Loose Women, Tea

Loose Women, Tea

Stacey Solomon sips morning cuppa in newly revamped loo after epic makeover

Stacey Solomon sips morning cuppa in newly revamped loo after epic makeover

4/17/2021 1:29:00 PM

Stacey Solomon sips morning cuppa in newly revamped loo after epic makeover

The Loose Women star impressed fans with her handiwork this week as she transformed her dated toilet into a beautiful blue space for Pickle Cottage

The 32-year-old Loose Women star impressed fans this week as she unveiled the results of the transformation on her downstairs loo.After moving into the £1.2million mansion last month Stacey has been hard at work making the place feel like home.The DIY queen revealed the first completed room on Instagram last night as she explained how she's overhauled the dated-looking room.

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Unable to keep away this morning, a very excited Stacey shared a snap of her enjoying her first cup of tea of the day in the loo as she admired her handiwork."Having my morning cuppa in the loo," joked the mum, adding: "The sunshine is making me smile this morning."

Laying out her next plans for her huge home improvement project, Stacey continued: "I'm going to label up my soap, and hand creek bottles, tag where everything is from and then have a garden day with the boys."Hope you're all OK this morning.. Happy Saturday," she told her 4.3million followers. headtopics.com

Last night, Stacey revealed that she'd completed work on the first room of her new tudor-style property after moving in with Joe Swash and their boys last month.Taking inspiration from the pattern on her china sink and toilet, Stacey decorated the space in a fresh blue shade.

She gushed: "The flooring in the toilet is down… I'm going to hang a couple of bits in there and then I might put on a blue outfit to take a picture in there."I know, I'm such a loser, but I'm so proud of it and I really can't wait to show you.

"It's not anything amazing, so don't get excited - I'm just really proud," she added.When she moved in, the loo was decorated with red carpet and plain white walls.The after snap showed how Stacey had replaced the flooring with some sleek would and painted the walls a welcoming shade of blue.

She added some finishing touches with her Primark haul this week, completing the room with vases, candles and dried flowers. Read more: Mirror Celeb »

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