States fight for supplies in absence of federal coordination

.@Maddow reports on the lack of federal leadership in providing medical supplies and how it's resulted in states competing with each other for supplies.

3/30/2020 6:02:00 AM

.Maddow reports on the lack of federal leadership in providing medical supplies and how it's resulted in states competing with each other for supplies.

Rachel Maddow looks at how the lack of federal leadership on seeing to the medical equipment needs of the states has states competing against each other and even other countries, driving up prices.

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maddow Why has Trump refused to do much about this virus. Could it be the more chaos and death in the news, there is no mention about the election coming up? maddow When the request far exceed the supply people are not going to get everything they want or need. Sadly most of our production went to China, an issue this President has raised and tried to alter. You have challenged that concern so you contributed to this crises.

maddow If they have ventilators in storage, why are they putting two people on one. maddow Just send it all to New York and let the rest pick through the used leftovers. maddow Crimes against Humanity ? maddow If only you would have fought this HARD for doing the right thing for the residents of your state over the years. Why are you pimping for Cuomo this much Madcow?

maddow How insane is it that states are competing for supplies? Why doesn’t FEMA have a plan in place to procure and distribute supplies in order of need? maddow Mad Cow how many ventilators are stockpiled in the New York warehouse NOT BEING USED BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT NEEDED? maddow Well entitled Maddow the fact is America outsourced the production of medical supplies +equippment over decades. We produce little. So place your order in with China,Germany,Taiwan,S Korea etc. I'm sure they will neglect their people's needs in favor of entitled Americans.

maddow Obama sold them all.... still trying to replish maddow I hope when this is over some shrewd fucking lawyers cobble together a massive class action lawsuit for failure to protect medical personnel. These people are compelled to do their jobs helping others and what protecting do they get maddow

maddow Partisan comments. Nobody knew ahead of time that this would turn out the way that it has! maddow This is such a lie. They’re getting them. They’re being hid just like in Puerto Rico. They’d rather let people die then admit they’ve gotten supplies. Pathetic! maddow Bull cookies. Get a real job.

maddow Why is the media not talking about the tweet the NY Mayor sent on March 2nd to get out DESPITE Coronavirus? He has blood on his hands for this. Stop playing politics. This fake news and hatred for Trump has made politicians all over NY say the wrong things and have cost lives. maddow This👇👇👇

maddow NYGovCuomo ChrisCuomo CNNPolitics Where is the coverage on this NY Senator saying many of the media has been covering misinformation as if it’s a terrible plague? How many people were hospitalized after this parade? Obviously they got their information by the political media. maddow NYGovCuomo why didn’t the media report the NY Health Commissioner saying the chances of getting coronavirus is very low and the preparedness of the city was very high? Where is this media coverage? CNNPolitics NYCMayor She FAILED NY.

maddow You can't have all the medical personnell because the rest of the country needs healthy people to help them too maddow Why do states have to compete with each other? Because NY is hoarding medical supplies. maddow If Maddow reports —it’s wrong. History proves that....her dot connector is broke.

maddow Investigate who is stealing items being shipped or who is hoarding. maddow maddow If the states had prepared and taken appropriate action leading up to this we wouldn’t be seeing the disaster we’re seeing now...caughCUOMOcaugh maddow Rachel, I'm shocked to read that Trump sent 35,000 lbs. of PPE to China in Jan. or Feb.!!! Is this true when he was telling the American people that the virus was not a danger in one of his first interview's

maddow Healthcare workers are dying because of lack of PPE this is crazy maddow Didn’t New York find 30,000 ventilators in storage ? But ya, there’s a lack of federal coordination = EnemyOfThePeople maddow maddow Nice Nipple Ring Bro ! maddow maddow

Rachel Maddow Burns Trump Down After He Tweets Her Clip With Thanks'The U.S. response is a catastrophe that is on track to cost hundreds of thousands of lives,' Maddow tweeted after the president thanked her. LOL HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS Hopefully, the lives that will be lost will be those of the Illuminati, Bilderberg, and Free Masons WWG1WGA realDonaldTrump POTUS She’s clueless.

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