Starbucks first Seattle store tour shows how the company has evolved

9/24/2022 3:16:00 PM

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I visited the original Starbucks in Seattle, and it shows just how much the business has changed in 50 years

Insider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know.

Everything about the store is an homage to the history of Starbucks.Organizers are seeking to make a Starbucks in Upper Kirby the coffee chain’s first union store in Houston.Grateful Dead: A look back at the band’s magical year of 1970 “Oh I’m so sad sad to see you guys go.Dead & Company’s Summer 2023 Tour Will Be Their Last (Credit: C Flanigan/FilmMagic) Dead & Company are calling it quits.

Mary Meisenzahl/Insider A small column marks the store as the original location, with a ship to acknowledge Starbucks' namesake of Starbuck from Moby Dick.Mary Meisenzahl/Insider The original counters and floors are still there, my tour guide told me.Scott Brauer / Bloomberg A Starbucks in Houston’s Upper Kirby neighborhood has become the first in the city to form a union, and the 10th in Texas, after an organizing drive that began in July.Mary Meisenzahl/Insider Starbucks originally only sold whole beans rather than brewed coffee, so different varieties of coffee beans are preserved on display beneath the counters.Oh I’m so sad sad to see you guys go.Mary Meisenzahl/Insider My host, the district manager of the store, led us in a coffee tasting of Pike Place coffee, named after the original store.Eleven associates voted in favor of the union, three opposed and one ballot is being contested by Starbucks.Mary Meisenzahl/Insider I learned that tasting coffee is a lot like wine tasting, and you have to smell it first.The group didn’t include Dead bassist Phil Lesh, who continued with his solo career.

Mary Meisenzahl/Insider Then, I slurped it as instructed to pick up notes of chocolate in the blend.“I really don’t think the outcome is what (Starbucks) expected.👏👏💀⚡️💀🌹🌹🌹😭😭😭😭 — Hippie chick 1234 (@hippych98914733) September 23, 2022 Yet, most of the comments online also conveyed a sense of — appropriately enough — gratitude, for all the music and joy that the bandmembers have delivered over the years.Mary Meisenzahl/Insider The Pike Place Special Reserve roast is only available at this location.Mary Meisenzahl/Insider Workers at the store take shifts to bag the coffee for sale.“I was not surprised and I don’t think anyone in the store was surprised.Mary Meisenzahl/Insider Every bag of Pike Place roast is hand bagged and labeled right at that store, on the original counters.I can’t believe the long strange trip is going to be over.Mary Meisenzahl/Insider The store is part museum, part gift shop, part functional Starbucks location.” The Houston workers were backed by Starbucks Workers United, a collective of company employees organizing Starbucks stores across the country.

Mary Meisenzahl/Insider The teddy bears for sale wear black aprons instead of green, which at Starbucks means the wearer has completed the Coffee Master program.Mary Meisenzahl/Insider.Employees at a Buffalo, N.Thanks for all the good times,” tweeted David DeWitt.

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I wish they came in a shot only they even have names for that too, to them it's so important minority lives are at risk at any moment Starbucks management are a bunch of lying dirty anti-union rats 🐀

Houston has its first unionized StarbucksA Starbucks in Houston’s Upper Kirby neighborhood has become the first in the city to... So happy for them! I knew something was wrong with Starbucks franchise in houston. I’ve been to the Starbucks on shepherd and 610 and they’ve been closed about 3 times for having 0 employees there to work 😐

Dead and Company to call it quits after one final summer tour“Word travels fast and we wanted to be the first to let you know that Dead & Company will be hitting the road next summer for what will be our final tour.”

Dead & Company's Summer 2023 Tour Will Be Their LastGrateful Dead spinoff group Dead & Company announced that their final tour will take place next summer. The success of this incarnation of The Grateful Dead can never be overstated. Obviously, it was Bobby's brainchild, but John Mayer deserves so much credit. He took them back into stadiums, breathed new life into that music, and brought in a whole generation of new fans.

Developers Behind Hardspace: Shipbreaker Join Labor UnionAnemone Hug, a support studio that helped create Hardspace: Shipbreaker, has become one of the first Canadian game devs to unionize.

New VW concept aims to replace short-haul flights | AutocarFed up with flying? Well, VW's new concept may have the answer for you. The autonomous GenTravel gets four seats (or two beds depending on configuration) and wants to give short-haul flights a run for their money. What do you think about autonomous vehicles? VW Short haul flights get best replaced by high speed trains, not by cars. VW Wheels and Wings and ugly as hell !