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‘Stargate Atlantis’ Stars Reminisce On Show’s First Comic-Con During Reunion Panel

‘Stargate Atlantis’ Stars Reminisce On First Comic-Con As Collaborators During Reunion Panel

7/25/2021 6:42:00 AM

Stargate Atlantis ’ Stars Reminisce On First Comic-Con As Collaborators During Reunion Panel

On Saturday, the stars of Stargate Atlantis reunited for a panel at Comic-Con @Home, reminiscing about their first Comic-Con appearance as cast members, their initial perceptions of the show and mor…

Stargatefilm, she hadn’t seen the seriesSG-1, which precededAtlantis. “I came in completely naïve,” she said, “which I think was really good because I didn’t feel the pressure to take on this enterprise, this huge fandom.“It took me probably until episode number five before I realized the impact of

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Stargate,” added the actress, who played Teyla Emmagan, “and once I did, the pressure did kind of settle in. But…of course, I was thrilled to be a part of it.”(Dr. Rodney McKay) celebrated the fact that<Stargate‘s “fandom survives and thrives,” even as the show continues to age. He added that his favorite memories from his time on set are of laughs he shared with cast and crew. “Honestly, of all the stuff I remember, it’s just those belly laughs where you just can’t stop,” he said, “[where] you’re feeling so fortunate for having such a great job.”

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stargateatlantis 😍 After all this time the SG franchise still holds up pretty well. The struggle to create great SyFy series continues. I love all of the Stargate shows.

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