State Republicans push new voting restrictions after Trump’s loss

Georgia is at the center of the effort, with state Republicans discussing voter ID changes and other new policies after Biden won the state.

1/24/2021 6:30:00 PM

State Republicans in deep-red states and battlegrounds alike are citing former President Donald Trump’s meritless claims of voter fraud in 2020 as an excuse to tighten access to the polls

Georgia is at the center of the effort, with state Republicans discussing voter ID changes and other new policies after Biden won the state.

.The chair of the Texas Republican Party has called on the legislature there to make “election integrity” the top legislative priority in 2021, calling, among other things, for a reduction in the number of days of early voting. Jason Miller, a top Trump adviser, told the conservative site

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Just The Newsthat Trump plans to remain involved in "voting integrity" efforts, keeping the issue at the top of Republicans' minds. And VoteRiders, a nonprofit group that helps prospective voters get an ID if they need one to cast a ballot, said it is expecting a serious push for new voter ID laws in at least five states, while North Carolina could potentially implement new voter ID policies that have been held up in court.

Voter ID laws are usually very popular among the general public — a2018 Pew Research pollfound that three-quarters of Americans surveyed supported laws requiring voters to present a photo ID — but activists say they are problematic for several disparate groups of voters.

“They are students and other young people, they’re communities of color, they’re older adults who are no longer driving, people with low income, people with disabilities,” said Kathleen Unger, the founder of VoteRiders. VoteRiders estimated that up to 25 million voting-age Americans lacked a government-issued photo ID.

Georgia Republicans, in particular, are intensely focused on their state’s election laws, after the state became the epicenter of Trump’s attempts to undermine confidence in the 2020 election results. Georgia Republicans have proposed a bevy of changes, from imposing limits on who can vote by mail to limiting the use of dropboxes, which allow people to return absentee ballots without using the postal system.

The Republican state Senate caucus has endorsedending no-excuse absentee voting in Georgia, which was disproportionately used by Democratic voters in the 2020 elections. (More than one-third of Biden’s votes in Georgia were cast by mail, versus just 18 percent of Trump’s votes.) Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who has rejected Trump’s fraud claims, also said he supported scrapping no-excuse mail voting because the system was too taxing on local election administrators.

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Nothing like voter suppression to try and stay in power Narc_Problems Of course they did. We don’t need restrictions. We need open, fair elections. End gerrymandering. Easy voter registration. End Citizens United. Improve election security to avoid foreign & domestic interference. We cannot let this happen! Voting restrictions is voter suppression we all know that.

Federal voting rights take precedent over states' limitations. Republicans can only win when cheating... Cheating, stealing , and dehumanization are the tools the right use to claim election victories. Let’s not give them the satisfaction. Everything counts from federal to state to city/town election laws. We must remain aware and engaged.

The signs of a party headed for 'extinction.' Becky4AZ Voter suppression is the name of the game for the GOP. They know they can't win otherwise. 'Republican state legislators across the country are preparing a slew of new voter suppression tactics' There, fixed it for you. Whats left for them to do other than hold a brown paper bag beside your face and hope your lighter than the bag so you can vote...

They know full well the only way they can win is by restricting the vote. Nope they’ll get a fight for sure not Gona happen. It’s 2021. Why are republicans against progress? GOP making it as difficult as possible to vote especially for people of color. THEY ARE GOING TO CHEAT THE NEXT ELECTION! Outside of a pandemic, mail voting is really a necessity for rural and elderly voters. Others like mail voting but will pivot if needed. So...what voter base are they, ultimately, restricting? It takes from both sides, but I think they are overestimating how much they will get

The party of suppression & censorship🤬 Shouldn’t the parties of this great nation find ways to win elections other than suppressing the vote? If that’s all you got, just maybe you are not on the side of the American people. GOPPartyOfCrooksLiarsAndTraitors Because if you can’t really win on your own merits and you don’t have ideas how to fix things, change the rules.

He lost because he was a poor choice for Republicans right from the start. He lost because he’s awful, not because of any voter issues. Lol...the GOP is already on its way out in AZ. If they vote to end permanent early voting registry, they'll never see power again...except for a few council seats and fringe Havasu and Yuma voters.

Imagine being a republican. Claiming that you love this country and the constitution. And then voting for pepe like this that are trying to disenfranchise and take away people's conditional right to vote. How do you square that circle in your brain? I don’t understand how they can say it’s NOT ‘Voter Suppression’. To want to completely reduce Mail in Voting which the stats prove that the majority of Democrats use? C’mon! What do you call it then? Please! These ideas, ALL OF THEM, are just ways to CHEAT! What is it with...

New voting rights act will have to counter these changes I don’t understand why the heck are Americans so lazy to just drag themselves to a voting booth and vote in person. So much controversy and unnecessary drama around mail-in voting can be done away with just by showing up at a polling booth. They admit they can't win without suppressing the vote. Does it ever occur to them to develop policies and offer candidates more people want to vote for?

Well duh- Nobody holds their heinous actions accountable... why wouldn’t they keep doing whatever they want Sad If we keep bragging about freedom and democracy then let’s get rid of the electoral college... No surprise there, they know they WONT win unless they CHEAT! CorruptGOP MoscowMitchMcTraitor cheating GOPSeditiousTraitors

Because they can’t win if they don’t cheat. oh. So rather than trying to expand the number of people who want to vote for the Republican Party (clearly a losing battle), Republicans will seek to limit the ability of citizens to exercise their right to vote. Clear evidence that today’s GOP is bankrupt. THAT CRAP MUST STOP!!!!!!

Interesting how these extreme right wing radical traitors always want to restrict The People’s votes. WeEntered NEVER FORGET 👇 Republicans. Constantly working against American democracy. I welcome you here please. Don't miss out please Ignorant republicans, if you do not like the American way of life I am sure Russia will welcome you !!!

They weren't Trump's claims! NAACP_LDF gop really do hate democracy. senategop housegop gop stategop Exactly Is this a basis for lawsuits against these actions? The courts dismissed the claims as baseless, the states certified the results. Why isn’t this consider state sponsored voter suppression? What am I missing here

So cut out all of the filler, and what these people are saying is: “If we don’t make it harder to vote, we might never win again” Unscrupulous liars. Cheaters. No integrity. Everything is done in the dark. Democrats must stay vigilant. NeverForget what can happen if we don’t. What is wrong with a party that works so hard to suppress votes? It’s obvious they are not interested in expanding their tent. It’s slowly becoming the low information uneducated party of hate

If a 3rd world country can have voter ids,why not US? Republicans appealing to racists in order to cheat? What If Republicans believe in democracy and that their policies are better for Americans I think they would try to convince more people of that, instead they suppress those that see it differently. In reality we have rich white “conservatives” with a thirst for unchecked power.

Dems need to abolish the filibuster and pass legislation to address voting rights Because gerrymandering isn't enough. VoterSuppression All votes should be in by Election Day. Not postmarked by. You can’t even have the appearance of impropriety- which is what happened this year and fed the theories. It isn’t complicated.

The truth hurts...Republicans or should I say Trumplicans can't handle that the majority of America will not elect them! So, they must cheat. Remember kids, if Republicans do not like the results, they change the rules to give them the results they want. Republicans want to take away your right to vote. Stop the steal by Republicans.

Your hair needs to be on fire about this. Well that is certainly one way to spin it. The other way would be to say there is an attempt to increase election integrity. But no one cares about that..... It's always the Republican game plan, lie, repeat the lie again and again then lie they need to address the nonexistent problem they created with their first lie.

Cause cheating is the only way they’ll ever win again! Red states are moving more towards purple in recent years... won’t be long till they go blue! Shocker. Stricter and suppressive voting laws were always the point. of course they are...when their leader is an insurrectionist and who has a base of domestic terrorists, they know they are a defunct political entity and so this is their only option.

They'd be doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING if Trump won. Suppressing the vote is their whole jam. Having voter ID and limiting chances of fraud or “buying” people’s vote is a good thing. New online release - definitely not in movie theaters! RoadToSedition No there is real red flags. There should be a honest convo if this country is gonna move forward for this

Can't win without cheating You spelled White Supremacists wrong. Although I guess you say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-to. Republican lingo: 'ballot harvesting' aka having adequate ballot drop boxes so that everyone can mail-in their votes on time 'illegal ballots' aka mail-in ballots that came in three days after election day, most from military overseas 'Irregularities' aka fixed glitches