States Sue Education Department Over Allocation Of Pandemic Funds To Schools

Five states and the District of Columbia have accused the Trump administration of trying to unlawfully divert COVID-19 relief funds from public schools to private schools.

7/8/2020 6:09:00 AM

5 states and D.C. are suing the Education Department, accusing the Trump administration of trying to unlawfully divert pandemic relief funds from public schools to private schools.

Five states and the District of Columbia have accused the Trump administration of trying to unlawfully divert COVID-19 relief funds from public schools to private schools.

Alex Brandon/APtoggle captionAlex Brandon/APEducation Secretary Betsy DeVos speaks to reporters about the coronavirus at the White House in March.Alex Brandon/APSeveral Democratic-led states and the District of Columbia have joined in a lawsuit against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, accusing the Trump administration of trying to unlawfully divert pandemic relief funds from public schools to private schools.

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California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Michigan, Maine, New Mexico and Wisconsin have also joined.Last month, the Education Departmentput out a rulesaying that private schools should benefit from a representative share of the more than $13 billion in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act earmarked for public schools.

Becerra contends that is an unlawful interpretation of the CARES act, which allows private schools to get a disproportionate amount ofTitle I funds— traditionally reserved for low-income students.Although a portion of those funds are allocated to private schools to provide"equitable services" to students, the department's interpretation allows it to count all students for purposes of the funding formula instead of just those who qualify for Title I assistance, according to the lawsuit.

"Today's announcement is about stopping the Trump administration's latest effort to steal from working families to give it to the very privileged," Becerra said, adding the rule could put $1.6 billion in aid allocated to his state's public schools in jeopardy.

In Michigan, officials said it could cost their public schools $16 million.Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaulsaidit would divert nearly $4.2 million"away from taxpayer-funded public schools in our poorest school districts to private institutions — in violation of the requirements established by Congress, the Administrative Procedure Act, and the U.S. Constitution."

"Instead of ignoring congressional intent and diverting funds away from public schools, Secretary DeVos should follow the law," he said.In a statement in June, DeVos said the CARES act was meant to aid"all American students, teachers, and families impacted" by COVID-19.

"There is nothing in the law Congress passed that would allow districts to discriminate against children and teachers based on private school attendance and employment," she said.DeVos Faces Pushback Over Plan To Reroute Aid To Private School Students

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The suit comes after DeVos first suggested the change in May. That attracted concern in Congress from members of both parties and from public school officials. Read more: NPR »

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I have uploaded your tweet to the covid19archive1; please consider sharing future ideas! Great! Trump gives money to all his rich friends. Socialism for the rich Paradigm shift if your children’s education isn’t tied to a physical presence in a government designed building neither should your tax dollars.

Betsy DeVoid, you bought your position....the educators studied and earned theirs. Listen to the the real educators. OrioleNutt Depending where you live, it's your money YOUR taxes ... it goes with your child. Public, Charter, Private, Special Ed. Not every state is the same. Our Public school systems are trash and morally bankrupt and this began many years before Trump or Betsy Devos. Common core sucks!

Free Newton's pair Here is where DeVos is wrong. Public education should be privatized and this is the best opportunity we have ever had to do exactly that. DEFUNDPUBLICSCHOOLS They do! Absolutely! But they deserve to be safe. We need not just good, but outstanding measure in place! Let's do that! Thought this was suntan mom at first

Duh Parents of kids in private school pay taxes! amck74407349 Corruption at its core. Disgraceful. DeVos and President Trump is trying to force states to reopen schools too soon. Every state should join that lawsuit against DeVos and the Trump administration. If DeVos goes to jail I've dibs on her yacht. Humanity.

So irresponsible GOOD! If that’s not against the law it should be. Am I crazy or did she specifically say she was going to do this when she got the job? 👏👏👏 in surprised it’s only 5 states given that she’s proposing we kill an additional 10,000 kids to open up schools. What’s up with her tan when she has problems with people born with their tan?

DZaia40 WHEN will this end? lets do this BetsyDeVos wants to KILL American Children KeciaFrierson Where can I sign up? Just blink.. Stepford wife. For the love of god. Excellent news. Let’s throw DeVos in jail for being inhuman. These are kids life’s that we are talking about. What a disgrace. lesleyabravanel

BetsyDeVosED where is her tan from? Devos is a southern belle promoting a white agenda leaving everyone behind but her money friends. She should pay back 4 years of salary she hasnt earned a dime nor had she earned that position. TrashInaSuit Take her down! ORDOJ what say you? Good! Holy hell what an idiot!

How many of those 5 states are blue-states? Betcha all of them are. Thank you, thank you, and thank you Is Betsy using Trump's tangerine bronzer? Why have funds if your not going to open. Simple fact What the FUCK these people are evil beyond description As a public school teacher of 25 years with children who graduated from the school where I teach, if you teach at or send your children to private schools you are 99.9% most likely a big fat hypocrite.

DeVos stands to lose a LOT of money.... DeVosKillsChildren MAGA2020 COVIDIOT IWantMyCountryBack FuckTrump But of course she is doing that. Who is surprised at this corrupt administration which will appoint a person who has no knowledge of public school system? The only qualification she had was that she was a trump donor. Cruela de Vil!

She is Trumps girl through and through. She can do whatever she wants, and we have to suck it up because evil will win in November and the tyranny will continue. In California, Charter Schools get their regular money PLUS the PPP money asa private business. More 💰💰💰than public schools. One or the other,CharterSchoolRip-offs. MikeLevin RepAdamSchiff RepKatiePorter Katie, you should ask about this, total scam. tedlieu

Will the taxpayers pay for her lawsuit or can she dip from her deep pockets? When you put a clown in charge of the Dept of Education what did you expect would happen? Ray_Miller_007 You see? No room for policy... just politics. Somebody please strap her on to the next SpaceX launch. She can peddle her bullsh*t up there.

GovRonDeSantis marcorubio God she’s the woooooorst Yup -- diverting the funds right into the pockets of his cronies -- not JUST DeVos -- ALL of his loathsome minions. BetsyDeVosKillsChildren WWJD Worst SecEd under worst prez EVER. That money is to help the students, not the state education bureaucracy. If those students are in private schools the should be supported too.

Happy to see that GovMLG joined in. schneiderleonid Betsy DeVos' last name should be DeVoid to accurately represent her intelligent thought capability. She is a witch! Yes! Putting eyes on her! 👀 And they’ll be owing court fees when they lose, if it even gets that far. Pretty much what DeVos looks and sounds like answering Wallace.

ukexpat19 That's quite a combo -- forcing kids back to public school, while diverting pandemic relief funds to private schools DeVos is a grandmother, with four children and five grandchildren. Betsy’s 4 kids were all home-schooled. What about her grandkids, is her family exempt from all of this? GOOD GRIEF! The women's a menace.

It's been almost four years and I'm still trying to understand how the HELL she's qualified for this position. DeVos is a grandmother, with four children and five grandchildren. Betsy’s 4 kids were all home-schooled. What about her grandkids? Go get em!!!!!! This one will be fun Watchef clips of her babbling on the Sunday talks shows-- w.o. The sound. A hateful, soulless human being.

BetsyDeVosED says that as a “non-medical expert” she can’t speak on the medical aspect of students getting C-19, yet as a “non-educator” she feels perfectly at ease buying — oh sorry, accepting - the position of Sec of Ed & ordering public schools to become “fully operational”. And there it is! We knew her heart was....wait she doesn’t have one....we knew this would come down to money. Everything is the Trump regime does. Follow the money....

Only 5 states and D.C. frightens me. terrorist_tRump putin_play_toy No surprise Wasn't it private schools in her inner circle? Why aren't all states doing the same. Good luck How did the GED lady get put in charge of education? Proof of intent. If public schools won't offer students instruction it is clearly an opportunity for private institutions to fill in the gaps.

Bet-V lookin pretty damn tan these days. Always a sign of a hard worker. Trump is not a problem solver he's a problem maker you would think a president would try want to solve problems concerning our students instead He and Queen DeVos withholding money for public schools. And Trump said anyone who wants to get tested can get tested not true.

KristenClarkeJD Can we please just sue realDonaldTrump for the damage he’s done to the country and people? He’s responsible for thousands of people who died from COVID19 SueTrump MAGA2020 Michigan people are very tan this time of year. I see Betsy is no exception. KristenClarkeJD She seems to be part of Trump Swamp. Opinion

AbeMHudsonJr Didn’t she get PPP funds? No public $$ to private schools! BetsyDeVosED My mission is to defund the entire public education system in the USA so we the GOP can elect who ever we want as president...a stupid population works best for that! Education is the cornerstone of democracy. Vote Blue to save public education 💙💙💙💙👠💙

This the only language the WH understand! 1/2 There’s actually a simple solution to this. If DeVos wants to redirect our taxes to private schools, then those schools will have to engage in standardized testing. Oh, and they will also have to adhere to state guidelines and a state-approved curriculum. You ever notice how all these White Racists like Devos & Trump like to “tan” their skin yet hate POC ironic jealous

Not an educator but playing one in real life. Go! Go! Go! JeremyBeim I hate this Administration! Please vote BLUE! Shes just evil. heysyd Infuriatingly that Ms Amway received PPP $6,000,000 of tax payers money. I thought Amway was independent workers working their way up in a pyramid system? Either way she’s worth billions. Destitute folks sell 1 of their 8 world class yachts.

If you would like to actually make a difference in someone’s education, click here :) 👍🏽👏🏽 They should be sued for not having a plan conducive to safely opening schools. Somebody please sue that bitch!!! AVampireRabbit Haha cool Ahhhhhhhh! Is BetsyDeVosED trying to change her skin color to match realDonaldTrump? Looks like a bad case on tannigbedisitis!

That’s right! Demand what they owe these schools and DRAG THEM. No pandemic funds for public schools means no safety infrastructure or preparedness SO public schools cannot open. I hope they win. Taxpayer money should be for public schools. These people are grifters. Good! Yes! This is a health crisis. All schools should get pandemic money to protect children no matter their school affiliation. Democrats are better than that. Healing

Betsy's a crook.... WhiteLooting Exhibit 2,654A I hope more states join them. Only 5? America has fallen Defund the Education Department!!! Give the $ locally. goconstance ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼 Sue them with all you got. There is a special place in he// for Betsy. Teachers will walk to assure their safety when schools open (as they should). I will stand with them when they do.

Pure evil Leading the sue is California , after defunding the police, they still find themself broke. They looking at $1.9b, of the Care Act fund for School relief. They need to start opening up their economy,.. This should become class action suit not just against Education Department, but personally against Secretary DeVos. Only about 10% of students are enrolled into private schools. Trump & DeVos want to subsidize private schools at expense to public schools.

Could this be related to why CruellaDeVos is pushing for opening public schools this fall? Ummm did Betsy try some of trump’s makeup This is bronze face which is two levels away from blackface Damn. Please pursue this story to the ends of the earth. Our school kids have suffered enough. Holy shit!! She's looking more and more like trump every day!!! Someone zest her or something...

Now that is the kind of tan you can only get on 10 yachts. Betsy's Father-in-law was twice past president of Council for National Policy. If you check our their bios in this 2014 directory, many list homeschooling & charter schools as key issues. SCUM!! She’s awful. RepKatiePorter Lmao we just had a supreme court ruling that says vouchers can be used at charter schools so go pound sand.

SCHOOL... SO WHAT'S THE PLAN? And what about the BACKUP PLAN? Gross me out once again Is she borrowing Donald's bronzer? This administration is pure evil It’s part of the grand plan of the Christian Right. Defund public education and fund “Christian” private Ed. Then slowly chip away until they get their Gilead. A theocratic, capitalist oligarchy, just like Russia.

This is all I see when I look at Devos. Guys, all of the nations children need to return to school. Privates schools, religious or not, need assistance small or large. 67% of asymptomatic cases (young people who show no signs of the virus) suffer permanent lung damage. Children going back to school etc. To be clear, their lungs are damaged, and will be, for the rest of their lives. COVID19 msnb cnn

The toner and puckered face fits the weasel she is. Disney couldn’t have picked a slimyer character. The Lyin Queen. As always, not a peep from Democrats Does that really suprize anyone. GOP corruption Eric prince sister SandraBundy I am starting a private school to teach cats how to roll over. How much of these funds can I get?

Oh Jesus! 🤦🏻‍♀️When will the madness and corruption end! Barron’s prep school got COVID relief funds. Good luck to the states and DC!!! Can't wait until realDonaldTrump and his slugs are gone. After trump BetsyDeVosED should be the next to go, she has done nothing good for the children. Thank you Oh, does Trump U still have a charter? GOPCorruptionOverCountry TrumpIsANationalDisgrace

Am i wrong in the assumption that affluent private schools have budgets that rival a small state that are funded by boosters? Can Biden fire her in January? For some reason people in the Trump administration think they can do whatever they want. Maybe it's because the GOP Senate will always protect Trump.

Republicans are the same ppl that will cry about how public schools are trash. Well if you fund them properly maybe they can be better. This broad is only worried about her family's political investment. Yes! She said this! defundthethoughtpolice Let us be honest here. She wants to close the whole school system down so only rich people are allowed to be able to read = 'as soon as the poor learn how to read, they might learn that we oppress them.'

Trump knows how to generate lawsuits. Money spent on legal efforts that should be spent fighting Covid-19. A box of cereal would make a better Sec of Ed than betsydevos BetsyDeVosED has been involved in profiting off the education system and children for years. Our kids deserve leadership that fights for justice in our schools... not fights justice.

Should sue her personally not education Dept it's just a title Pravda reports ... oh sorry, npr Do they have the same bronzer? So if the allegations are true, who's really surprised? BetsyDeVosED WhiteHouse usedgov This nasty witch.

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Movie Theater Giants Sue New Jersey Over 'Unconstitutional' COVID-19 ClosuresAMC, Cinemark and Regal say that if churches are reopening, so must movie houses. They could sprinkle coronavirus on the popcorn along with the butter. 100% agree, Actually I learned more from movies than whatever is coming out of priests. And neither should be reopening.

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Top movie theater chains sue New Jersey over COVID-19 closures6 leading movie theater chains — including AMC, Cinemark and Regal — have filed a lawsuit against the state of New Jersey, claiming a First Amendment right to reopen their locations during the coronavirus pandemic. And they are citing the wrong amendment. They think they have a right to spread COVID? Does anyone trust other people to keep their mask on in an enclosed room for 2 hours?

Movie Theater Chains Including AMC, Regal Sue New Jersey Over Coronavirus Closures‘Although Defendants have issued orders allowing other public assemblies such as religious services and ceremonies to open, they have withheld approval for movie theatres, which are similarly situated,’ the lawsuit says. Nice Just because they are in bed with Trump doesn't mean they get to function outside of Reality forever. The Economy has never been 'On Pause' The bones of their businesses make good things, Whales they they are by the good People of small American Business. Last Picture Show ref. Haha. Public health emergency. Waste of Court time.

Why Movie Theaters Decided to Sue New Jersey for the Right to ReopenMovie theaters have been banking on a grand end-of-summer reopening to begin recovering from the closures forced by the coronavirus pandemic. The plan has been Everything must open! And without restrictions or stupid rules! Because capitalism is innately broken and inhuman? Greed.