Stacey Abrams: Georgia governor’s action on masks ‘proves his incompetence’

Stacey Abrams says Gov. Kemp is “following the lead of the incompetency and the immorality,” following his decision to void local mask mandates in Georgia. “He is too afraid of the consequences of leadership to actually demonstrate any.”

7/16/2020 1:41:00 PM

Stacey Abrams says Gov. Kemp is “following the lead of the incompetency and the immorality,” following his decision to void local mask mandates in Georgia. “He is too afraid of the consequences of leadership to actually demonstrate any.”

Stacey Abrams, the founder of voter protection PAC Fair Fight, says Gov. Brian Kemp’s (R-GA) decision to void local mask mandates proves he is “following the lead of the incompetency and the immorality” of Donald Trump. She tells Lawrence O’Donnell Gov. Kemp’s actions show he is too “afraid of the consequences of leadership to actually demonstrate any.”

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Stolen election and last person in the US to know about transmission via asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers. Now, 'outlawing' the state to require masks. -- Please keep talking. New your words. Stay healthy. Whoa 🇺🇸 Who? And why would we care wtf she thinks? “He is too afraid of the consequences of leadership to actually demonstrate any.” That is exactly it!!!!

Put down the Cheesecake Pallet Fake Governor! Trump Syndrome is far from being unique. Although in competitive sports 🏈 and Combat, the inability to adapt is a fatal flaw. GOPDeathCult For all if you folks who decided to stay home and not vote because you felt Stacey Abrams didn’t do enough for the black community or she didn’t present a plan, this is what you get. Election have consequences. If you don’t vote ppl who don’t like you will.

This woman’s brain is mashed potatoes. 🥔 Different political philosophies. Should the govt impose upon people what to do? Both Rs and Ds say 'yes' and 'no' depending on what the issue at hand is. In all, it's all about politics. Partisan politics. Kamala Harris said Abrams was the governor so she needs to do something 🙄

Disd you pay your taxes yet? As I heard tonight - IT'S UNETHICAL for Gov. Kemp to do this!!! staceyabrams You are correct Ma’am! GovKemp Is putting Georgia and it’s people in danger! He’s trying to score, cheap political points & impress the Installed puppet playing “president” Sad Both Gov Kemp and Trump should be wearing T-shirts that say: “Your Lives Don’t Matter“

Bless her heart. Has she been convinced she is not the Governor yet? She Should Have Been The Governor.. Kemp is a Trump puppet. He rather sacrifice Georgians lives to please Mr. Stable Genious. Kempkills MSNBC=FAKE NEWS He is the most powerful leader we have ever had. Do you actually think you measure up to his leadership. You all hate him bc he put the strength of USA first You democrates are tearing our country apart like vulchers.

It always cracks me up, when a Democrat accuses someone of immorality. 😂🤣 So disgraceful Don't have to be incompetent to be a sychopant for DT, & a racist. She can stay in New York and spend more of the Soros money!! Why should I care what u think. You're always negative. Do u ever smile. you should talk -long line of corrupt DEM politicians -self-serving and greedy beyond belief TheDemocrats exploiting People of color, the poor, elderly and immigrants every chance you get FOX5Atlanta Bring back Jimmy Cater last honest DEM besides Ted Kennedy CarterCenter CNN

Another spineless stooge for Trump not working 4ppl or country.a weak minded person afraid he'll get bullied.not much of a man. I'm looking at the next Governor of my state..Georgia..I wait... patiently..on the line to cast MY vote. Kemp has a bachelor’s degree in agriculture. He was a business ceo and then became Secretary of State of Georgia for 8 years.

I believe Kemp is using the virus to kill as many black people as he can. The largest cities in GA have large populations of minorities and minorities are also the biggest group for deaths. I hope Stacey Abrams never goes away. She is an unending source of humor. I'll sleep with just about any man on the planet but that dude is gross

Sue the Georgia governor Got the thug look Hey MSNBC, God told me that you guys will be shut down! Woe woe unto you for pushing lies and division you traitors!! Stacey Abrams won’t be the VP, looks like she’ll have to go back to being a runway model. I'd appreciate it if she would wear a mask. So irresponsible

Stacey Abrams is following the lead of a sore loser. Complaining whenever she can. natasharothwell let's not forget that GA voter suppression stole the office from her. the people are paying the price of republican theft. And ... who cares exactly what ms sore loser has to say? I am not republican but he has done alright - I do not like Stacey abrams and I hope she does not end up as vp - she has more negative attitude than positive

Give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH!!! Somehow this is Georgia’s new rallying cry. Stacey, sista , do youself a favor and at least wear a mask in your pics. Makin no sense whatsover. To be preaching about wearin masks and you don't even wear one. There are no 'REAL MEN'. ALL THE 'MALE HUMANS' SURROUNDING IT IN 1600 PENN., AVE., HAVE NO TESTOSTERONE. I WON'T TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE FEMALES, ESPECIALLY AFTER THE BILLY BUSH CONVERSATION. DO THEY LIKE BEING DEGRADED? A FORM OF ABUSE ALSO.

Unfortunately that is what’s happening across the country: Arizona, Florida, Texas... All Republican governors, urged on by the incompetent Moron in Chief!!! How many more deaths will they rack up by opening the schools? These are our children, teachers, and staff at risk! Kuck Femp BarbaraDawkin16 sore looser... she is a BIG part of the problem.

Taxes? Paid’em lately she even looks nuts The poor woman what will she do? Less government, we can manage our own lives, we don't need democrats to tell us how. You gives a damn about her are msnbc!!! Both are fake news!!! I absolutely cannot stand Stacey Abrams but if Kemp really did cheat to win the governorship he should be removed and a special election should be held.

Says the woman who thought she had the election in the bag because of Oprahs enforcement and still lost and is still wineing I don't think Gov. Kemp is afraid of the consequences of leadership. He is more afraid of the Orange King and his wrath more than being a leader during this trying times. Instead of listening to health experts, he is listening to the rambling idiot Orange King!

ClaraJeffery It’s shameful; he is deliberately killing people. Maybe he's doing this because minorities are being targeted by Coronavirus more? Pls no! Kemp, DeSantis, Trump and their Jim Crow policies are a disgrace to humanity. Don’t believe Georgia’s numbers, My small town only tests those very sick and most rural areas have no hospitals. So people can’t be tested and have no ER to visit.

Stacy Abrams 😂😂 The real winner of the Georgia govenor race ladies and gentlemen How can you actually think 🤔 you could run the state of Georgia? youdontpaytaxes 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😱😱😱 This lady lost the election guys give it a rest She really needs lipo under her neck. Just saying! I hear you 'SUPERSTAR'😅😂🤣🥲

So first you complain republicans are dictators but then when they don’t want to force you to do anything you complain they’re not being a leader ? Do I have this correct ? Who cares what Stacey Abrams says. Jesus Christ why is she still on this show Again your totally clueless if your party didn't work with China to create coronavirus to close the courts so they couldn't be indicted before the election your party is fine with killing Americans just to keep from going to prison but trump going to win

Get a jog you lazy bum Democrats get REALLY mad when people are allowed to make their own decisions. Democrats get really mad when police arrest lawbreakers Democrats want more LAWS and LESS Police Democrats scream 'Keep your hands off my body!' Democrats want forced testing & vaccines CONFUSED?

marcireznik1 Worse. Sociopaths and psychopaths don't care about public health, about your future or your kids. They don't care. Time to wake up and identify who is killing us. TweetsbyAngela Yup. StaceyAbrams should've been the rightful governor...but cheating, voter suppression and all... Why does the loser continue to get a platform?

What proof do you have that they are working to stop the spread? Most if not all are wearing mask but the cases still keep going up at a rate that is faster than when it was not required. So instead of complaining find out why that is the case Ms. Abrams. She's still pissed about being removed from the pancake box.

So not violating our constitutional rights during a pandemic is stupid? Thank GOD this horrible woman didn’t win in ‘18 Republicans are doubling down on stupid! Had every state been on the same page since 3/1, COVID-19 numbers would have been much lower. Stay home, wear a mask when in public, wash hands more frequently... that apparently was the most difficult thing to ask and for people to do.

Abrams should have been Governor then this mess would have been cleaned up... KempIsAnIdiot lesshumbleteej my face, exactly, on the daily. jawja Many will die, Kemp is a POS! Stay safe Georgians 😔 says the person who pledged allegiance to the elite 👁️ Well said Stacey Abrams He also stole the 2018 Georgia Midterm. KempKills his own citizens, and strips them of voter rights.

He panders to Trump because the same GOP that kept Trump in office helped him steal the election He is willing to die for Trump Hopefully he thanks Trump by giving him the gift that keeps on giving, Covid Stacey Abrams? Kemp must be part of the party goers...trump Epstein Don Barr Bill barr McConnell kemp....I wonder who else will appear down the road How else do you get someone to ban masks that save lives?


Cheating in elections has consequences Says the failed candidate. Isn’t she the one who can’t win an election. You listen to her why? What sucks is there is more than enough proof and has been for over 3 years. Every sign under the stars says this administration is corrupt asf and yet here we are screaming until November. smh

When fear of a vicious tweet outweighs concern for public health, GA’s survivors should remove him. How is it our “leadership” is SO deficient? Stacey who?🤡A Citizen say something😂Thursday Yes Stacy Abrams says, but isn’t there value when “We The People” say, she’s a loser? But of course! She just wants to remain relevant. Stop embarrassing yourself, oh, forgot people like her ignore embarrassment

How about BrianKempGA isn't afraid of Anyone or Anything and actually has Courage. Time Person of the Year for being the first to open and stay open. Kemp listens to the science and data and acts accordingly. Period. staceyabrams JoeBiden they are trying to kill Black and Hispanic people who are disproportionately affected by the virus. This is the most evil, reprehensible form of voter suppression imaginable.

Says the “self appointed” GA Governor. But aren't you the governor? 🤔 Obviously. Now, who’s your daddy? Oh I forgot it must must be DT. Peace 👌🏾 she should be Governor. Poor Georgia KEMP IS ONE OF DONNY DRUMPFFS BIGGEST ASS KISSERS!! Genocide in our country, since the beginning of the pandemic. Words to describe his abhorrent behavior evade me.

'Incompetency'? From the woman who believes she is governor! What a braindead statement.. Covid will have little to none affect on people.. Move on FakeNewsMedia I suggest a class action suit against the governor or state by everyone sick in the state. Freedom prevails He’s already Covid+ now what? The people you govern will not? Spread Trupium . Keep up the good work for the people of your state you swore to protect. You can’t even protect yourself.

Another Trump ass licker! What would she know!! NOTHING Can you imagine this as president lord help us Well alright, your IDIOT wins ☠️🤡😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 Too many conflicting stories on mask wearing. We need to learn to live with this virus. Nobody cares what he says

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Georgia's Governor Issues Order Rescinding Local Mask MandatesGov. Brian Kemp is overruling directives in cities such as Atlanta and Savannah, insisting that the state's less stringent guidelines take precedence. Beyond insane!!!! Wanton willful and reckless disregard for human safety. The definition of gross or criminal negligence. impeachkemp Kemp is that guy that's obviously not there yet in the political realm. He's trying so hard to fit in and impress Trump with these executive F the State orders. SMH. Especially with this one. May as well open everything in exec, orders. Have a free for all. What an idiot. Pure ignorance.

Walmart's CEO won't commit to requiring masks in all stores — but says it's 'on our minds'The retail giant is currently only requiring masks — which have been proven to slow the spread of the coronavirus — in about 3,700 stores.

Masks, cameras, action! Film production restarts in CaliforniaFilming crews are beginning to tentatively return to set in California, after a hiatus forced on the industry by the coronavirus pandemic. Selective shutdown? I hope that the people who are working on sets, just quarantine for 14 days prior and have all their food brought in by contactless delivery. You failed to cite a source for your argument.

Quarantines or not, Americans descend on summer vacation spotsIn the New Mexico mountain resort of Red River, tourists from Texas stroll along Main Street, most disregarding Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham's orders they quarantine and wear masks. ¡Pero si son ellos los primeros que no llevan máscaras! Como siempre, la culpa la tiene el extranjero. El COVID nos va a volver más egoistas y racistas. Estando Trump al frente, no es de extrañar. From an immunologist in Bern Switzerland, and colleague of Anthony Fauci. Irresponsible