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Stephen Colbert “Cried a Lot” at Joe Biden’s Inauguration Ceremony

The late-night host marveled at how nice it is “to have a president with a soul again.”

1/22/2021 6:48:00 AM

Stephen Colbert spent the first night of the Biden presidency marveling at one simple realization: 'It’s so nice to have a president with a soul again'

The late-night host marveled at how nice it is “to have a president with a soul again.”

He reminisced about watching the ceremony earlier in the day with his wife,Evelyn McGee-Colbert,who joined him in the studio for the live taping. “The inauguration was a joyful occasion. Like I do with most happy things, I cried a lot,” he confessed, turning to Evelyn and nodding. “It’s true.”

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“Watching the inauguration today, I recognized just how worried I’ve been for my country. But we’ve all been too deep in it,” he remarked. “It’s like we’ve been on a ship that’s been in a storm for four years, and we just stepped onto dry land. I want to kiss the ground, but, you know, COVID. So I’m just gonna fist-bump it.”

The host then rehashed the ceremony, making little quips about everything from Read more: VANITY FAIR »

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This man helped Obama bail out bankers while leaving millions with no or unusable healthcare. Deductibles of thousands every year. He said that he won't even try to fix that even if Congress did get it to his desk. Willfully killing and bankrupting Americans by the millions. Me too..with joy, relief, and long awaited hope.

😂😂😂 best joke I’ve heard all year Amen SAME! Pedophiles band together Amen to that 🙏🏻 I’m going to be sick - StephenAtHome doesn’t care about -11,000-20,000 union jobs lost due to Biden keystone scrub? -ban to fracking -girls losing scholarships in sports? -1,000,000 shots/day happening under DJT so no new Covid plan? -HCQ worked all along! AMJ says now?!

WTF....are y’all serious? With all the job loses and bull crap his fragile sleepy butt brings? My lord ,what’s happening to this world we live in? Stephen its time to abandon the pulpit and get back to your old job. Your show of January 21 was so bad I turned it off. Find your old groove..please. Bruh. This is disgusting. Are all of you deaf, dumb and blind? Great. Trump is out. Whoopdie doo. Biden is the exact same thing. Corrupt to the core. Lies as easy as he breathes. And so racist he fought FOR segregation.

I cried all day - happy tears full of thanks and relief I so enjoy watching Steven Colbert me too I cried with joy. Biden soul left him long ago. I’d ask if it could be in South Africa since he claimed he was arrested for Mandela, Yet, we know that was just another lie. What we do know is that he’s is also pathological liar. What we want to know is where is the $2000 checks.

Oh yes! We all did Stephen! Amen! So did I 😭 DementiaJoe thinks you are talking about his shoes! Yes! It’s a different feeling! You feel solid hope, reliability, dignity, value, safer, faith in unity, peace! Restoration of faith and order! 💯 Yes, after the last 4+ painful and unsettling years, it is reassuring to see the 'soul' of America, on a path to be restored.🥰 That said by your 🇨🇦 neighbours to the North. It was frightening, living above the 45 incendiary tinderbox, and bracing for the next 😱 disaster.

Making Empathy Great again! I looked at ratings for the late night shows and watched all of them recently. I now understand the correlation between the ratings and the quality of the shows. These shows used to be entertaining. I would take Ted Koppel over these offerings. Wht a shitbag I cried a lot too, for entirely different reason😪

“It is so nice to have a president with a soul again,” Colbert said. “The previous one sold his to the devil and didn’t even get Georgia out of the deal.” ~ Stephen Colbert 👍👍