Stephen Colbert Gets His Entire Audience To Troll Texas In Unison

Texas is spending millions on a border wall project while its power grid crumbles.

6/18/2021 9:14:00 AM

Texas is spending millions on a border wall project while its power grid crumbles.

Texas is spending millions on a border wall project while its power grid crumbles.

found it peculiar that the state just announced it would spend $250 million on its own border wall.“What a wise use of taxpayer money,” he observed. “You wouldn’t want to waste it on something stupid like shoring up their cotton candy power grid.”But Colbert also said there’s a reason the Lone Star State needs a wall.

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“I understand why Texas is desperate,” he cracked. “They have to find some way to stop their senators from fleeing to Cancun.” Read more: HuffPostWomen »

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After meeting with vice president, Texas Democrats concede federal voting rights battle is in SenateDemocratic Texas lawmakers met with Vice President Harris, but conceded that while the administration wants to see federal voting reform pass, the hurdle is the Senate. Gotta kill the filibuster, but that’ll screw the democrats when inevitably the balance of power shifts.

Florida Gov. DeSantis sending law enforcement personnel to aid Texas, Arizona with border crisisFlorida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday that several of the state’s law enforcement agencies will send personnel to Texas and Arizona to aid local authorities in addressing an immigration crisis at the southern border. Yeah, because Florida has so much experience with people crossing borders. This must be a Donald idea. I can’t wait to see how this pans out! I think THE FEDS will have their say! In fact I KNOW it!

Texas GOP governor signs permit-free gun carrying legislationTexans will soon be able to carry handguns in public without obtaining licenses or training after the state's Republican governor on Wednesday signed a permitless carry gun bill into law. These republican governors are fit to be president. Better late to the table... Then never reaching the table... Congratulations now you just like your neighbor Arizona... LOL I have a CHL permit and took training to use firearms safety. I can conceal carry in other states due to reciprocity agreements. Wonder what kind of agreement is in place for carrying without a license? Thank god Abbott’s time is up here in Texas.

Texas man who declined COVID-19 vaccine speaks out after undergoing double lung transplant43-year-old Joshua Garza is hoping to inspire others to get vaccinated after he became so ill following his COVID-19 diagnosis that he needed a rare double lung transplant to survive. Lots of people are playing Russian roulette with this virus. Thanks for your concern, but no thanks.

Texas Officially Building Its Own Border WallThe state will rely on crowdfunding to help pay for the wall. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🧐 Trying to keep all those stoned Oklahomans out, eh? Its about time they stopped letting people from Texas leave there state, glad to see it.

New Texas Law Requires Pro Sports Teams To Play National AnthemDallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban drew the ire of Texas Republicans earlier this year, when he briefly took the national anthem out of the team’s pregame rituals. Texas should be more concerned with keeping the lights on, ffs. But fuck the power grid am I right? ‘Murica What’s next? Paying for a military honor guard? Professing to vote for the GOP slate? I pay to watch sports & escape the vulgarities of our current political climate.