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Stars Celebrate NikkieTutorials After She Comes Out As Transgender

Ariana Grande, Amber Rose and More Celebrate NikkieTutorials After She Comes Out As Transgender


Ariana Grande , Amber Rose and More Celebrate NikkieTutorials After She Comes Out As Transgender

Nikkie de Jager, a.k.a. NikkieTutorials, came out as transgender on Monday. Ariana Grande , Lena Dunham, Amber Rose , Tess Holliday and more showed the YouTube star some love

"Today I am here to share something with you that I've always wanted to share with you one day, but under my own circumstances, and it looks like that chance has been taken away from me," she said in the video."So today, I am taking back my own power and I have to tell you something."

"I wanted to be my own person, my own identity, my own human being without any rules, without any labels, without any restrictions," she continued.

"When I was younger, I was born in the wrong body, which means that I am transgender," Nikkie later added."It's so surreal saying this. Filming this video is scary, but it feels so liberating and freeing. I've been wanting to share this side of myself to all of you for so long but I could never figure out the timing."

"You can be you," she said."You are in charge of how you want to live your life. I am here to openly share that I am transgender, and with this message, I want to inspire little Nikkies around the world, who feel insecure, who feel out of place, who are misunderstood. I hope by me standing up and being free, that it inspired others to do the same."

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No comment What? What about me? I partied like it was 1999 when I heard this news.

Nikkie 'NikkieTutorials' de Jager Supported by Celebrities After Revealing She’s Transgender Ariana Grande , Amber Rose , Lena Dunham and more stars showed their support for the beauty influencer, who came out in a YouTube video on Monday She is a True inspiration!! I dont know who this guy is but why is it suddenly ever so cool to “come out” as something If I “came out” as heterosexual would anyone give a damn? . They gotta sneak a Transgender onto The Bachelor. BachelorABC LightsOut DavidSpade .

YouTube Star Nikkie 'NikkieTutorials' de Jager Comes Out as Transgender in Candid Video“At the end of the day, my story is beautiful,” the beauty influencer said Love her! So? she is a human being, big deal. She was forced to come out, AND SHE CAME OUT SWINING!!!

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