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Stacey Abrams 'disappointed' over All-Star Game's relocation from Georgia, but praises MLB

Stacey Abrams 'disappointed' over All-Star Game's relocation from Georgia, but praises MLB

4/3/2021 4:12:00 PM

Stacey Abrams 'disappointed' over All-Star Game's relocation from Georgia , but praises MLB

The activist said that Georgia lawmakers who passed the new voting law knew what economic risks passing it would lead to for the state.

Despite the league's decision to relocate the July 13 game from Atlanta, Abrams still praised the MLB's leadership for using its platform to speak out against the law."I am disappointed that the MLB is relocating the All-Star game; however I commend the players, owners and League commissioner for speaking out. I urge others in positions of leadership to do so as well. As I have stated, I respect boycotts, although I don't want to see Georgia families hurt by lost events and jobs. Georgians targeted by voter suppression will be hurt as opportunities go to other states. We should not abandon the victims of GOP malice and lies — we must stand together," she said.

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The statement continued with Abrams calling onto renounce the new laws as well as calling on local companies to speak out against them. She also called on leaders to support both the For The People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

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Mr met cmodowd Thank you MLB ThankYouMLB RemoveManfred How can someone go thru life being so mad about everything. That's a bad state of existence. What's worse is she lies about what's really in the law & the alt-left socialist liberal progressive Democrat media is too afraid to challenge her on it.

Newsweek is RUSSIA $$$$$$$$ Stay WOKE This is called mental paralysis .. Does it make sense ? Let’s move the MLB game away from the state that just elected 2 democratic senators 🤨🤨 Who is POTUS really hurting ? Meanwhile the Olympics are in China and I bet all these businesses will be sponsoring :/ hypocrisy irony

You'd think she'd attack Coke over her type 2 diabetes, but I guess election cheating is more important. She is the reason why it happened A powerful liar