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Steve King, House Republican With a History of Racist Remarks, Loses Primary

Breaking News: In a major defeat, Rep. Steve King of Iowa lost his Republican primary for a 10th term. He has long made racist comments and was disciplined in 2019.

6/3/2020 7:05:00 AM

Breaking News: In a major defeat, Rep. Steve King of Iowa lost his Republican primary for a 10th term. He has long made racist comments and was disciplined in 2019.

Mr. King, one of the nation’s most divisive elected officials, saw his power in Congress curtailed last year after he questioned why white supremacy was considered offensive.

in 2019, in which he asked, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?”The remarks caused an uproar. Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader, told Mr. King “to find another line of work.”

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Instead, Mr. King clung to his seat, claiming to be the victim of Republican insiders and of the news media.Now Mr. Feenstra, a political and social conservative in a deep-red district, is the odds-on favorite to hold the seat against J.D. Scholten, who nearly defeated Mr. King two years ago and ran unopposed in the Democratic primary.

The belief that Mr. King, first elected in 2002, was vulnerable this year drew four challengers, including Mr. Feenstra; Jeremy Taylor, a former state lawmaker; and two businessmen, Bret Richards and Steve Reeder. All four opponents campaigned as equally conservative as Mr. King on red-meat issues like abortion and gun rights, but they promised more effective representation of the district after Mr. King lost his committee assignments.

“Our Fourth District desperately needs a seat at the table,” Mr. Feenstra said at a debate last month, calling for the district to have “an effective conservative voice.”Mr. Feenstra, the preferred candidate of establishment Republicans seeking to oust Mr. King, easily outraised the incumbent, bringing in $925,800 to Mr. King’s $331,000. He won endorsements from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Right to Life Committee. And in an extraordinary rebuke of Mr. King by House colleagues, five Republican congressmen donated to Mr. Feenstra’s campaign.

Rather than attack Mr. King’s years of demeaning comments about immigrants — he once compared Dreamers to drug mules “with calves the size of cantaloupes” — Mr. Feenstra portrayed the congressman as powerless to help Iowans.ImageRandy Feenstra, left, a state senator, had the backing of mainstream state and national Republicans.

Credit...Charlie Neibergall/Associated PressMr. King, 71, claimed during the campaign that Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the House Republican leader, had privately pledged to help him regain his committee assignments. But Mr. McCarthy denied having said any such thing, adding that if the Republican Steering Committee, which decides on committee roles, met again to weigh in on Mr. he would not win back his posts.

Even before facing Republican discipline in the House in January 2019 following the Times interview, Mr. King was in electoral trouble. He just barely winning re-election in 2018 over Mr. Scholten, a former professional baseball player, by three percentage points — in a district

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President Trumpcarried by nearly 30 points.Just before the election, the head of the Republican House campaign arm, Representative Steve Stivers of Ohio, issued a highly unusual rebuke of Mr. King for his endorsement of the Toronto mayoral candidate, Faith Goldy, who has

espoused white nationalism, and for comments seeming to embrace the “Great Replacement,” a far-right conspiracy theory. “We must stand up against white supremacy and hate in all forms, and I strongly condemn this behavior,” Mr. Stivers said at the time.

A paradox of Mr. King’s career is that, in his anti-immigrant language and policies, he was years ahead of Mr. Trump, who won the presidency by stirring fears about nonwhite immigrants.Well before Mr. Trump promised to build a wall on the southwest border, Mr. King, who founded an earth-moving company, stood on the House floor and showed off a model of a 12-foot border wall of his own design.

Soon after Mr. Trump took office, he invited Mr. King — who even then was snubbed by establishment Republicans like the former House speaker John A. Boehner — to the Oval Office. The president boasted to Mr. King of having supported him, and raised money for him during an Iowa visit in 2014, Mr. King told The Times.

In the past, Mr. King routinely won the backing of other Iowa Republicans, including Gov. Kim Reynolds, who named him a co-chair of her 2018 election campaign. He sought to be a kingmaker in presidential politics given Iowa’s early-voting role, and in 2015 he endorsed Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who went on to win the state’s caucuses over Mr. Trump.

“For two decades Steve King has been something of the sun in the political universe around here,” Douglas Burns, an owner of newspapers in Mr. King’s district, said on Tuesday night. “I’ll still have to see the eclipse tomorrow to believe these results.”

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Good riddance! Good riddance! Pay the piper, B^*ch 🤢 Go fuck thyself, steve 'bye Felicia! First good news of my day I am beyond THRILLED to see that this RACIST has been defeated for good! He is part of the ongoing Republican disease that continues to poison this country. MaggieAstor FINALLY!!!! 🙌🙌 These MF thought Trump winning meant nobody gives a F anymore. One by One, y'all gonna learn that Putin rigging the election tricked you into thinking the country is numb to racism.

King needed to go! No defeat here ... another proud conservative takes his place ! FakeNewsAlert GOOD. VOTE 👏🏼 THEM 👏🏼 OUT Not quite a ‘major’ defeat, unlike Democrats the GOP did not support King’s racist rhetoric and censored him. The Iowa GOP ran 3 candidates against him I thank God PresidentTweety you are next...

Republicans voted senator King a known racist for 8 terms. What does say about the Republican Party? I agree we all need to do the right thing.., A lot of sacred cows are being put to pasture right now... He will now be joining FoxNews as a commentator and contributer. IMO Iowans are way smarter than we think. They made PeteButtigieg win in Dem primaries and now this! Showing us the way forward!

Finally! BlackLivesMattter 👏🏿 👏🏿 👏🏿 Change, it is a coming. Finally. Lol. So glad to see that Republicans have finally solved all the problems with racism within their party. Done and done! GLAD TO SEE THIS RACIST BIGOT LOSE HIS SEAT. THE VOTERS SPOKE. VICTORY! He'll be on foxnews in no time. I live in his district. Yesterday there were peaceful protests despite the 100 degree heat & thunderstorms ( the police chief brought us bottled water ) and we finally voted this utterly despicable man out of office. I’ve NEVER been more proud of this community. IA04 we did it!

good job IOWA! Susan_Hennessey What took you so very, very, very long, Iowa? Love those racists? One small step...let healing begin. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 Bye racist! 'He has long been a proud racist and was only disciplined in 2019.' There, fixed it. Next Jerb? Cop! Congratulations to Iowa people . You sent a monster to home . Your identity is the person who represents you in DC . Please send a decent person to DC regardless of party affiliation

Susan_Hennessey Your headlines *still* suck. CountryOverBothSidesism JonLemire One down. A whole bunch more congressional MAGA RINO's to go. Let King be the first to be confronted by the people now that he's done. He should be expelled from the USA along with the rest of the racist. Resident of Iowa’s 4th district here. 🙋🏻‍♀️ the winner of the primary is just another King, except he hates women also. I’m here to remind folks to vote JDScholten in November

I’m glad he will not be re elected we do not need his views in government regardless of party This is good news. Good riddance! Joyce_Karam Donald will give him a job or maybe David Duke. Scumbags of a feather stick together. When we vote, we can make changes!! Great, positive changes! 🎉👍✊✌️. Hey tedcruz , sorry for your loss. Also, since you defended this racist and he lost and now shifted your allegiance to another racist who will likely lose, will you continue to back racists? To your credit, Steve never called your wife a dog or said your father was a murderer 🤡

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Hallelujah and good riddance Bye .......hahahhaahahhahahhah What legacy has this man left his family nothing? but hatred what has his legacy left his children’s children’s?nothing but racist oppressive mindset and feeling of superiority so god says it’s time now just go . JonLemire 'With a history of racist remarks' - just call him a white supremacist and be done with it.

JonLemire Green shoot of democracy Wow Finally .. “: In a major defeat, Rep. Steve King of Iowa lost his Republican primary for a 10th term.' JonLemire Steve who ? King what ? JonLemire Let me count my tears. 1) 😂😂😂😂 The trash is leaving the building. Make racist comment and fall behind at the hustings.

Bye bye Don’t let the door hit you on the way out deankoontz is the better writer. FK YO books hommeh. All these racist guys gotta go. Well done voters. 💯 If the Law isn’t working, go ahead and change it. We made the Laws, in the first place. Voting is powerful, and it can be made to count! get him outta hereeee

10th term!!? HirokoTabuchi China HirokoTabuchi Why was this mediocrity there for 9 terms?!!! If he’s racist, why’d he lose in Trump’s America One by one these backwards, racist, homophobic asshats who are stuck in time about 50 years ago are getting voted out. Keep. Going. America. We can and will do this.

Bye bye 👋 go! Another one bites the dust agentorange The Dominos of Evil RightWing governments are falling The Holly Grail has to be filled up with Hate before it spills out Love is Hate in Evil Bible Amen Church Antichrists realDonaldTrump washingtonpost I can’t understand why Steve Fisher would have lost. He spews the same racist comments as the orange faced little man realDonaldTrump whose in the White House.

Bye 👋🏼 Felica.... About time. He did Nazi these developments. Too bad for Steve the Iowa Klansmen were too busy infiltrating protests to bother voting for trailer park Goering. Keep pushing history in the right direction! VoteOutHate Don't forget his rape and abortion comments too. He had the worst word vomits. Good riddance.

🙏🏻✊ Look realDonaldTrump What goes around does come around. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica Gooood riddance Wow! Finally! CreepyRacistSteveKing is out! 👏👏👏 AbraxasSpa Iowans deserve better 💃💃💃❤💃 This! The Black Lives Matter movement in conjunction with your vote equals dramatic change in real time! Don’t forget that he was voted the Most Dicknosed Member of his congressional class

Cya Steve back to the white hood for you. Cya pos Great news! One less racist in government BYE STEVE Best news. Besides the great protesters yahoo the lkkk is finally going Good Proving that... Civilized society does not reward the racist. How about the Xinjiang Uyghur? Millions of them are locked in concentration camps by CCP. Uyghur’s lives matter too! 停止歧視及釋放維吾爾族人!

Ok now let’s get trump in November ✊🏽 Another one bites the dust 👋🏼 Congrats! Whatever comes after you can only be better. dylanf_howard You love to see it Kudos Iowa thanks for seeing through the racist SteveKingIA. One more time in November - VoteTrumpOut2020 Thats wonderful! And one more down! Why have I started liking Republicans after always immediately being likely to think them backwards? Because I have realized they may actually have more care for America or at least the same as Democrats. Some Democrats are like those rich kids that love everyone and do what they

NYCNavid 👏👏👏😁😁😁🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Damn even Iowa said “we done.” SenorCaicedo realDonaldTrump is the Next 💪🏼💪🏿💪🏽 I do not think anyone n the Nation, on either side really cares. This defeat, by any other person , is none to soon. California’s shame GOPLeader was working to give Steve King back his committee assignment. Kevin, we gonna make sure you lose your assignment

Your next Fox News primetime hate monger. KarenSalitis It starts... Ding dong... well you know the rest. Steve King can go out to pasture now But are Dems in Disarray? Readers need to know. Good riddance IOWA finally WOKE. This is what he deserved. The biggest takeaway is that he won 9 terms Welcome Steve to the Trump cabinet.

Yes now prosecute him!!!! I follow back immediately Good! which republican is the next? Praise God JoshMankiewicz 🤭🤭😅😅😅😅😅😅 The primary defeat of Rep. King of Iowa is the tip of the iceberg. Rhe current administration is sailing aboard the Titanic. 10 terms! This is why we need term limits! No one especially men like him should have that power for that long!

Awesome news! Throw them all out. Buh bye racist! Excellent! Thrilled beyond belief. So very well deserved. Karma does work. White Supremacist's should be declared terrorists. This is just the beginning - We as African Americans will make many changes this year for us and our communities Don’t worry Steve, realDonaldTrump will be joining you soon. He too will be defeated comes November.

“He has long made racist comments” is an awfully long winded way of saying he’s racist Thoughts and prayers morgfair King still got 35% of the vote? Note to self: avoid driving through Iowa. He can now go back to wearing his favorite white linen sheet set 24/7 Quando o negro americano der valor aos seus votos a supremacia racista sera eliminada pela raiz podem surgir alguns brotos mais serao podados sem muito esforço.

Now give to JDScholten and win IA's 4th. He should be in jail...he's a fascist racist Finally! Thank God, he needed to be replaced. any state that voted him in this long should lose all votes in DC for ever. America is here for all the people. Wahoo, Iowa is in play. Let’s get Ernst out too. Bye bye scumbag ...

JoshMankiewicz giving it a like. you used the r word! big day morgfair Support JDScholten Trim is racist too he will be the next politicians are the worst....on both sides Well done Iowa! FINALLY Iowa. Took long enough.... But, Thank you. Fuuuuuuuuuck Steve “Bigot” King Iowa VoteOutHate Vote

Too bad, so sad. It’s about time. Best news all week, but WTF is this just now happening, Iowa?!?! garbage ✊🏿😄 WOOHOO! Some wonderful news for a change! What about that Asian chick on your editorial board? Hey foxnews do you have any open time slots rn? What conservative lobbying group will he be working for now?

Excellent Here comes The BIG BLUE 🔵 WAVE ........ 🗳🇺🇸♥️ Republican primary voters ousted a man who ridiculed Parkland survivor Emma4Change ... via DMRegister keep em coming. they need to all be out Good Where's the bunkerbitch realDonaldTrump at? Sometimes you’ve gotta just take the hint, man. donwinslow Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Good riddance! One racist is out! sastout OH MAN that is the best news I've heard since a doctor came in to the waiting room and told me my baby isn't dead, she's just sleeping hard I did nazi that coming! good, fuck em You hate to see it New gig as a Fox News commentator in 3...2...1... There will be more racists leaders out of office in primaries and in November. Can’t wait to November to vote Trump out of office

Red Wave🇺🇸 BYE BITCH When are they going to fix the whole “term limits” thing? 10? WTF!! donwinslow Not only is he a racist, he also has no issue with dog fighting. It's great news that this racist, animal abusing piece of shit is not going to plague the House again. We are off to a good start. Don’t let the door hitcha...

Goodbye motherfucker This is how we change as nation - VOTE! Thank goodness!!! Change is a coming! Love this! Out with the racists Buh bye But honestly- If he was not voted out..... 4000 Black on Black shootings in Chicago under Obama-Biden and nobody cared There will be more racist leaders who will lose in the primaries. I can’t wait to November to get rid of the clown and coward president the Oval Office

Good riddance to bad rubbish 🥳🥳🥳🥳 Bye! Seeya asshole bye bye racist SteveKingIA One down, many to go. Next is 👇🏾 rosemarykt Hey SteveKingIA, Bist du fascistisch? 'What if we went back through all the family trees and just pulled out anyone who was a product of rape or incest? Would there be any population of the world left if we did that?' SteveKingIA via DMRegister

Indiana Jones already beat that fucker in raiders of the lost ark. The guy who beat King is just as bad what did he say? The truth? Praise be. Bye asshole 👋🏻 better late... Feenstra is in the pocket of right to life org’s and the NRA. Feenstra must now be defeated in the general election. Thank God. Good riddance!

White male supremacy falters and white supremacists take a hit- the beginning in a long line of hits. This doesn’t bode well for trump. kpg439 Feenstra will be just as bad Good riddance. Excellent! I was going to like this. But then I remembered your shit headline on today's paper. 'Oh right, New York Times enables fascists.' Garbage... Won't even use your rag to puppy train.

One piece of good news today. May this be the beginning of the end for all of his ilk in Congress. Can’t wait to see McTurtle suffer the same fate. If there is a God he will also be found guilty of some major financial crimes and thrown in prison for the rest of his natural life. ✌🏼 Good riddance. Good news tonight

Steve King, the day of reckoning is upon you. Our grandparents cast judgement on Nazi sympathizers. We are casting judgement on Trump sympathizers, here, now! The denazification begins ... WHY ARE THE DEMOCRAT GOVERNORS ALLOWING ONGOING CHAOS? Why are Democrat majors and Governors allows the complete destruction of their cities? 🤔🤔🤔

Good riddance adios!

Can Republican Steve King keep his seat after becoming a ‘pariah inside the party’?Abandoned by mainstream Republicans for his racist rhetoric, the Iowa congressman finds himself in a nightmare situationThis might actually be the year the Iowa Republican congressman Steve King loses re-election.King, the conservative congressman who has been repeatedly reprimanded by leaders in his probably GOPBetrayedAmerica pariah for saying the quiet part loud. Don’t see why he wouldn’t win since his racist stances are right in line with realDonaldTrump ‘s GOP KAG2020 25thAmendmentBeforeWeAllDie

Rep. Steve King loses Iowa Republican primary race to Randy FeenstraRep. Steve King , criticized by both sides of the aisle for controversial statements about race, loses Republican primary in Iowa Glad his defeat was in the primary. Still, too many Republicans votes for this racist man. That’s not saying much for the party. Good to see extremists are loosing Hope media stop giving attention to him

Steve King Faces Primary as 8 States and D.C. Vote: What to Watch8 states and Washington, D.C., are holding primary elections on Tuesday. They could be warm-up for the November general election, when voting by mail could be paramount because of the coronavirus. BernieOnTheBallot BernieComeBack I thought the pandemic was over, it’s now ok to gather in large groups so long as you are throwing bricks or lighting fires. While there won’t be any “free” 70 inch TVs should be ok to vote in groups.

Iowa Rep. Steve King Ousted In GOP Primary, AP ProjectsJUST IN: Iowa Rep. Steve King has lost his GOP primary, the AP projects. For years, he fired off incendiary comments about abortion and race, which lost him the support of many Republican Party leaders. Good, joe 2020 The era of 'calves the size of cantaloupes' has come to an end. RIP

Rep. Steve King—Who Embraced White Supremacy—Loses Primary Amid Nationwide Protests Against Racism Iowa Republican Steve King had his committee assignments stripped over racist comments and associations with hard-right and neo-Nazi politicians. To another white supremacist. A sign of things to come for the GOP It’s about time!

Rep. Steve King ousted in Iowa GOP primary, NBC News projectsBREAKING: Iowa Rep. Steve King , who has a long history of racist remarks, loses Republican primary, NBC News projects. ✌️ These types are being removed. I smell an AG nomination...