Statements on Passing of Michael Collins

The following is a statement from acting NASA Administrator Steve Jurczyk on the passing of Michael Collins:

4/28/2021 7:44:00 PM

We mourn the passing of Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins, who piloted humanity’s first voyage to the surface of another world. An advocate for exploration, AstroMCollins inspired generations and his legacy propels us further into the cosmos:

The following is a statement from acting NASA Administrator Steve Jurczyk on the passing of Michael Collins:


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AstroMCollins R. I. P. AstroMCollins niubi astro_kimbrough AstroMCollins True American hero AstroMCollins EternityPreparedness AstroMCollins Deeply missed, hero Michael Collins RIP QEPD AstroMCollins Are those the penny loafers coming down the zip line? Video Quality not letting me check but nice socks

AstroMCollins To know him was to be so very, very lucky. AstroMCollins „In Memory To This Honored NASA Astronaut“ Your’s kuk Pilot AstroMCollins one: (i) 6.9 (ii) 3.7 (iii) 5.2 (iv) 4.5 (v) 7.1 (vi) 6.4 (vii) 28.6 (viii) 14.9 AstroMCollins AstroMCollins Love what is written,that's exactly what he did. He made history and will be loved for ever!

Astronaut Michael Collins, Apollo 11 pilot, dead of cancerMichael Collins, one of three astronauts on historic Apollo 11 moon mission, has died. He was 90.

AstroMCollins 🌎❤️🎇 AstroMCollins A true American hero - RIP brave pioneer. 🙏 BrianLupiani AstroMCollins Just to make sure it’s understood enjoy your journey I really do believe it’s only just begun just want to make sure people understand that God bless I Oso live long and prosper in the infamous words of Spock

BrianLupiani AstroMCollins I truly believe your journey has just begun God bless enjoy the ride AstroMCollins Something like that you remember all your life that’s all there is to it I’ll never forget that image is burned into my brain and it will be til the day I die God bless one And all she on the Darkside see you on the dark side

AstroMCollins Rest in peace my friend your day you deserve it MrsHSalita AstroMCollins May he Rest In (a very starry) Peace... tomhiggins65 AstroMCollins A legend... AstroMCollins Michael Collins deserved immense credit for his part. If he had failed to do his job correctly by keeping the command module orbiting the Moon while Armstrong and Aldrin took giant leaps for mankind, they might never have returned home. Rest in peace.

AstroMCollins Poleni jamani, na wana anga wote duniani

Poppy Delevingne, Chad Michael Collins, Casper Van Dien Team for ‘Assailant’ From MSR Media (EXCLUSIVE)British actor and model Poppy Delevingne, Chad Michael Collins, Casper Van Dien and Jeff Fahey are set to star in thriller-suspense film “Assailant,” from MSR Media and written and dire… 🎥🙏🙏🙏

faith_go75 AstroMCollins NinoDinarelli Cara que participou da primeira missão na lua! AstroMCollins aipi 🚀🚀 AstroMCollins 😭🙏🏻💔💔💔 AstroMCollins Hi!! This is my dreamjob!!! AstroMCollins 킥~~~ 우주 은하에 지구별이 아닌 별에는 물이 흐르고 있던가요?. 피가 덩어리가 있으띠까요? AstroMCollins As a very young kid I watched the moon landings on our TV,the DER TV set was the only colour one in the street so we had lots of people round in the early hours,I was disappointed as the landing was in black and white😂🤦‍♀️RIP.

AstroMCollins R.I.P Michael collins AstroMCollins R.I.P MICHAEL COLLINS..YOU INDEED SERVED HUMANITY AstroMCollins Deepest condolences 🙏 so great seeing so many reach out jus goes to show his legacy and space pioneer spirit so many showing love and respect AstroMCollins His books were very important to me, growing up. I learned so much from them. He helped develop my love of space travel and space exploration which has never died. My condolences to his family.

Michael Collins, the 'forgotten' astronaut of Apollo 11, dies at 90American astronaut Michael Collins, who as pilot of the Apollo 11 command module stayed behind on July 20, 1969, while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin traveled to the lunar surface to become the first humans to walk on the moon, died on Wednesday at age 90, his family said. Karl Pilkington once called him the loneliest man ever. KarlPilkington rickygervais Please don't call him that. Michael Collins was the dude that literally piloted the capsule while Buzz and Neil played on the moon. They could not have made it home without him. Awesome astronaut and man.

AstroMCollins RIP Michael Collins. Always extremely sad to hear Apollo astronauts passing. Feel very privileged to have lived at the same time as these great people who have achieved some of the most incredible accomplishments in human history. AstroMCollins He had the difficult and lonely mission, Buzz is now the last of the three heroes of our lifetime.

AstroMCollins 🤑🤑🥰🥰SPACEX STOCK IS GOING TO BE DOGECOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!🥰🥰🤑🤑 AstroMCollins Heloo Nasa ai am moon 🙏🙏🙏 AstroMCollins regala me un compu plz AstroMCollins Flat earth 🙃🙃🙃 AstroMCollins RIP AstroMCollins 🙏🙏 AstroMCollins Dejó gran legado. Gracias infinitas AstroMCollins Fuxking Awesome Life ! Boldly Go AstroMCollins

Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins on 50th anniversary of moon landingMichael Collins, the command module pilot who served as an integral part of the legendary Apollo 11 crew, sits down with NBC’s Harry Smith to share his perspective on the moon mission that made history 50 years ago. RIP Mike.... A true hero.

AstroMCollins 52 years since the moon landing, hopefully we see a big comeback. AstroMCollins A great and humble man AstroMCollins 念! AstroMCollins Gran hombre, pionero en la exploracion del espacio. Vivira en la memoria y la historia de la humanidad. AstroMCollins i had another Abraham lincoln dream, i give a shit about working with black and white, i'm there as a racist around your planet

AstroMCollins Can an atomic submarine be a spaceship? If not, why do you know that your astronaut suit works? If you answer correctly, more the Europeans, colonial masters of all star systems, garbage collection of the etc., we buy your space garbage, wwf, worldwarefair AstroMCollins Rest In Peace AstroMCollins I am a screenwriter. I want to write a screenplay about Mars that is interesting. But before writing, I have to make sure that it is supported, so that I can start writing it with confidence. If you want to support it, respond.

AstroMCollins RIP AstroMCollins 30/04/2021 | MEGA VIGÍLIA GLOBAL DE SEXTA-FEIRA OS PROFETAS DO SENHOR GlobalRevivalExpress

Michael Collins, astronaut of Apollo 11 crew, dies at 90Collins was the command module pilot of the three-person Apollo 11 crew, the first spaceflight that landed on the moon.

AstroMCollins GlobalRevivalExpress AstroMCollins O PROFETA DO SENHOR ESTÁ na TERRA AstroMCollins GlobalRevivalExpress AstroMCollins I am so sorry sweetie! My thoughts are with you and your beautiful family and friends AstroMCollins On approaching planet zombie heaven its the only planet that reaches out with a puff of opium so goddamn glorious euphoria but smart pilot orbit first to burned-out barbeque pit there people whale in agonizing hell but there dead but still moan & bitch at deplorable conditionds

RichLevy5 AstroMCollins May his memory be a blessing AstroMCollins CovidChallengeIndia AstroMCollins Thank You Michael Collins, You're The Great Apollo 11 NASA Astronaut. 🇺🇲🌕 Space_Station AstroMCollins AstroMCollins 😔

AstroMCollins AvrupayaHatay AstroMCollins Rip AstroMCollins Check my profile, there is information for advertising, spending a little, you can significantly increase the visit to your site, store, etc AstroMCollins F AstroMCollins God speed AstroMCollins! Back in His hands for your final journey! He got you home once, He will do it again! 🙏🚀

AstroMCollins I read his book about the moon /Apollo11 and it really gives you a sense of what its like going up in space and being in a space suit. Totally isolated from the outside world. Michael Collins will always be an important and inspiring person in space exploration AstroMCollins Michael Collins was the guy who had the toughest job of Apollo, 11. Watching 2 crewmates get out of the relative safety of a capsule land on the Moon. Succeed everything fine anything goes wrong he would be left with an awful choice stay with his crew or come home. RIP

AstroMCollins PornoGraffitti【Japanese musicians】 became famous with the song of Apollo11 in Japan. I really appreciate it. I am so sad to hear that he passed away. What was the moon like? R.I.P sir and God bless you always.🌖🛐💞 AstroMCollins A pathfinder passes away. RIP. AstroMCollins but they didnt land on the moon!

AstroMCollins .......✍ AstroMCollins EliteStephanie AstroMCollins You are an extremely beautiful woman. AstroMCollins He was a good man. AstroMCollins The unsung hero. Respect. RIP, in the eternal silence of the heavenly cosmos. 🙏 AstroMCollins RIP Astronaut Michael Collins. Thank you for your courage, for exploring, for inspiring us, for your service. Rest in peace, good sir. MichaelCollins Apollo11

AstroMCollins A real hero. AstroMCollins May rest in peace his soul AstroMCollins ⚠He is a captive elephant in Argentina. ⚠Donations are needed to take him to a better place in Brazil with vegetation and appropriate space 4 him ⚠We are his only voice ⚠ Please Remember 👇 May 5th and 6th you have ONLY 24 hours to donate

edwinrsullivant AstroMCollins One Law 📜 over the WORLD 🌏

Space_Station AstroMCollins So sad, RIP. AstroMCollins A brave man who lived a fulfilled life. AstroMCollins haha space man AstroMCollins KINDLY SEND A DM TO GET ALL YOUR HACKED ACCOUNT FIX BACK . INSTAGRAM✅ . FACEBOOK✅ .EMAIL✅ . SNAPCHAT ✅ TWITTER ✅ TIKTOK✅ GOOGLE ✅ And many more. AstroMCollins Rest In Peace , Michael Collins🙏🙏

glenn AstroMCollins A great loss. May he rest in peace. AstroMCollins RIP Michael Collins! AstroMCollins 😯 Space_Station AstroMCollins To the most unsung hero of our time AstroMCollins Great Man.

AstroMCollins boycottMLB AstroMCollins RIP AstroMCollins RIP, Mike! AstroMCollins no extraterrestrial does not easily send signs of life AstroMCollins RIP g_knapp AstroMCollins God bless him. Very much admired and remembered. AstroMCollins AstroMCollins Thank you Sir!!! Earth day everyday!!! AstroMCollins Salute: Godspeed Spaceman, Godspeed.

AstroMCollins RIP….🙏

AstroMCollins AstroMCollins RIP my condolences to the family 🙏 AstroMCollins Heartfelt condolences dear NASA, I am sorry for the loss of your remarkable Astronaut, Michael “Mike” Collins. The gentleman’s family’s gracious remarks reflect the character of their beloved...Thus, I listened to their wishes—to celebrate (prayerfully) his distinguished life...

JonathanDavidE7 AstroMCollins R.I.P Guss Grissom. We'll never forget. AstroMCollins A long exciting life for an exceptional man. God bless him. AstroMCollins Solar powered space travel? What?....who said that?😂😂😂😂😂 AstroMCollins this is so sad alexa play everywhere at the end of time AstroMCollins Name the lunar gateway after him

AstroMCollins rip AstroMCollins Godspeed, Michael. Last night at VirtualTelescop I observed “your” asteroid to express my gratitude for your immense legacy.

AstroMCollins Beautifully stated, Troy. AstroMCollins ربي ارحم عبيدك الذين احبوك ورحم انته ارحم الراحمين البقاء لله AstroMCollins 🙏🏻🌹🕎🌹🙏🏻 Thanks Space_Station AstroMCollins FF://THANK_YOU AstroMCollins Rest In Peace AstroMCollins A True Hero!! Prayers and Strength to his Family, Friends, and All Those That Knew Him! 🙏 Fly High, Angel!

Dr_ThomasZ AstroMCollins 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰 Space_Station AstroMCollins Rest In Peace AstroMCollins zach_hazard I remembered you talking about him in one of your's and Mike's videos and I thought it was interesting AstroMCollins Please consider naming the Lunar Gateway as Collins Lunar Gateway in memory of AstroMCollins

AstroMCollins Legend AstroMCollins Back when this country explored, invented and inspired. Now with this administration we steal, lie, currupt and Control the public as they take away our vote and freedoms. When you remember this type of era you realize how disgusting our government has turned in just one election

AstroMCollins 💔 AstroMCollins What does NASA do now ? I mean do they work on anything? AstroMCollins What an amazing life!! RIP 🙏💔 AstroMCollins We mourn with you. Astronaut Collins was an inspiration to future explorers like one of my granddaughters. AstroMCollins KathyLueders AstroMCollins Hey Babe! Just Making Sure Your Day Is As Beautiful As You Are Pretty Mama! Keep Smiling And Feeling Very Loved Hun K!

AstroMCollins Providing my official name: J Rack Obama with NASA membership for extending condolences to mourning the passing of Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins, who piloted humanity’s 1st voyage to the surface of another world. An advocate for exploration,inspired generations & his legacy AstroMCollins 小学有一篇课文讲登月计划。我还记得这篇课文。

AstroMCollins May he rest in peace. His book: Carrying the Fire is the best written by an Apollo Astronaut. I was honoured to meet Gene Cernan-the Last Man on the Moon. AstroMCollins He was all by himself ( except for the whole world watching) while the other two took the glory. Great job, great aviation professional. RIP 👏👏

AstroMCollins HistorysBside just released an episode highlighting the hero Michael Collins on Monday. Listen here to here about an amazing man: AstroMCollins . Mu AstroMCollins Todo un legado de inspiración para la humanidad. Ejemplo para futuras generaciones. QEPD. AstroMCollins Multibagger stock AstroMCollins 😣 grande entre los grandes

AstroMCollins Rest in peace AstroMCollins, You will be remembered as Ambassador of Earth AstroMCollins So very sorry to hear this, but what a legacy he leaves behind MichaelCollins AstroMCollins RIP. This sucks man :(

AstroMCollins R I P pioneer. AstroMCollins God bless this gentle and quietly spoken man. The passing of this brilliant man is sad but we must remember that he will be with his dear Pat who he has missed dearly. RIP we will find you in the cosmos. AstroMCollins Farewell AstroMCollins the lone 'third man' of Apollo 11 Hear him on bbcworldservice He took this photograph He noted: “The overriding sensation I got looking at the Earth was: My God, that little thing is so fragile out there.”

AstroMCollins Condolencias para sus familiares y amigos, la NASA y asociados, así como todos los americanos. AstroMCollins Gracias por hacer de la carrera espacial un viaje interesante y tangible siendo pionero, deja huella imborrable no solo entre sus familiares y amigos, también en sus millones de fans alrededor del mundo en el presente y para el futuro. Paz a su alma.

KathyLueders AstroMCollins Interouts1 AnnaScott2019 AstroMCollins RIP astronaut Collins LarryVNN AstroMCollins I had the great honor of having a conversation with him and loved his book “Carrying the Fire” about the Apollo program. Hope he’s exploring more heavenly bodies now. He’ll be missed on Earth.

AstroMCollins 🥺 AstroMCollins Good bye great hero.

AstroMCollins Such a loss...😥 AstroMCollins Am I the only one who thought for a minute that this was Micheal Collins, chairman of the Irish free state AstroMCollins Kilts4me AstroMCollins Michael Collins was the biggest loser in human history AstroMCollins R.I.P. AstroMCollins ...'no porque sean fáciles, sino porque son más difíciles'. J.F.K. Vuela alto🍀

AstroMCollins Truely a Real Hero , Michael Collins , I was eight years old and will never forget what you guys achieved , awesome during that time in our lives. God Bless... Graham Stephens.....🌎🇦🇺💜💜 AstroMCollins Một người biết quan tâm chia sẻ lo lắng. Có công việc ổn định, chịu cực cùng tôi trên những con đường. Thế là đủ...

AstroMCollins So sad! To lighten things though, does he look like Don Knotts or what?!?! AstroMCollins stuartbrownley

AstroMCollins What a great life he must of had & the stories he must of told after coming home. RIP AstroMCollins 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 AstroMCollins Lamento mucho la pérdida de M Collins un héroe irrepetible AstroMCollins I didn't know you still celebrated heroes. All I ever see from you is race politics anymore.

AstroMCollins Well Said AstroMCollins Great American Heros TheRealBuzz Neil Armstrong AstroMCollins Rest In Peace AstroMCollins Rest in peace Legend!🙏 AstroMCollins An uncle on his way home from Adelaide Hospital, called by our home with large print moon landing photos,that we were not long before, watching on the grainy black and white TV. I was only 5, but I remember the wonder these amazing men showed us still today. Vale Michael Collins.

AstroMCollins ad astra 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

AstroMCollins Godspeed,Good luck And we miss you AstroMCollins Apollo 11 Michael Collins 1930-2021 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 AstroMCollins RIP AstroMCollins When I was a little boy I gazed up at the heavens and the moon at night and thought of those fantastic and amazing men who were up there and I was full of awe and wonderment. 🌌💌

AstroMCollins The first man who gave the first order for TLI AstroMCollins The heroes who did what could only be done by very few those times!! AstroMCollins A new star guides us from eternity 😢 💔 🌎 🌕 ☄️ ✨ Space_Station AstroMCollins Everyone will remember him as the man who never set his foot on the lunar surface. I remember him as a man whose contribution was essential to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Apollo 11 also happened thanks to him. Rest in peace engineer. Nasa Apollo11

AstroMCollins RIP! Larkistin89 AstroMCollins ddl_vid TimModise AstroMCollins and then he replied: +I DONT MIND AT ALL

DrCatherineBall AstroMCollins One of my childhood heroes. AstroMCollins 《The universe is not expanding or contracting. Only matter is spreading to the empty range.》 AstroMCollins Merci À vous M Collins 🌹🙏🕯 AstroMCollins 😭 RIP Mr Collins flytothemoon🌕 Space_Station AstroMCollins My condolences to the family, friends and fans of astronaut Michael Collins. I am sorry for your loss.

AstroMCollins Imagine being born in the 1930’s ( thinking about technology) and making it to the moon yourself and also making it to bitcoins and stuff like that, what an awesome and exciting life , RIP ❤️ AstroMCollins Thank you for all you've done. AstroMCollins Thank you for your contribution to this world 💖

AstroMCollins RIP Mike. God speed. AstroMCollins

AstroMCollins 지구를 담다 eddiekeane16 AstroMCollins Total legend AstroMCollins Legend. AstroMCollins RIP sir. As a 9 year old kid in the North of England a - I was absolutely fascinated by the whole project that seemed light years away from our lives. AstroMCollins My hero upon the stars, is now among the stars. Gods speed Mr Collins 3

AstroMCollins RIP to a great man and sincere condolences to all his family🙏 Filmandwriting AstroMCollins Michael Collins, Funchinagh salutes you ☘ RIP AstroMCollins Even through he is mixed with air but still lives in our heart❤️we will work hard to make you proud ♥️❤️❤️ AstroMCollins God speed Michael Collins

AstroMCollins A true exploring hero

AstroMCollins Amazing AstroMCollins These extraordinary women and men who puzzle out the numbers that make it possible for humanity to see objects in the sky, and beyond, up close and personal. RIP AstroMCollins who put his faith in those numbers and safely took his colleagues on the ride of their lives.

AstroMCollins RIP Michael Collins. As a very young person at the time you where one of my heros. When I heard about your death Frank Sinatra's 'Fly me to the moon' came to mind. AstroMCollins AstroMCollins AstroMCollins Orbit in peace. AstroMCollins Thank you for your Bravery, I remember been allowed to stay from school as a 7 year old, to watch the landing on our 1 week old New Black and White. Thank You

AstroMCollins rip AstroMCollins But why didn't he walk on the Moon with his two colleagues? Please search Google for lunar mountaineering and my BBC link is about Olympus Mons AstroMCollins Penny for his Thoughts Blessings and prayers to the Family and Friends saddened by this Loss peaceful Journey 🙏🙏

AstroMCollins A pioneer into space. May his soul rest in peace💖 Space_Station AstroMCollins RIP AstroMCollins MatthewModine AstroMCollins 🙏🙏 AstroMCollins Vale Michael Collins. 💙 AstroMCollins Rest I'm peice space traveller to infinity and beyond x AstroMCollins 🙏🙏🙏 AstroMCollins 一路走好 AstroMCollins Condolences to his family. Fly safe commander. O7

AstroMCollins Rip AstroMCollins May you rest in peace have left behind a wonderful legacy

AstroMCollins 🙏🏾🕉 AstroMCollins Whenever I look up in the sky and see the Moon I wonder what humans 100,000 ya thought when their eyes turned to the sky. Thanks to people like Michael Collins we know the Moon, & it's more wonderful still. Thank you Michael for what you did, and all the people that put you there

AstroMCollins 🙏 AstroMCollins Very sad news , what an amazing man !.. RIP Sir Jon_HullViking AstroMCollins What a great age to live to though. AstroMCollins ❤️❤️❤️ AstroMCollins May departed soul get sadgati Om Shanthi 🙏 AstroMCollins Rest in Peace! Space_Station AstroMCollins 🌻🌻 AstroMCollins Peace Be Upon Him 🕋🤲🏾

AstroMCollins I'm really sad, what a sad news. R. I. P. AstroMCollins God Speed MichaelCollins RIP AstroMCollins RIP Michael. AstroMCollins My hero. AstroMCollins 🖤 AstroMCollins R.i.p Michael Collins JFAchilli AstroMCollins Celui dont on parlait peu, mais qui a été aussi important que ceux qui ont eu la vedette. Hommage à lui.

AstroMCollins May he Rest In Peace AstroMCollins May He Rest In Peace. 🙏🏻🕊 AstroMCollins 💙💙💙💙💙

AstroMCollins When I was a little boy I looked up at the heavens and the moon at night and thought of those fantastic and amazing men who were up there and I was in awe! 🌌 💌 AstroMCollins “High Flight”, AstroMCollins, ❤️-‘tear’ maximaxoo AstroMCollins He and his crew mates inspired tens of thousands of young children to have a lifetimes interest in astrophysics/cosmology/space travel, etc., even if it was just at rank amateur level. 👍🙂

AstroMCollins Baribir yer tekis! AstroMCollins He looks like a true nice guy. AstroMCollins AstroMCollins The forgotten man b AstroMCollins 🙏🙏so sad rip🙏🙏 AstroMCollins RIP Michael Collins AstroMCollins Sad to hear my condolences.

AstroMCollins RIP man alone. AstroMCollins So you say there’s another world. I’d volunteer to explore the cosmos. As long as I go alone AstroMCollins Bon Voyage 💕 AstroMCollins R.I.P 😥. 🇩🇪 AstroMCollins MHDSRIP AstroMCollins My condolences with the family and friends RIP AstroMCollins Here and Now : Goodbye !!!

AstroMCollins RIP Michael. Thanks for your services towards betterment of space exploration. AstroMCollins You are my hero Thank you for everything AstroMCollins R.I.P Michael Collins.

GrahamGauthier1 AstroMCollins This is garbage. NASA lies about everything. Wake the hell up sheep. AstroMCollins Ha AstroMCollins wowow AstroMCollins RIP!! AstroMCollins Our astronauts: Brave and valiant men & women all. Courage, honor, duty. This country has been missing THOSE traditional values in recent years. I hope it isn't too late to get them back.

AstroMCollins RIP AstroMCollins RIP, Michael & thanks so much for your service; I'll never forget it AstroMCollins Q.E.P.D. Michael Collins. AstroMCollins Nice job sir AstroMCollins he is the one who touched history but didn't touch it for saving the lives of THE THREE..... I have always wanted to know wasn't he angry when others got out onto the moon but he didn't?

AstroMCollins R. I. P. Michael Collins! The world is a lesser place without you! 😔😔 AstroMCollins Took a picture of the moon today with my telescope, may the moon shine wherever you go Sir! R.I.P!👨‍🚀 AstroMCollins ✨NASA✨ 人類の最初の航海を別世界の航海表面 に操縦したアポロ11号の宇宙飛行士 マイケルコリンズの死を心からお悔やみ 申し上げます。ご家族の方達も立派な 人達🙇🙏 探索の擁護者、AstroMCollins インスピレーションを得た世代と彼の 遺産はさらに宇宙へと駆り立てます。 頑張って!

AstroMCollins Rip AstroMCollins RIP Mr. Collins. Watched you as a kid in the 60’s. May your spirit live on with new travelers in outer space. AstroMCollins He now makes Heaven his home. AstroMCollins Godspeed brother. AstroMCollins Rest In Peace Mr. Collins AstroMCollins I am certain, if everyone could see the Earth floating just outside their windows, every day would be EarthDay . There are few things more fragile or more beautiful than Earth, let’s work together today and everyday to protect our home. —AstroMCollins

Space_Station AstroMCollins I hope the family of .AstroMCollins knows what a hero he was to my generation, who watched him and his crewmates reach the moon and return to Earth, while we sat watching on B&W TVs in our elementary schools in 1969. Thank you for lending his greatness to us! ♥️

AstroMCollins ご冥福をお祈りします。 司令船に1人残って支援にあたっていたことから「歴史上最も孤独だった人」と言われていますが…。 私は、初めて月に人類を着陸させるために、宇宙で「歴史上最も重要なミッションを1人で遂行した人」と記憶に留めます。 AstroMCollins R.I.P The galaxy welcomes another star💫 ♥ AstroMCollins RIP,John 3:16 grandma AstroMCollins God bless him, always. AstroMCollins AstroMCollins We mourn the death of astronaut Michael Collins, the Earth loses another of the pioneers of the Moon. Michael Collins, called the 'forgotten astronaut' for having remained aboard the command module while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made the historic 1969 moon landing, RIPMC

Space_Station AstroMCollins R.I.P. 😑😑😑...🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 AstroMCollins R.I.P Rastus1951 AstroMCollins I am still in awe of what they achieved all those years ago .. AstroMCollins a true legend, he will be in history books for as long as we stay on the planet he leaves us on. may he forever rest in peace.🙏

Space_Station AstroMCollins ❤🇺🇸🚀 yobblysquidge AstroMCollins Sad 😢 Rest In Peace Michael Collins 🙏🙏🙏 You will be remembered as One of the 20th Century’s Global hero’s, you will be missed.. AstroMCollins One man cannot summon the future. But one man can change the present! A quote by spock. He didn't summon the future, but he changed his present. May he rest in peace.

AstroMCollins RIP Astronaut Collins Above the universe you'll climb On beyond the hands of time The moon will rise, the sun will set But We won't forget — Celine Dion StateDept AstroMCollins My hat off to a great American. AstroMCollins My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. AstroMCollins Sad news. 💔💔💔

AstroMCollins This is not far from where I live. Eagan, Mn. ShaunLKelly1955 AstroMCollins 😥💔🇺🇸 AstroMCollins RIP

AstroMCollins You mean THIS new world ? 🤔 AstroMCollins R.I.P Sad day for the world. A legend dies. God Bless the United States of America AstroMCollins 😢😢😢😢 AstroMCollins The first sign of Muhammad Qasim’s dreams being true is that enemies will increase terrorist activity & weaken Pakistan internally. They will attempt to make it Tora Bora - a terrorist state. More details on

AstroMCollins Oh no! _dndrea I immediately thought of you and your ❤️ for space :( AstroMCollins 🙏 AstroMCollins I am deeply saddened by Mr. Collins passing, he was a true hero that'll be remembered for the rest of time. AstroMCollins AstroMCollins To give you a better control over your data, XSL Labs will provide a decentralized identifier that will verify at any time your digital identity to third parties.elonmusk

AstroMCollins A great American.

AstroMCollins fuck AstroMCollins Rest in peace. AstroMCollins 🍃🍃🌹🌏🌹🌕🌹🌛🌹 AstroMCollins RIP MG Collins... we will miss you and honor your legacy. AstroMCollins Thank you for your wonderful service Mr. Collins! Without you, the moon would not be the same today. RIP kind sir. 💔 I don't know if that was your wish, but I hope they take you to the moon!

AstroMCollins people still think we landed on the moon? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha AstroMCollins RIP AstroMCollins. What an incredible legacy you have left... AstroMCollins He visited our cub scouts meeting back in the 80's when I was a kid. I remember how excited we all were to meet him and talk about space and being an astronauts.

AstroMCollins Instead of 'mourning the passing' of Sir Michael Collins; let's CELEBRATE his life of contributions. B-positive blood AstroMCollins RIPMichaelCollins 🙏🏻

AstroMCollins Sorry to say it, but if it weren't for Elon Musk, NASA would still be trying to schedule a meeting to decide how it could might get out of its own way. AstroMCollins Michael Collins was an American Hero!!! BBN kyjoe AstroMCollins Descansa en paz Michael Collins, hiciste un gran trabajo como astronauta del Apolo 11, eres un héroe y lo seguirás siendo en el cielo.🌠🚀💕Dios te bendiga por la eternidad.💫🙏🚀

StateDept AstroMCollins A hero lost… and a reminder of what we CAN be when we decide to. AstroMCollins I was 9 when they landed on the Moon and sat there cross legged in front of the TV awe struck and it has never left me. RIP Michael. What an adventurer you are. AstroMCollins RIP Mr Collins. You are a true hero.

AstroMCollins RIP, now fly up there without limits. AstroMCollins Of the 8 days, 3 hours, 18 minutes, 35 seconds to and from Moon, all but 22 hours was Mr Collins safely driving and parallel parking . And the drink service was lousy, just Tang and instant coffee! His second trip to the Heavens. RIP AstroMCollins A brave man who should be as well remembered as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. And a life well spent.

AstroMCollins My deepest and most heartfelt condolences to his loved ones.

AstroMCollins F AstroMCollins AstroMCollins Another great one passing from TheGreatestGeneration. Your Apollo11 trip to the Moon filled my young mind ablaze with wonder. Thank you. MichaelCollins AstroMCollins 😢😢 AstroMCollins マイケル・コリンズ氏のご冥福をお祈り致します。 Spacestamps 宇宙切手 AstroMCollins Rip you will be missed you did it you made history

AstroMCollins RIP.🙏🙏🙏 AstroMCollins There are 4 of these! One on each corner at Hollywood and Vine! AstroMCollins F AstroMCollins I’m sure he experienced a little déja vù en route to his new home. SuperStud

AstroMCollins Rest in peace to a legend in space flight MichaelCollins his legacy lives on as long we continue to reach for the stars NASA TheStephenRalph AstroMCollins Sad news AstroMCollins Godspeed hero! AstroMCollins Thank you sir! AstroMCollins God Bless You.. American Hero. RIP. 🇺🇸 AstroMCollins RIP.

AstroMCollins RIP. RadioFreeTom AstroMCollins Bless him AstroMCollins DEP AstroMCollins rest in peace xx

AstroMCollins Michael Collins was a truly great guy. He’ll be with us in spirit on our good endeavors in the future. AstroMCollins May he rest in peace. AstroMCollins Armstrong and Aldrin deserved all of the accolades they received, but Collins was a hero too. I had so much respect for him growing up, and he inspired me to wish I could become an astronaut (I was devastated to realize I couldn't, but still love everything to do with space).

AstroMCollins Rip AstroMCollins What he helped acheive with all of his fellow Apollo colleagues, was and still is utterly remarkable. RIP Major General ⭐️⭐️ AstroMCollins Godspeed, Michael Collins! AstroMCollins Mourn? He lived a great, long life. Celebrate his life, not his passing. Mourn those like the Apollo 1 crew.

AstroMCollins Space is fake and gay AstroMCollins Thankyou for your service and bravery mcannonbrookes AstroMCollins Godspeed AstroMCollins. We were just watching this last night.

AstroMCollins Carrying the Fire is the best book on spaceflight. Such detail combined with awe inspiring poetry. RIP Michael Collins. AstroMCollins Rest in peace, Maj. Gen. Collins. You were one of three brave explorers, the first three to travel to the moon, and you will always be remembered. Ad astra!

ShaunLKelly1955 AstroMCollins So sad...😪💔🙏 AstroMCollins It’s heartbreaking 💔 Rest In Peace AstroMCollins RIP. The ultimate designated driver. AstroMCollins RIP Michael Collins. I bet he was always a bit pissed off that he got so close to the moon, but didn't actually step on it. AstroMCollins Because you had the courage to do what nobody had done before you. Michael Collins you are a Hero !

AstroMCollins NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AstroMCollins PattyArquette AstroMCollins Chills chills chills . RIP Michael Collins These words .. 'Who piloted humanity's first voyage to the surface of another world' Just stunning.

AstroMCollins Ad Astra ✨ AstroMCollins 🙏🌌🚀 BenStandig AstroMCollins 🙏 AstroMCollins Indeed he was such a great inspiration for so many, a very humble gentleman who loved to share his knowledge with everyone...condolences to his family!😭🧑🏼‍🚀✨💫 Druscilla_Ann39 AstroMCollins AstroMCollins AstroMCollins Godspeed sir. Thank you for your crucial role in the most important voyage in human history.

AstroMCollins Just stunned 😢😢😢 Found out a few minutes ago. Collins was one of my heroes as a child. My thoughts go out to the family. Apollo11 AstroMCollins 'There's a starman waiting in the sky He'd like to come and meet us But he thinks he'd blow our minds There's a starman waiting in the sky He's told us not to blow it 'Cause he knows it's all worthwhile..' RIPMichaelCollins 🚀🌟🌛

AstroMCollins RIP

AstroMCollins Very sad news to the loss a legend, he truly inspired me with his autobiography. RIP Michael Collins AstroMCollins The passing of American hero. PatriotAU AstroMCollins FAKE!!!!!! Space exploration is the biggest bullsh!t to date. AstroMCollins 🙏🚀🌔 AstroMCollins Fake landing ! These people and their greenscreen ! What is stopping Nasa from going again ? Coz other countries have surveillance now

pantalla_azul AstroMCollins D. E. P. Adiós viajero del Espacio. davidsirota AstroMCollins God bless and Godspeed good Sir. AstroMCollins 🙏 Sending prayers for him his family and friends RIP AstroMCollins One of three who demonstrated that what humanity can achieve is limited only by our imagination.

AstroMCollins Godspeed AstroMCollins and god bless 👨🏻‍🚀

AstroMCollins ❤️ AstroMCollins What an amazing man! Sending you endless prayers & love to his family🙏🏼🙏🏼♥️♥️ AstroMCollins RIP AstroMCollins Legendary AstroMCollins That's tough. He had to watcht them live his dream AstroMCollins Such sad news. Once the most the isolated man in history as he circled the moon while his colleagues made their historic landing. A true legend of the Apollo programme.

AstroMCollins Did he actually though 🤔 AstroMCollins A wonderful life ! R.I.P AstroMCollins It always stings when you lose one of your heroes. Happy tailwinds Sir. mikecollins Apollo11 AstroMCollins RIP Sir, you are a legend!

AstroMCollins Rest easy, Sir! 🤍 AstroMCollins Irish-American hero 🇮🇪☘🇺🇸 MichaelCollins AstroMCollins Ad Astra 👨‍🚀 AstroMCollins Back in Heaven again. Thankyou for your service Sir. AstroMCollins 😥RIP😘 AstroMCollins Godspeed, Michael, may you have clear skies. AstroMCollins RIP thank you for your service to humanity ~

AstroMCollins I never texted astronaut oh my God the best day of my life AstroMCollins RIP AstroMCollins May your next journey be as astounding as this one was for you. Peace AstroMCollins A inspiration to all who followed ,god speed ,RIP

AstroMCollins Life well served! RWG always 🙏❤️ AstroMCollins Rest In Peace AstroMCollins RIP 🙏🙏 AstroMCollins 💫🌎🌘 FlyHigh MichaelCollins May you find the worldinyourwindow 🖖😔 AstroMCollins Truly a sad day. He was one of the heroes of the century. AstroMCollins I always thought he was the bravest of the three. Orbiting the moon ALONE and entering the dark side of the moon ALONE is no joking matter.

AstroMCollins We lose more and more heroes every day. AstroMCollins This is amazing! We were just talking about Apollo 11 last night with our 6 year old. My prayers go out to Mr. Collins’ family and friends. May his memory be a blessing. AstroMCollins An American hero ... Thank you for your service!

AstroMCollins Truly a man who went “Where no man has gone before”. RIP Michael Collins

AstroMCollins My deepest condolences. AstroMCollins To have played such a significant role in the history of space exploration, to have accomplished so much, touches all our hearts. History will have to use boldface type to highlight the awe-inspiring bravery & competence that was required to complete that mission.

AstroMCollins Legend AstroMCollins Mike Collins greets well-wishers at 20th anniversary celebrations of the Moon landing. July 26, 1989 AstroMCollins Rest in Peace AstroMCollins Michael Collins was a class act. He was in many ways the silent partner on Apollo 11. I always admired that he did his job extremely well and quietly. Of all the astronauts on Apollo 11, he was my hero.

AstroMCollins Thanks for the memories Mike and for getting Neil and Buzz to the Moon and back! AstroMCollins RIP 🙏 AstroMCollins how about renaming the deep space gateway as Collins station in his honour? AstroMCollins A childhood memory across the globe probably from all countries. RIP

AstroMCollins Rip ! AstroMCollins May his memory be for an eternal blessing. Amen. AstroMCollins this is a hard loss to bear, especially bc he never actually orbited to the moon and the apollo program was a giant h0x. thankfully for him (and us all) the soul is eternal and death is an illusion AstroMCollins RIP

AstroMCollins Rest in Peace AstroMCollins RIP Michael Collins! Thank you for being part of a group of people that showed us to believe in our dreams and achieve them. AstroMCollins AstroMCollins Sorry for all.we thank him for all he did.he will not be forgotten AstroMCollins RIP Mr Collins Being the man that had to keep the mission afloat while Buzz and Neil were on the Moon... I cannot even imagine the stress Mike endured 🌑🌌🚀👨‍🚀❤


lacsd AstroMCollins 🥺💪🙏🙏🙏 AstroMCollins The right stuff forever AstroMCollins Haha. Nixon talks via a landline phone to the astronauts on the set...mmm...the moon. Amazing tech back then. In 2021 you gotta pay Russia billions to get 1/10,000 of the way to the moon. Moscow made a fortune out of the lie.

AstroMCollins RIP Sir. 💙🕊💙🕊💙 AstroMCollins Thank you for the wonderful memories and your service to our country🇺🇲 Rest In Eternal Peace 🙏🏽🕊️📿 AstroMCollins Godspeed, celestial pioneer. May you Rest In Peace, racing up in heaven with Dick Trickle AstroMCollins Collins, Aldrin, Armstrong.. Those three guys...

AstroMCollins R.I.P. AstroMCollins He was an perfect example that all kids and adults should look up to. God bless you. AstroMCollins Sad day for humanity 😰

AstroMCollins In 1999 (or was it 2000? 🤔), Michael Collins was in Paris and gave me a 5$ tip. I kept this 5$ for years in my wallet and gave them recently to my son. AstroMCollins RIP AstroMCollins AstroMCollins Collins played a greater part than people realise and although he doesn’t receive the respect due compared with his compatriots, he represents all the little guys who are out of view but give there all and without whom the small percentage can not achieve greatness. Fly high Sir.

AstroMCollins 90 is a fairly ripe old age. I wonder if he hadn't of gone to space, would he have lived longer? AstroMCollins RIP Mike AstroMCollins 🙏😔💖 Fly high with the angels... Rest in peace. What an amazing life you lived. AstroMCollins R.I.P. 🙏💜 AstroMCollins Rest In Peace🙏🏾 AstroMCollins Part of the biggest lie.we never made it to the moon, it was filmed here on earth.

AstroMCollins Hero🖤 AstroMCollins Rest in peace. AstroMCollins RIP Legend AstroMCollins A great man. scruffage AstroMCollins only Buzz remains AstroMCollins RIP AstroMCollins not dead AstroMCollins I am truly saddened by his passing. May he Rest in peace. AstroMCollins Legend!! I can't fully imagine what Major General (Ret) AstroMCollins felt watching the launch + arrival at Space_Station of SpaceX Crew-2 during his last week on Earth but I hope it was immense pride at what he helped to begin + profound wonder still at where it will go.

AstroMCollins Herzliches Beileid an die Familie und Freunde und vielen Dank für die Träume, Wünsche und Inspirationen er und seine Kollegen uns gebracht haben 🖖🏽

AstroMCollins finally AstroMCollins That lonely orbit around the moon while his colleagues were on the moon must have been a surreal experience. RIP Mike Collins AstroMCollins Rip michael 😥😥😥😥😥 AstroMCollins 😢 RIP AstroMCollins Wherever sailor sails, he can't sail away from death, And green gloom1 becomes his destiny while he stays on the shore. But this night he isn't alone, he is dearly drunk and blind loved2, She keeps kissing his wild eyes over and over.

AstroMCollins RiP to a hero. AstroMCollins No not Mike he was one of the bravest men to travel into space. I will truly miss Michael Collins , he was one of mother natures bravest children willing to travel where no man has gone before. he has influenced even myself. I do hope to be part of the manned journey to Mars

AstroMCollins Another hero leaves us. Rest in peace. Your work absolutely enthralled me as a child. AstroMCollins 🙏 AstroMCollins R.I.P. Michael Collins! Your journey will be in all history books forever, at least as long as we keep lunatic conspiracy mythologists out of the authorship of history books, a threat to democracy the last so-called 'president' nearly had let become true!

AstroMCollins Godspeed Michael, you have served us so well. AstroMCollins 🖖RIP you incredible SOB. God speed. AstroMCollins RIP Michael Collins. I've always admired his reflections of being completely alone in the command module on the far side of the Moon with no contact to mission control. His eloquent description of the overview effect is always worth listening to.

AstroMCollins I love watching old Apollo footage and listening to the astronauts recount their adventures. Humans have achieved so many great things. RIP Michael Collins—what a ride you have had! 💙 Apollo ripmichaelcollins nasa astronaut nasa AstroMCollins SPACEWALKER , che sogno AstroMCollins He doesn't get much airtime from the command module, but this video, with the communications among Mission Control and the astronauts, is top quality, and perhaps a fitting way to remember him.

AstroMCollins BRIGHT MEMORY AstroMCollins A true champion. AstroMCollins We have lost a great American 🇺🇸. People like you sir epitomizes the spirit we no longer have. The space program n landing on the moon was done using a slide ruler n not the super computers of today. Our watches today have more memory than the computer in Lunar Module did. RIP 🙏

AstroMCollins Three reached for the stars Two touched The Moon One made sure of Return, not maroon Armstrong first footing Aldrin close second Collins in orbit as Destiny beckoned Three became two Now two become one But we'll never forget The great things you've done! GreatestAdventure

AstroMCollins Collins was asked what he saw when he looked up at the sky by Sir Patrick Moore. He said he didn't remember seeing any stars ? AstroMCollins Rest in peace sir. Your bravery knows no bounds. An inspiration to all who follow in your footsteps. AstroMCollins A fond farewell from his Base Station of WestCork to one of Ireland's proudest sons, Astronaut Michael Collins on his final voyage. RIP Ireland Nasa Apollo11 Gemini10 StarSailor AstroMCollins

AstroMCollins Godspeed Micheal Collins, “Ad Astra”