Stacey Solomon admits Rex creeped out by Elf on Shelf as she plans for Christmas

Stacey Solomon admits Rex creeped out by Elf on Shelf as she plans for Christmas

Stacey Solomon

12/2/2021 7:21:00 PM

Stacey Solomon admits Rex creeped out by Elf on Shelf as she plans for Christmas

Mum-of-four Stacey Solomon admitted her youngest son Rex is unsure of his Elf On A Shelf after he was pleased the mischief maker had been tied up in Spiderman's web

Filming Rex bounding into the Christmas-themed living room Stacey told the toddler that Elfie had been caught overnight for causing mischief.Panning the camera to the impish toy caught in Spiderman's web hanging above the fireplace she said: "Spiderman had to deal with Elfie last night.

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"He was about to do something naughty so he tied him up in his web."Little Rex, who noted that Spiderman was "flying" seemed to be pleased by the superhero's efforts as he said: "Well done Spiderman for catching Elfie."

Stacey joked: "Honestly I think he's a bit creeped out by Elfie."Elf on the Shelf is now a favourite tradition at Christmas with the spritely character designed to encourage good behaviour.Said to report back to the North Pole whether children have been naughty or nice, it's no wonder little Rex is unsure of the family's Christmas addition.

Proud mum Stacey got into the Christmas spirit at the start of November when she started adorning Pickle Cottage with a whole hosts of festive sparkle.It will be her daughter Rose's Christmas and Stacey is pulling out all the stops to make it one to remember.

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In a picture on her Instagram account the loveable star beams as she holds a huge reindeer statue saying: "Trying to finish the Christmas door."Treating fans to a glimpse of her festive flair including Christmas ferns and candles decorating her white fireplace Stacey said:"So excited for our first Christmas at pickle cottage and our first Christmas with our darling Rose."

The Loose Women presenter has admitted she can't wait to celebrate her new-born daughter's first Christmas in her and partner Joe Swash 's palatial Essex pad. Stacey, 32, took to her Instagram Stories to film former EastEnders star Joe arranging some festive soft furnishings in their bedroom, and revealed this year's decoration theme will be "country cottage".

Speaking to her 4.8million followers, the star said: "Spent the whole day getting wintery in the bedroom."Since November 1st I’ve been itching to get some festive spirit in the bedroom - Joe’s over the moon." Read More

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