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Stacey Solomon's bizarre pregnancy cravings make Joe Swash's stomach churn

Stacey Solomon's bizarre pregnancy cravings make Joe Swash's stomach churn

8/4/2021 12:18:00 AM

Stacey Solomon's bizarre pregnancy cravings make Joe Swash's stomach churn

Loose Women presenter Stacey Solomon enjoys eating crispy kale, raw cauliflower and mango chutney according to her fiancé Joe Swash – see details of her pregnancy cravings

READ: Stacey Solomon shares reason behind son Rex's heartacheStacey is loved for being an open book, often sharing moments on Instagram of family life with her sons Leighton, Zachary and Rex at the couple's £1.2million Essex home. This week, however, it was Joe's turn to open up about Stacey's pregnancy as he spoke with meat-snack brand Pepperami on all things family life – and his answers are so hilarious.

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Joe revealed all the secrets behind Stacey's eating habits during pregnancy, from her loud eating to her deceptively healthy hack for crisps."Stacey will eat something, but eat it like there is a microphone in her mouth! She will eat the crisp or piece of popcorn, and as she is chewing, she will breathe out [impersonates loud eating] – I’ve never known someone to make so much noise when eating crisps!" joked Joe.

"It's taken me a lot of time, a lot of years and a lot of patience to be able to sit next to her and not go mad about it!" he continued. Patience is a virtue!MORE: Stacey Solomon transforms £1.2million home into pink haven for new baby

Stacey and Joe were thrilled to announce they're expecting a baby girlGiving viewers a taster of what life is like at home, the Celebrity Gogglebox star opened up about pregnant Stacey’s strange snack habits."[Stacey] loves a bit of piccalilli. She loves anything pickled. She loves curly kale. She puts it in the oven and it’s her version of crisps! Honestly, it’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten."

Unveiling the secret behind their loving relationship, Joe revealed:"I’ve had to get used to eating weird things being with Stacey! She does push the boat out and try weird and peculiar foods.""I am a man of simple pleasures. If I want a snack, it will be something that fills me up. I’m old fashioned – meat, veg, potatoes. Stacey loves all that fancy stuff, she’ll whip up strawberries and cream on pastry – that is my worst nightmare!"

Stacey has two sons, Zachary and Leighton, from previous relationshipsAccording to Joe, Stacey's snack habits have just got stranger now that she is pregnant."She likes to eat raw cauliflower coated in mango chutney, mayonnaise, then mixed with curry powder. She loves it, but it makes my stomach churn making it for her," said Joe.

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Queen of DIY Stacey often takes to Instagram to share her home renovations, leaving fans swooning over the adorable pink nursery she has created for her baby girl. Joe, however, prefers to take the reigns in the kitchen, admitting the duo like to take a 50/50 parenting approach.

"I would say that I do the majority of the cooking at home - I enjoy the process! Stacey is a brilliant cook as well, but I just love being in the kitchen!" said Joe.MORE: Pregnant Stacey Solomon's surprise hen party looks unreal – photos

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