Stephen Jackson Says NFL Owes Colin Kaepernick an Apology as Commissioner Supports Protests

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'You're making yourself look bad,” former NBA player Stephen Jackson said of the NFL

Backlash from his protests — which started the #TakeAKnee Movement — led to Kapernick Image zoomFormer NBA Player Stephen Jackson Emotionally Opens Up About the Killing of His 'Twin' George FloydHe continued to ESPN, "Why even do it? We know it's not real. We know it's not real.

You're making yourself look bad. That's one of those situations where they shouldn't even say nothing, bro. They shouldn't even say nothing. ... If anything, they need to apologize to [Colin] Kaepernick. If they're gonna respond on this type of stuff, start it off with an apology to Kaepernick. Then maybe we'll accept it."


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NFL is full of shit. NFL BLOCKED and Band the sales and customization of any NFL Jersey with the name 'Kaepernick' on their website during early days of George Floyd protest of 'Black Lives Matter' and reopened the sales back ONLY when people start going after Drew Brees.

America does not owe People of color Sh!t but they owe Blacks $500 trillion dollars. Sacblacknation on YouTube

Lol, no.

Other way around! Kaepernick never said a damn word about the struggle 🙄it was always about HIM a dead arm QB 👉🏻Kaepernick 👈🏻 & his attempt to shakedown the NFL for a better contract! He wants to destroy the NFL before they even get to play one game this year!

And back pay for being pushed out of his job, exiled & blackballed so no NFL team would hire him, even mistreated by that illegitimate prez now in our Oval!🤬


Apologize with a lucrative contract for the harm they cost him for the last 4 years


no they don’t

For what?

Hes a joke kneeling to our nation's anthem disrespectful

Only a prick and a half actually thought Kaep was disrespecting the American flag. So yes, they owe him an in person apology.

Seeing a lot of these officers kneeling with the people in their community and are hurt from what happened says otherwise. Roger Goodell and his comments on this tragedy come way too late. He and the NFL owners were offended and non believers of what Kaepernick was protesting.

rolandsmartin NFL Would someone apologize to Kaepernick7 ? Will there be problems 4 athletes to take a knee when the season starts? standwithkaepernick Peacefulprotest policebrutality blacklivesmatter enquiringmindswannaknow

They ABSOLUTELY owe him an apology. Big time!

They owe him NOTHING

the nation of America owes Collin Karpernick an apology

Damn I was so proud of have work on part of Levi stadium just to be disappointed by the 49ers for been the team for one of the most progressive cities yet they caved like grass under all that bs Fox and Trump did

The NFL owes him more than an apology. He knelt not in disrespect but in protest against the constant abuse of black people by the police and by society. He was on point! I hope he's given a chance to get back into football if that's what he wants to do.

Way too little too late 😞

An apology for

Yes they do and so do I!

I couldn't agree more.

Yes. I just post the same thing They should reinstate him in their public affairs/racial justice department (create one).

That’s Jay Z gettin in their ear 👂 and telling them what to say.

He owes him more than an apology

GotJanie For a looooonnngggg time now! 😷🆘⚖✊

The nfl has nothing but Empty Words Kap knew all along, NFL are trump lovers with evil minions

Kaepernick did that all for attention. His career was failing after Harbaugh left as HC of the 49ers. The league figured him out he got benched and didnt like it so he put a spotlight on himself. He can care aless he has millions of dollars. Nobody owes him anything.

I have to say that nflcommish will never apologize as the lackey for the NFL owners. It would be awesome if Kaepernick7 can be picked up by a team.

Completely agree!

'...*at least* an apology'. TBF, you owe lots of people an apology.

GotJanie an apology, a contract & a whole lotta money too

Boycott the NFL!

The whole fucking world should


They owe him more than an apology, how about a job?



do we really have to hear HIS NAME again

No they don’t. It was fake back then, he’s fake now.

No he owes Kaepernick7 a public apology. None of that behind closed doors stuff!!



Protest is Terrorism ! Him and REID made enough money! Why are we always apologizing! There in the wrong.

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