Ukraine blood money SteveSchmidtSES SteveSchmidtSES To counter his opinion. There are a bunch of silent people out there equally terrified about the direction of this country from the far left. From Seattle, NYC, Chicago, Etc to rogue city council’s, shootings, riots and insane policies.

SteveSchmidtSES I know democrats voting for trump cause of the dems lack of security. SteveSchmidtSES SteveSchmidtSES Really? You just found out trump is a serious threat to this country? Kudos to you all. It’s better late than never! VOTE him out in November! SteveSchmidtSES Republicans going down with Trump.

SteveSchmidtSES 💕 Steve Schmidt! Just donated to Project Lincoln 😄 SteveSchmidtSES trump is cognitively a better alternative than the very frail Joe Bide.Biden is exhibiting clear symptoms of sun down syndrome and is suffering with significant cognitive issues . A choice between Trump v Biden will in the end result in Trump victory .

SteveSchmidtSES SteveSchmidtSES The Never Trumpers do NOT speak for all conservatives. SteveSchmidtSES He’s a profound threat to THE SWAMP OF PEOPLE WHO ARE TERRIFIED THEIR POWER IS SLIPPING. TheRickWilson and his cronies scrubbed all his racist cooler pictures from the net. Can you ask him why he deleted them? Have you ever had a wine cooler out of this racist cooler?

SteveSchmidtSES We are the silent majority and stand with the President 🇺🇸 SteveSchmidtSES Every item in this administration is in turmoil..... foreign policy, trade, immigration, education, agriculture, labor, NATO, Nuclear Treaties, domestic, DACA............when will it end? SteveSchmidtSES A lot of average Americans figured that out YEARS ago, Trump is a Nut Bar folks and needs professional help.😯

SteveSchmidtSES wayfairchildtrafficking wayfair CrimesAgainstChildren ChildSexTrafficking PedoGate Watch 'How Do You Introduce Crimes Against Humanity? The People Must See The Truth - Episode 2222b' on YouTube SteveSchmidtSES They are moving away from Donald Trump because it’s clear that there’s something very wrong with Trump. He seems to have lost his marbles. Trump is nuts. How many ways can YOU say it ?

SteveSchmidtSES He’s been that since day 1. What will it take to wake up. SteveSchmidtSES President Dump 💩 = SteveSchmidtSES Has he interviewed every one of those republicans? I doubt it. Just another opinion, which means nothing. SteveSchmidtSES This Thread is 1 huge circle-jerk telling each other a Fantasy so they can believe it’s really happening. Newsflash: that dream from ‘16 you thought was Reality gonna have you all wet again in Nov.

SteveSchmidtSES and add that he's a lifelong criminal. SteveSchmidtSES He’s fucking delusional SteveSchmidtSES Oh is that so... Interesting, that moderate Dems are fleeing the left. Trump supporters are more fervent than ever. Yet, the liberal propaganda wants you to belive his support is weak. Conservative web traffic are thru the roof, while liberals are flatlining.

SteveSchmidtSES Fake news bmangh SteveSchmidtSES That’s new to me because Trump has 91% approval from Republican voters SteveSchmidtSES Duh...the GOP enablers let Trump walk all over them like a rug. They had the chance to remove him from office, but they acquitted a traitor. They only care about their re-election. Vote blue no natter who! 🌊🌊

arenoso SteveSchmidtSES And tomorrow they are going to claim they discovered Earth has a moon. SteveSchmidtSES YA THINK. SteveSchmidtSES Seems like last year their was an entourage or delegation from Congress that went to Russia. It also seems that the GOP, which were already despicable, returned with a new attitude “Hell Bent” on the destruction of America in the name of “Putin.”

SteveSchmidtSES A glimmer of hope SteveSchmidtSES Liberals love rolling out these NeverTrumpers as if their new or some type of trend. His approval rating among Republicans remains high. If there were any dip, it would only be because he isn't fighting back enough. SteveSchmidtSES Fake news SteveSchmidtSES ALL BS.....People want law & order.........that's why they want Trump. BLM riots have made communities unsafe, & sane people want safety in their community, & for their family. Why don't you show the BacktheBlue rallies? Afraid decent folk may notice the animal difference?

SteveSchmidtSES Don’t get to cozy with this idea.. he still has a lot of support.. SteveSchmidtSES Can we consider all that he is doing a genocide? Just wondering. SteveSchmidtSES But they only see a threat to their election, not the national security part. If they saw that, he would have removed his ass when they impeached him.

SteveSchmidtSES SteveSchmidtSES Keep dreaming MSNCB! SteveSchmidtSES China stole the mass of American intellectual property and our jobs under the Obama/Biden administration. It’s also when Isis was formed. Only thing Trump is a threat to is the establishment’s status quo and child trafficking ring. Democrats, the party of shackles and chains.

SteveSchmidtSES No such people exist.....they see the alternative. They will push the Trump button in the booth... SteveSchmidtSES Republicans must stand up for what is right. If he's wrong, tell him do. They owe this to America. SteveSchmidtSES This Ain't 5th Avenue,He'll Never Get away,It's time for America to Band together, Tell Trump to Resigned, He has to g no Interests in America Safety,Trump must Takes his Suits and Go,America doesn't needs a Hot Spot Criminals to Sit in Oval Office

SteveSchmidtSES Is a traitor and a coward only for his own skin SteveSchmidtSES THE MEDIA IS COVERING FOR ELITE SEX TRAFFICKERS!! BOYCOTT THE MEDIA SteveSchmidtSES PROPAGANDA MACHINE. GREAT INSTIGATOR. FALSIFIER. SteveSchmidtSES Yeah right. Trump is ending the endless Wars. Trump is building hundreds of miles of new wall on our Southern border. Trump is strengthening our supply chain and trade deals. Trump is taking tough stand with China something the Democrats and Republicans haven't done for decades.

SteveSchmidtSES “It's a good thing to wear a mask. A great thing. The best thing. Whenever I wear a mask people say it's tremendous. So tremendous you wouldn't even believe. very shameful ! Flip flop President with no self respect ! Send him to Mars and let him live with alliens 🤣🤣 SteveSchmidtSES If you thought the members of the mainstream media were shocked at the election results in 2016, just wait. They have all descending thought securely blocked out of sight and out of mind. These upcoming election results might make some heads explode on live tv.

SteveSchmidtSES God bless Steve Schmidt. he speaks the truth. SteveSchmidtSES DaveBautista SteveSchmidtSES Next up: water is wet, sky is blue. voteblue VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 SteveSchmidtSES Good...elect Biden and in 4 years bring on your best republican candidate in a fair campaign. SteveSchmidtSES Republican voters are JUST NOW figuring out Trump is 'a threat to the security of the country?' Wow, they ARE dimwits!

SteveSchmidtSES Keep dreaming SteveSchmidtSES A family of psys kenjeong SteveSchmidtSES It only took almost 4 years for them to figure out what most of us already knew before he was elected! Good job, morons! SteveSchmidtSES You guys are really pushing hard for people to embrace the party that is supporting socialism and communism..... but like throughout history, they will be crushed by freedom loving Americans

SteveSchmidtSES YellowJounalism SteveSchmidtSES Lock him up. SteveSchmidtSES Saying 'He’s a profound threat to the security of the country', while accurate, doesn't begin to describe the situation. We are reliving the worst parts of the last century & it's happening on U.S. soil! SteveSchmidtSES Still waiting for a response to Russia for putting a bounty on American soldiers. Disgraceful. If you still support him we are lost as a country.

SteveSchmidtSES I see Democrats coming in, but I never see Republicans spitting off. SteveSchmidtSES Joe Biden worried in 1977 that certain de-segregation policies would cause his children to grow up 'in a racial jungle'. SteveSchmidtSES Sorry, Ukraine: Obama is not going to defend you from Russia SteveSchmidtSES You spelled “Clear and present danger” wrong.

SteveSchmidtSES Oh please, come to Allegheny County in Pa and finally do a story for Americans suffering in severe corruption! Corruption destroyed humanity. The media is so in fairy land. SteveSchmidtSES GOP has done nothing but hide the bodies. There is no crime tRUmp has been responsible for that they won't cover up. His rabid pit bulls in Congress know what he is, hey are cut from the same cloth, aiding him in his crimes. DevinNunes Jim_Jordan LindseyGrahamSC senatemajldr

SteveSchmidtSES Now they realizeddidn't they see crazy written in neon on his face😱😱 SteveSchmidtSES Voters are splitting but not the treacherous Senate and House Republicans. They'll receive their biggest lessons in November. SteveSchmidtSES SteveSchmidtSES Schmidt and that nitwit .NicolleDWallace are the reason McCain lost in 2008. Those two can't make a fire with gas and matches.

SteveSchmidtSES well, the damage is done allready SteveSchmidtSES 🤢🤢🤮🤮hypocrisy SteveSchmidtSES No, they’re not. Your fooling yourself SteveSchmidtSES They FINALLY realize that? SteveSchmidtSES They are definitely NOT, besides...Biden has dementia. SteveSchmidtSES Trump is slaughtering Americans with coronavirus pandemic 136,000 dead 3.4 Millions I infected while Allowing Vladimir Putin using Afghanistan Terrorists bounty killing US troops with impunity. How can a Russian traitor&agent Stupidly want remain in our White House. Pathetic

SteveSchmidtSES Trump is Typhoid Mary on steroids! SteveSchmidtSES Wrong!! 💥There are more people coming over to president Trump because nobody wants socialism and the destruction of our country!!💥 SteveSchmidtSES He's never been right about any of his claims made at Trump but they keep bringing him on. MSNBC hasn't been right about any of their claims either so it must make sense to their viewers. Zombies

SteveSchmidtSES And it’s funny people are only now realizing that fact, because Donald J Trump has been a threat to this nation since he got his mits on his daddy’s money, wasted it, then created pseudonyms to create FAKE NEWS so to gain unsecured loans, which led to multiple bankruptcies. SteveSchmidtSES Leftist Propaganda.

SteveSchmidtSES Too bad most of the Republican Senators have no courage or balls to speak out against the orange idiot! Stand up for what’s right for the American people. How many more people have to die from Covid due to tRump’s failure SteveSchmidtSES That’s great. The more Repubs are splitting from Trump, the better for the Dems.

SteveSchmidtSES I can't wait for the November, 'How did we get it so wrong?', articles from MSNBC. It'll be like 2016 all over again, including the part about not learning your lesson. SteveSchmidtSES He Needs a Mental Institution... SteveSchmidtSES Sad. TrumpIsALaughingStock SteveSchmidtSES He is a threat to himself! Let alone America.

SteveSchmidtSES How on earth did it take you so long to understand a person who swindled 6-7000 students !!!!!! out of $36,000 each is not normal. SteveSchmidtSES Well if it's on msnbc gotta be be totally legit.

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Traumatized Trump “clown”: scorching tell-all casts Trump as lying, cheating “narcissist”A bombshell new book by Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, reveals Trump’s “life of lies” – like cheating on his SATs -- and gets to the alleged root of Trump’s personal issues. Excerpts of the book leak as key Trump allies warn he could lose the election with new signs of voter enthusiasm for democratic candidates. Former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res says Trump’s father also “cheated and lied a lot.” Political commentator Sally Kohn says the bigger problem is the “Donald Trump we see today” and former RNC chair, Michael Steele says a family member gives a view inside Trump that the public can’t really see. MichaelSteele MichaelSteele I really hope Lady Graham is kicked out as well!!!!! MichaelSteele Her description applies to EVERY politician in Washington & politic hacks like MichaelSteele. Have you walked the streets of SpeakerPelosi district recently.