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11/30/2022 3:36:00 PM

ABC News Live Video

'I wonder whether or not anyone ever asked Barack Obama and John Key if they met because they were of similar age.' NZ PM Ardern and Finland PM Marin shoot down reporter asking about purpose of first-ever visit to New Zealand by a Finnish prime minister.

ABC News Live Video

ABCNL Prime with Linsey Davis 10:30 pm World News Tonight Prime with David Muir 11:00 pm ABCNL Prime with Linsey Davis Additional Live Streams.Ukraine braces for new attacks on energy grid as Russia weaponizes winter 3:05 Kremlin: Peace talks with Ukraine currently 'impossible' 4:13 President Zelenskyy warns Ukrainians to brace for renewed Russian attacks 1:08 Ukraine crews scramble to restore heat, power as Russia targets key infrastructure 1:50 UK intelligence reports Russia's attempt to break through Ukraine's air defenses 7:11 Humanitarian crisis in Ukraine escalates as winter approaches 10:09 ‘Majorities on both sides of the aisle’ support continued Ukraine aid: Rep.Copyright © 2022 NBCUniversal Media, LLC.In effect, Biden is now in place where Trump was when he downplayed the accusations against the Crown Prince.

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A bad day at or going to work. Ban busses 13:26🇭🇲Sabalenka secured a place in the Australian Open final after beating Linette 7-6, 6-2 in Thursday's semifinal. This will be the Belarusian player's first Gland Slam final. The first set went to a tie-break, which the 24-year-old won 7-1,going on to dominate the second set.

Man, jersey is wild. I’ve been seeing a lot of instant karma tweets lately GTA It must be that pesky Global Warming we've heard so much about. But wait? Temperatures plummet? But what about global war.....errrr climate change? Electric this and that and banning fossil fuels ( except China & India). Is All BOUT COMMUNISM (ABC) admitting it's all a WEF eugenics project to murder people? Vaccines and all? When power is out

How about the illegals. Show us that drone footage. That is more of what Citizens need to know. Impress us by tracking Cartels Fentanyl smuggling. Anyone can take a picture of water. Sick and wrong. How are deaths going for ya? Get that water picture. Fentanyl kills. This is impossible with climate change

Ow wow!!!

ABC News – Breaking News, Latest News, Headlines & VideosThis Virginia family transformed their home into a winter wonderland, complete with a miniature village, model railways, and an ice rink. Why? it's crooked

Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 was just like a Pearl Harbor attack 2 the democrats. As the United States eventually dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan for revenge, the democrats have nuked the Republicans day after day after day. Japan did recover, Will the Republicans? revenge Urgent relief is here before it's too late to save the girl

...🤔 Looks round again this year. Great design. They should just make the ball look like a COVID spore at this point Meanwhile, at the same time there are thousands of men women and children living on the streets of New York City, thousands more packed into unsafe and overcrowded apartments and public housing. But this is important for the media to cover.

It looks EXACTLY THE SAME there annually.... Every damn year. Look like something out the movie Frozen 😳🥶 Oh my!

NBC New YorkGet an inside look at the NY Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show 🚂 on the 'Listen Up Live Holiday Special' Tune in Wednesday, Nov. 30th at 6:30PM on or the NBC New York channel on Peacock🦚 just before the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting!🎄

That's beautiful. mommykms Wow This looks so beautiful.😍♥️ Made me cold looking and listening. BamaStephen My very west coast brain short circuited for a minute like how is there waves… I just watched a dman Antarctica documentary a few days ago 🥲🙃 suelarsh71 Look how thick and heavy the water is 🥶🥶🥶

Mistermeister32 Beautiful This is incredible. Beautiful but too cold. Brrrr. Winter is coming well isn't that neat - I just shivered to my bones

Good news and bad news for Biden - New York Amsterdam NewsAs usual for President Biden, there’s good news and bad news. In reverse order, the bad news is that some folks are upset about his decision last week advising a judge to declare immunity for Crown Prince Mohammed of Saudi Arabia from a lawsuit over his role in the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

This happens every winter. Good grief Inspiration? StephenKing it was mura. yama. naka. marie. ki. But Global Warming? I’m confused This is frighteningly beautiful! Oh this global warm… 🤐🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔 now it’s new ice age hahaha East Siberian arctic air to sweep away harmful toxins around the United States coastal waters is a blessing hopefully! Time

Hi, please check out my gig if you need any kind of graphic design Amazing! WOW

Counties in AZ, PA Delay Certification of 2022 ResultsSee multiple perspectives from Newsmax (News), Wall Street Journal (News), and ABC News (Online) at

UNREAL. This looks like a scene out of a disaster movie. -ONE.😮 That is one 'cool' lighthouse! WOW! What's up with the other lighthouse in the video, right next to this one. That looks completely normal 😂 13:25 🌐NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that he expects Sweden and Finland to officially become NATO members in 2023. Stoltenberg said he doesn't know the exact date but that he was 'absolutely confident that the ratification process will be finalized in a timely manner.'

Oh my goodness! Scary 🥶🥶🥶 Now that is COLD Wow

Plane caught in Maryland power lines; Sunday's sports highlights; 'Strange World' fizzles at box office | Hot off the Wire podcastTwo people are rescued from a plane, sports highlights, box office results and more top news on our daily podcast.

Y en Chile... They just wanted to snoop around is all 😂 newschannelnine Why….. then u have to take it all down…. Money for nothing not even funny… Funny, but imagine all the gifts they could have donated/bought in her name to toys for tots or made sandwiches for the homeless. Now just paper for the landfill. Not trying to be a Grinch but .

Wow, that’s one zany, cooky prank. By the way, any leads on that story about the President’s crack-smoking son’s laptop that appears to directly implicate President Biden in impeachable foreign business dealings? Or how about those TwitterFiles? Awesome ... ok. 🤣 Feel so sorry for the classless men who are ok with putting their hands on a woman

Men who put there hands on women are punks!

God please help the anger of these people that are supposed to be representing in this world 🌎. So when the fk else has abcnews reported on Senegal's parliament? The 2 guys In White scared the group on the left This is SO WRONG!!!!!!!! He's got a strong pimp hand. That chair would have caused alot of damage.

Send AOC there...she'd fit in with her silly tactics. Time to bring colonization back! Happens all the time. Slap that guy down to the ground.

Animals. I need to see this in the US. Pelosi vs McConnell. That Greene lady vs AOC Leadership at its finest! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Seems about right. Where's the female? RepubliQans will soon turn to this in Congress, it has become the crazy party Did he ask a ‘British National’ where she was from? Looks like an insurrection. Somebody get Liz Cheney on the case STAT. InsurrectionShow

Media: Royal family caused this Are you sure it's not a meeting of a bunch of savages? lol.

WrestleMania comes to Senegal! Why If it was in Nigeria....... Twitter would have been bubbling with a lot of derogatory comments. looks like the democrat caucus Worldstarrrrr! When her wig came off after she threw the chair I— Wow what happened? Get him with that chair girl..

BarstoolTrent you literally just talked about this on the pod Animals Wakanda forever Trouble in Wakanda question ❓ Perfect answer .. , Leave it up to the press, glad to see its not just here they have lost their way. To think that the reporter is actually worth his wage is just appalling. Wow, who was that hard-hitting reporter

Ridiculous Too self-conscious.

Because both love dancing? Was that a question from a genuine journalist or was it all staged (like everything in politics) to give international media a headline? These two puppet leaders sure know how to conduct PR. Men. shakeshead These Men Cannot help themselves and then they wonder why women don’t want anything to do with them. What a condescending 💩

She can't handle the job What kind of reporter uses such language - 'and stuff'? sounds like a casual school boy. I wonder what kind of media houses employ such shabby 'reporters'. Hey, it's a New Zealand Peter Doocy! 'OMG are you guys gonna do eachother's hair and talk about boys?' Children of the world are Oswald Walt Disney Shunji Yokoyama who sends a happy message to children of the world with the best love, and sends it tonight. Do not compare today's happy message with a person. As time to compare it, and to be depressed, it may not be a waste.

What an absolute misogynistic tool