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‘Star Trek’ Poised To Become New Marvel? CBS & Viacom Merger Brings Franchise Under One Fleet

#StarTrek is poised to become the new #Marvel as CBS & Viacom merger brings the space franchise under one fleet


StarTrek is poised to become the new Marvel as CBS & Viacom merger brings the space franchise under one fleet

The introduction of Spock last season on CBS All Access’ Star Trek : Discovery may be the first in many final frontiers for the fabled franchise now that Paramount owner Viacom and CBS are about to …

are already the linchpin franchises for CBS All-Acccess and it’s not hard to envision a small-screen revival for Paramount’s

, earned $790 million worldwide, which makes it Cruise’s highest-grossing film ever (albeit that ranking is not adjusted to account for inflation).

franchise (with six feature films to date and close to $5 billion in worldwide box office) as well as major-league animated properties from DreamWorks

Viacom-CBS Merger: Read The Memos From Bob Bakish And Joe Ianniello

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Leftists still control it, which means mostly Leftists will like it. Hollywood is cursed by Progressives, who get even more Progressive as time goes on. Anybody that doesn't agree with them is some backward manbaby to them Finally! Now we can kill the kelvin timeline!

From ‘Star Trek’ to ‘SpongeBob,’ Here’s All the Content in Play For CBS-Viacom MergerHollywood’s landscape has changed dramatically since Viacom and CBS were last married in 2005. Now that the two media giants seek a Wall Street reunion, there are endless possibilities for th… Now I patiently wait for the StarTrekLowerDecks / SpongeBob crossover episode

Viacom and CBS reunion likely marks first step into new frontier Viacom and CBS reunion might be just the first step into a new frontier, as the two companies seek to recover from Sumner Redstone's impulsive decision to split them up 13 years ago in a very different media environment blowryontv ratings will be terrible blowryontv As long as we get rid of this fever dream that is the JJ craptime and this other stuff I don’t mind. blowryontv Picard knows Elrond?

CBS, Viacom in Final Stages of Deal Talks CBS and Viacom are in the final stages of negotiating a deal that would reunite mogul Sumner Redstone’s media empire in the hopes of creating a more formidable competitor to the entertainment industry’s giants. ray_chazelle Good

CBS and Viacom negotiating share exchange ratio between 0.5960 and 0.5965The negotiations for the CBS and Viacom merger could finish as soon as Monday, sources said. Split the difference and call it a day Argentina’s currency and bonds just collapsed today. Are you going to cover that or what?

Viacom Stock Drops, CBS Shares Rise Slightly in Early Trading as Deal NearsThe companies are closing in on a recombination, which could be announced as early as Monday, with one report suggesting the price of the deal could mean a slight premium for CBS shareholders. Good for Shari Redstone's portfolio, but not so sure about future CBS biz plan and effect on viewers. Please checkout “Hollywood Vibes” by Leon Simmons (outlandish black comedy novel available on Amazon—not for Sunday School teachers)!!!

Jim Gianopulos Inks Multi-Year Deal As Paramount Boss Prior To CBS-Viacom MergerBREAKING: Ahead of the CBS - Viacom merger, Viacom has re-upped Paramount Pictures Chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos to a new, multi-year contract. In addition, Paramount ’s current production president…

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