State, independent autopsies agree on homicide in George Floyd case, but clash on underlying cause

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Two autopsies have found that George Floyd's death was a homicide, but gave different reasons as to how he died

- A medical examiner’s office on Monday ruled that the death of George Floyd, the black man whose killing in Minneapolis police custody last week triggered nationwide protests, was a homicide and that he died from asphyxiation.

But two doctors who carried out that independent autopsy of Floyd, 46, and two attorneys for the family said that he had no underlying health conditions that may have contributed to his death. They argued that not only the officer who was kneeing Floyd’s neck killed him, but also two officers who were pressing their weight onto Floyd’s back while he was on the ground.Dr.

Carolyn Marinan, a spokeswoman for Hennepin County, did not confirm any reversal, saying only that Monday’s press release were the “final findings.”Bystander video showed Floyd pleading to be let up and saying repeatedly that he couldn’t breathe as police officer Derek Chauvin pinned Floyd to the ground for nearly nine minutes. Two other officers applied pressure with their knees to Floyd’s back.

But Dr. Michael Baden, who took part in the independent autopsy at the behest of Floyd’s family, said that the two other officers’ actions also caused Floyd to stop breathing.

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what’s the point of giving other reasons when we all witnessed how he was killed on the vid?

There's a significant loophole for the Defence team to exploit... Family continue to provide contradicting expert witnesses and doubt will result in a Not Guilty verdict...

don't k-now vapers and capers here condo grounds i can't breath sounds true cyber command and control in the animal and machine homeland. vapers and capers i can't breath raga rasa regimes

Yeah that happens when the coroner is stuck up the polices ass

The Police works for the State, the Prosecutors works for the State, the Judge works for the State and they all racists helping each... what would be the end result ? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know this

It seems the Police, the Prosecutors are all racists and they always cover up for each other

Well I know which one I believe and it’s the one that’s consistent with what my own eyes saw. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

The case is that intentional injury causes death.

Drugs, the cause of all evil. Legalize marijuana already!! “LETS GET TOGETHER AND FEEL ALLRIGHT”


Well, one didn’t have the toxicology report, so...

sick and tired of this shit

Love for me Sairung Saklim true to yourself

Referendum perhaps?

This year is very bad for the world, we should do seven things of endurance. I am not saying all of you are watching this. Keep calm and stay away from rebellion saveworld savepeople savelife BlackLivesMatter

That cops previous

My Blackness,Our Natural Color. It's African Beauty Blackness not mark of Inferiority Prosperity or Technology of white not from Heaven The Slave Trade, Appartied system, colonizing the Africa system of controlling African natural resource. RIP For Him.

Of course they did!

Homicide just means someone's actions caused his death either intentionally or not. My guess is the cop will be acquitted.

I 'm thinking pre meditated murder? they worked at the same club for about a year on Tuesday Nights Floyd knew he was.....

The cause of death is on video.

media excite the citzen with one purpose to bring chaos. this must have an end.

The age of lies ...

All witnessed it is homicide, no way to acquit the murderer.

Crackhead monkey died from a panic attack since he was such a drug addict.

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