Stephen Jackson to George Floyd's Daughter, 'I'll Walk You Down the Aisle One Day'

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Stephen Jackson Urges Athletes to Call Out Owners, 'They're Not Fighting For Us'

While he doesn't call anyone out by name -- it's clear Jackson feels the people at the top of the organizations are not doing enough to support the movement against police brutality, racism and social injustice.

"It's time to hold them accountable, bro. Hold ya'll [Team President] accountable. Hold ya'll owner accountable because 9 out of 10 times, if they ain't speaking with us, then they against us." "They love you bringing all that money in, but why they ain't speaking up when our kids get murdered or when our black men or black women getting murdered?"


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What exactly are owners supposed to do? How would an owner prevent this from happening?

Thoughts and prayers for millionaire athletes🙏

Leave sports out of this

Don’t bring pac into this let him RIP. Btw Stephen Jackson ugly and annoying af.

Look in you wallet...


George Floyd died from too many drugs in his system... Can we please move on from this now

Quit forcing people to fight for you. Most know racism is not as serious as you portray it is.

All Americans pay tour salary

What does he want them to do. You are millionaires? They make you rich. Noone excepts racism. Noone stop tearing us apart. This is getting old. Guess I'll stop watching NBA ALSO!!!!

If you’re making millions of dollars to play a sport you are not oppressed. You have the opportunity to use that wealth to further the causes that are important to you. You have the means to work toward making the changes you’d like to see. Stop calling out others and do it.

They never did

Owners need to stop employing this pieces of shit. I can live with watching college basketball players and never miss these thugs.

Owners need to get rid of Haters. Go work at the Car Wash.

I tell you what, I wasn’t actually racist before all this crap...

owners need to stop allowing sports players to beat women at such alarming rates.

People watch sports to escape politics and the crappy real world. I hope all major sports collapse and we get to see these 6'10'' guys working at Home Depot

Owners never have a Damn about Athletes from the jump. They only care about them performing, having them to entertain them and make them money.

Dear white people this isn't your fight. It is time for the black communities voice to be heard. Not for white people to speak for them.

Owners who pay the players more Monet than 99% of the population? They’re entitled to make money they own the fucking team.

Athletes are over paid and treated like gods while working class citizens continue to be poor and treated like trash.

But they will gladly take their owners money though right?



You have a union to fight for you, don’t you, bro?!

Stephen Jackson was at the top of his game a legit threat to score 50. Not many players can say that

Why should they moron ?

Didn’t the “owners” in the NBA stop referring to themselves as “owners” a few years ago because they wanted to appear more WOKE? Such ridiculousness.

2017:in a game vs. the Seattle Seahawks, the majority of the Texans' players kneeled during the national anthem after McNair had commented about having the 'inmates running the prison' during a league owner meeting regarding the ongoing protests by NFL players during the anthem.

🤔wonder if and Stephen Jackson are as angry over the murder of DavidDorn

Dude played for the Clipppers one time..

The white people in the replies are cancer omfg.

MillionManMarch2020 the time for change is here.

an idiot wants to speak. how many NFL players have been allowed to get away with beating women?

MLK was a Republican and Still would be! TheDemocrats violence is Not the Future!

The sense of entitlement is tiring

Well, now that he's retired.

What about owners of small businesses many of whom are minority and barely make enough to get by and are staples of communities throughout the country

Fuck Steven Jackson

Oh well

The owners always fight to line their pockets. They don’t care about you guys as people. They just want you perform when you are on the court

What a clown 🤡 made 60 million and prob spent it all on rims and child support.

clarencehilljr Says the retired player.....

Yea, do that


Internet says 74.4% of all NBA players are black and 23.3% white. This is the man who incited a fight & had to be pulled off a child in the stands to not kill him. When Stephen Jackson was on top, pulverizing the child, the child said ICantBreathe

Dear George Floyd, Free America Calexit RacismInAmerica FreeAmerica GeorgeFloydMurder

There owners of a company. Majority don't. Welcome to the real world. That's why you have a union, they are the ones that fight for you (if you pay them).

They NEVER have.

Maybe they don’t want to 🤷🏻‍♂️

He is doing everything that kap should of done not just a face for it but a voice stay trill stac

What he do if he gets fired?

You’re been paid well shaddup

That guy who fights people in the stands?

I love it!!!

A millionaire 68 times over has the nerve to say that lol

wow they literally pay you mega millions. The insanity of these people. Its never enough.

He's right

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