STEM Student Experiments Win Flight Opportunity in NASA Tech Contest

NASA selected 57 winning teams in an inaugural nationwide challenge designed to attract, engage, and prepare future science, technology, engineering, and mathematics professionals.

1/22/2022 12:01:00 AM

🥳 Congratulations to the 57 TechRise Student Challenge winners! Their experiment ideas – from measuring greenhouse gases to mitigating lunar dust – will fly to the edge of space on NASA-sponsored flights with blueorigin, UPAerospace, or RavenAerostar:

NASA selected 57 winning teams in an inaugural nationwide challenge designed to attract, engage, and prepare future science, technology, engineering, and mathematics professionals.

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blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar Hyc blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar MissionHelios activity in space Contract missionHelios With sidus space company MissionHelios activity in metaverse MissionHelios activity in NFT missionHelios💪💪 💣🔥🥳💣🥳🔥💣🔥🔥🔥 blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar We're on the edge! & excited to be in the collaboration of others who are pushing the knowledge & curiosity of our K12FutureE !

blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar Why would you 'Congratulate' winner's of things you don't understand, things you voted against and things that are way over your head? I bet an intern wrote this. Too many big words from a guy who beats up dead trees. blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar Good takeoffs and landings!

blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar Que cosa mas impresionante.... blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar Windenergie vernietigt op aarde: de convectie, de stille oplichting boven de wolken, de verdeling van waterdamp in de atmosfeer, de distributie van mineralen in de atmosfeer, de natuurlijke ontsmettingen in atmosfeer en de ventilatie. O wetenschap!

blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar Oh wait LizaSingh160 has to be there🤣 she's your bossss😌 blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar mijn balzak nadat ik een week niet heb afgetrokken blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar ❤❤ blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar following me?following

NASA wants your ideas to reuse trash and waste on a Mars missionYou have until March 15 to submit your Red Planet innovations. How about the only products allowed on Mars being either biodegradable or incinerable. Send robots Plant potatoes with your poo

blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar Interesting ideas but great engineering challenges blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar 😀 blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar i love you nasa blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar PratikSehajpal PratikIsTheBoss blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar 🌠

blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar Congratulations👍🏻 blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar This reminds me of the Roswelll incident. blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar Hot air balloons aren’t new, br0ski blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar Technical

One Year into the Biden Administration, NASA Looks to FutureOver the past year, NASA has made valuable contributions to Biden-Harris Administration’s goals – leading on the global stage, addressing the urgent issue of climate change, creating high paying jobs, and inspiring future generations. 👌 Hello can you help me When is Artemis 1 launch date? It’s been overdue for awhile now.

blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar Congratulations blueorigin UPAerospace RavenAerostar Congratulations ❤😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤💯💯💯❤

NASA Solar Sail Mission to Chase Tiny Asteroid After Artemis I Launch⛵️ Sail around the solar system? Sign us up. Set to launch on Artemis I, our shoebox-sized Near-Earth Asteroid Scout will harness the Sun's radiation with a solar sail to propel itself to the smallest asteroid ever visited by a spacecraft: When I was 5 we was asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. I drew an astronaut, and said I’d love to do that because I thought it was cool… they made me feel silly because it seems so far fetched… seems like it’s becoming possible You'll use a shield similar to that of the James Webb telescope with the same materials, right?

NASA Offers $1 Million for Systems to Feed Tomorrow’s AstronautsAs NASA prepares to send astronauts further into the cosmos than ever before, the agency aims to upgrade production of a critical fuel source: food. Giving future explorers the technology to produce nutritious, tasty, and satisfying meals on long-duration space missions. Potatoes 🥔 On opensea Haven’t had no food in going on 8 months now, I’m a American Student with cancer I’m not important enough to have income. simply eat ramen

NASA to Discuss Webb’s Arrival at Final Destination, Next StepsOn Monday, NASAWebb arrives at its final destination — nearly one million miles from Earth — after a 30-day journey to UnfoldTheUniverse. Join us at 3pm ET (20:00 UTC) for a NASAScience Live broadcast, followed by a media briefing. Pencil us in: Webb ♾🖤 Webb SO exciting! Webb What's the current ETA for first images back from it? A few months? Less?

See 'significant' solar flare shoot from Sun toward Earth in NASA photosThe burst of solar energy erupted from the sun on Thursday morning and was strong enough to potentially disrupt radio communications. GPS等にも影響があるかもということでしたが、ニュースになるような大過はなかったようで。