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Stephen Colbert Tries to Out-Do Joe Rogan's Offer to Moderate Trump, Biden Debate

Late Show host details format that includes boardwalk caricature artist, a lion and a cooking contest

9/16/2020 2:47:00 PM

Stephen Colbert tried to up Joe Rogan 's offer to host a debate between Trump and Biden with an outrageous pitch on 'The Late Show.'

Late Show host details format that includes boardwalk caricature artist, a lion and a cooking contest

.Last week on Rogan’s podcast, he and MMA fighter Tim Kennedy discussed the possibility of a Rogan-moderated debate. Afterward, Kennedy asked Twitter who wanted this four-hour debate with no live audience, and Trump — who seems to believe the debates are the prime place for Biden a gaffe, or at least an opportunity to

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baselessly accuse him of usingperformance-enhancing drugs  — enthusiastically responded with, “I do!”“Don’t get your hopes up, Rogan,” Colbert cracked. “Trump has a long record of not meaning it when he says, ‘I do.’”Colbert also joked that it was “about damn time that we had a debate moderated by the former host of

Fear Factor. ‘Gentlemen, you’ve got three minutes to outline your plan for comprehensive infrastructure reform while you eat donkey testicles.’”Not willing to let a golden opportunity slip away, Colbert pitched his idea for aLate Show-style debate between Trump and Biden. One potential format, he joked, would be eight hours in a locked room with no cameras or crowds, just “one boardwalk caricature artist” and the “winner’s whichever candidate has the biggest head.”

Alternately, Colbert offered, “I’m talking one stage, one podium, on wheels, zips back and forth, two competitors, two shields, one man has a sword, the other one has a net and a trident, one hungry lion, in a colosseum, each man will get 30 minutes to make one meal from the ingredients found in our mystery basket!”

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But Rogan is a man. Remember when Letterman was on....little to no politics... I didn't realize that this unfunny dork was still on TV? His comments are an obvious deflection from the question of Biden's cognitive issues & his ability to handle unscripted questioning. My God this is cringeworthy. I don’t watch Colbert but is this what the show is every night? The joke are horrible and Rogan has 100x the credibility and audience of this douche. That 10 minute clip is brutal TV.

Colbert would be better He’s irrelevant now, so nobody cares. And he’d be an awful hack during the whole thing. Who's a good Actor Sure...let's make the debate 100% pro-Biden! Actually, Stephen Colbert would do a much better job as debate moderator than most TV news reporters. At least Joe Rogan would be fair in asking the questions. We know that Colbert would be one sided.

OK now that's far better than Joe Rogan (with respect), Stephen at least understands about the real political landscape as opposed to just wanting to bow hunt on it.

Opinion: A Joe Rogan debate between Trump and Biden is just what we need'As unconventional as [a debate moderated by Joe Rogan ] may sound, and unlikely as it is to happen, it actually raises an important campaign conversation,' writes Alice Stewart for CNNOpinion Opinion Biden too scared. Never gonna happen Opinion That sounds awful lmao joe rogan legitimately sucks Opinion Chuck Schumer is getting a little too worried for 2020...... He is pushing pro marijuana legalization agenda......better late than never Chuck is pretty smart...........he knows he could be next Dragon for progressives to slay.....very possible in nys

Stephen Colbert mocks Trump's bizarre, unfounded speculation that Biden is on drugs'Trump thinks anyone who shows basic competency must be cheating.' This guy was a dead man walking for 3 yrs of ratings until he pivoted his show to trashing Trump.What does he do if Biden wins? Burnt toast And America mocks Steven Colbert's bastardization of what he thinks is a proper 'Late Show'. He, Fallon and Kimmel will can't even hold a candle to Johnny Carson's brilliance. We don’t care.

Trump tells ABC in Pennsylvania town hall that he 'up played' severity of coronavirusTrump took questions during the ABC town hall two weeks before he is set to debate Democratic nominee Joe Biden for the first time on live television. Trump Campaign Coordinator and 'Family Values' Republican Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Trafficking, Faces Life in Prison Why he gave George Clinton the time of day is beyond me With this president we need kids to interrogate Trump at 3rd grade level. Why did you lie? Why did you say hoax? Why did you miss warnings on virus? Why do you lie on lie (coverup)? Why do you attack the truth? No press. No lawyers. Kids don’t take BS lightly.

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Ag issues to watch as spending deadline approachesTrump announced that he’ll remove roadblocks to the sale of 15 percent ethanol gasoline in standard fuel pumps that currently facilitate 10 percent blend. It could help gain support from biofuel producers who have been frustrated by his ethanol policies Nobody is bothered by ethanol prices. Another dead idea going nowhere! The world is going EV. Ethanol doesn’t give you the mileage of petroleum gas; the world is awash with cheap oil and Natural Gas. You need to create markets for your GMO grain or go organic. Great, that will ruin millions of motorcycle & small engines, leading fuel savers at 35+ miles per gallon. Another short-sighted, bone-headed, BS solution by Trump in support of one industry at the expense of another and at the expense of the environment and the American public.