St. Louis Couple Points Guns at Protesters Marching Outside Their Home

St. Louis Couple Points Guns at Protesters Marching Outside Their Home

6/29/2020 5:10:00 PM

St. Louis Couple Points Guns at Protesters Marching Outside Their Home

A St. Louis couple pulled guns on protesters marching by their luxurious home.

StoryfulA married couple in an upscale area of St. Louis came out of their home strapped and pointing guns at protesters ... while barefoot, mind you.The surreal scene went down Sunday evening in the Central West End neighborhood, as a crowd was marching to the home of Mayor

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Lyda Krewsonto demand her resignation for releasing names and addresses of citizens who want to defund the police.The couple, attorneysandPatricia McCloskey, apparently felt threatened by the protesters and stepped outside brandishing firearms -- Mark with a semi-automatic weapon and Patricia with a handgun. Seems it was a split-second decision because they didn't even put on shoes.

In the video, at least, all the peaceful protesters remained on the sidewalk ... not trespassing on the McCloskey's property.Fortunately ... the act of intimidation from the barefoot Bonnie and Clyde only led to verbal spats with some of the reported 300 protestors.

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Gun, singular NOT plural. She did. He didn't... FACT CHECK I think tmz needs to stick to celebrity drama 😂 Fake news Good for them! Once you put your feet on my property uninvited and you refuse to leave—the rules go out the window. The only safety that matters after that is mine and those legally on my property. I agree we need gun safety, but not before my safety.

For perspective. They weren't just merrily strolling along, minding their own business. They broke down the pedestrian gate and were confronted right away. Peaceful Protesting doesn’t involve destruction St Louis mayor defends property after looters / aggitatotrs broke gate and stormed private property

You know this isn’t true Good for them. Taking a stand before things get out of control. More like ‘intruders’ Inside their home glowsunnygirl Damage my property like that and you would see very similar results. They did nothing wrong in protecting their property. Very disappointed in the reporting by TMZ though. Used to think they had a finger on the truth. I guess I was wrong. My bad.

That title is misleading. They were marching 'pass' the home to the mayor's house. They were passing by. 😂🤣 I should be shocked, but I can’t even. The Media is part of the reason things are so F*****D up along with Michael Rapaport...………. The TRUTH is that these “protesters” broke into a gated community and threatened to kill these people, and their dog. Enough with the BS, Tell the whole story!

Lunatics!! WTF is wrong with these people 😖😖😖😖😖 tmz to me has always been the go too for facts to a certain degree. Other sites would say XYZ , while TMZ on the otherhand would be the site w/ the video of XYZ, but this,seriously. Shameful. Show the video of the gate being broken down into the gated community. Karenandken

When peaceful protesters like these make their way into breaking down the gated community gates of Hollywood's most famous actors & actresses that u stalk on a daily, what will your headlines read, then. Karenandken 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Marxists puppet masters controlling these idiots would love it for some Home Owner, like this guy, to start blasting the Useful Idiots.They would then be able to spark a hot Civil War to justify more martial law and tyranny. Straight out of their playbook.Destabilize/Demoralize

*trespassing and threatening them outside their home If there was ever a poster for gun control, this would be it. If there was ever a poster for how sad the state of America is in right now, this would be it. ashamedtobeanamerican Good for them. The crowd moved on job done. They never left THEIR porch

Wonder why. Movie Poster for the film SuperflyWhitey God Bless them Couple protects their private property from law breakers. But don't let facts get in the way of a narrative...or something. how many times you gonna repost this 😂 the white couple was no where near in the wrong, fuck the “peaceful” (not really peaceful they broke into private property) protesters

America you are insane I wonder if they will get charged if they sidewalks are public Why doesn’t this say protesters break into a gated community and threaten family..... that would actually be the truth Scarface 2 looks like shit couple protects them selves from rioters who busted their gates and entered their property, corrected it for u

Good. Fuck them for stepping onto their property. Why this look like it could be a movie scene 😂 Two lawyers who are registered Democrats and BLM supporters defend their own property after an angry mob broke into private neighborhood. That's the correct headline! Pieces of trash should be charged with assault

Marching!? lol trespassing- TMZ support BLM and criminals could say they are one and the same type of mind Too bad they didn't spray them So.. Is this a crime?maybe we should all get guns and stand outside our homes as well.... Let me correct it for you 'Homeowners point guns at protesters who passed their gate and walked onto their private property.'

Yuppie racists... Got to take out the toys once in a while! Tell the whole story Can you blame them?! Fucking heathens! The world has gone mad! That is a huge rifle not just a gun! Who owns guns like that in suburbia? Wack jobs that's who! If I lived in a gated community& protesters broke down the entrance &trespassed in my neighborhood, I’d protect my family& home too. Those protesters don’t all know each other. It only takes one person to cause violence. Protesters broke the law by trespassing on private property

Live by it, Die by it. They’re awesome and the cowardly left showed their colours They look stupid cancel them. If they were so scared why didn’t they just stay in the house. Well protesters were in a private gated neighborhood on these peoples lawns yelling EAT THE RICH and that’s worth protecting your territory. Gangs do it.

DONT TRY. THIS. IF YUH. HAVE. MELANINED. SKIN. HUH DIFFERENT STROKES. FUH. DIFFERENT FOLK YUH. FUHGET. T H E. MOST. IMPORTANT. SNIPPET W H I T E. COUPLE. POINTING. GUNS He’s a little guy with Napoleon syndrome... bless his heart Love this video Staged for public consumption.... How come TMZ always post old news? Catch up TMZ 🙄

They broke through the gate and private property... but I do think showing the guns is a little much ANDDD FINGER OFF THE TRIGER UNTIL READY TOO SHOOT... but yes a little much Looks like the protester has semi automatic weapon. Did you miss that TMZ? I will defend my property and family!!! The left thinks they are the devil but the funny thing is....They are Democrats

All bad Seen video they were not peaceful protesters U need to tell the truth Ameicam knows what it is iamdrichardson hi mom and dad! If you’re going to report it get it right they were coming on his property he was protecting his property Its amazing people in the thread ignoring the crime committed trying to make the couple in the gated community seem like the issue. Lol

These are NOT 'protesters.' They are terrorists! Yeah but with the story leaves out is when those protesters entered private property they’re protecting their homes Open carry state, and they didn’t get robbed LockEmUp What you don’t show is they went thru the private gate to their house on to their property..they physically had to open the gate and walk on to the property..why don’t you show that!

ANTIFA, looters, communists, poor people, non-whites, titty fuckers and Rap listening teenagers could have been at large!!! This is disgusting! Why?!!!! Hell yes! This is an awesome couple! They deserve a medal! If more did this buildings wouldn’t have been torched. Plus, this lawyer is representing a black man suing cops.

Couldn't you just shoot them I mean they are pointing a gun at me and I have no weapon pointed at them I feel threatened I'd get to bustin at these ppl wtf Bonnie and Clyde really let themselves go. They should be arrested Meanwhile, politicians homes are being protected by armed guards . Only if some one come in to home .then they see more then two.and some dogs too.

Good We are allowed to protect ourselves and our property. Good for them I would of fired a couple rounds the true thugs always look like this. cant wait to kill. its deep in their nature. straight savages They just borrowed those guns off their landscapers Tell the whole truth, Aaand you’ve just been photoshopped 🤘💋🤘

I don’t fault them one bit, violence is rampant and people are scared If 'little dick energy' was a person. He pointed the gun at her as he obviously has no clue about firearms. Wonder how many black clients they have *Trespasers* investigate them, if they are DNC, let them go with a warning. If they support GOP, charge them and put them in jail! No bail! They harassed those peaceful protesters on their way to speak and report the damaged gate to the Home Owners Association No good deed goes unpunished

Gated home.. Which the ”Peaceful” protestors ripped down 🙄 Good for them what were they doing on private property? Did someone actually give them authorization to break down those gates? Put these scumbags behind bars I love this!!! And Bet white people would complain if this was a black couple or if people on the sidewalk pointed guns at them.

Shoot Dem pieces of sh*t Love it! Lock & load I’m protecting my home. Didn't you guys PROMOTE this story just yesterday? It's their right, protect your home and family Good for these folks! Shit like this is why I own guns! P.S.- Academy Sports has the best selection and cheap ammo 😎🇺🇸 Good for them Probably because there protecting there house and protecting themselves, the guy with the AR-15 has the safety on and has his finger away from the trigger. I have no problem with this all.

Funniest I've seen Did I read that their gate was ripped down and that’s why they came out? Still so excessive to be pointing a gun at people. Go to a hunter’s safety course and learn before you purchase. She be a mandate. Someone needs to teach her better gun discipline, you never put your finger on the trigger until youre ready to fire...

Instagram vs. reality. Given the vast coverage of rioting, destructive, aggressive acts of terrorism by said peaceful protestors recently, why would anyone trust them to stay peaceful &not to demolish &burn their property? If their use of forceful protection scares the protestors, good, play nice. Assault with firearms! That is a crime! Gun laws should be stricter! Ken and Karen should not be a gun owners! Under the Trump leadership, this country is so torn apart. Shame!

This is a private road behind security gates you have no right in there unless you live there if you cross the gate that's trespassing we have seen protesters get out of control protesting protect your property but of course it doesn't apply to you keep out It’s ok to pull assault rifles against people walking past your home....😳🤔😡

Protestors destroyed the community gate? I have a hard time believing protestors would do that... TRUMPiCANS 🇺🇸 Good trespassing is against the law. BTW these protesters are not peaceful and US citizens are fully within their rights to protect themselves and their property. Theres NOTHING WRONG for protecting your home which you WORK for, but they shouldn't have pointed there gun, it's not a TOY they should just WARN them, and even then they shouldn't kill anyone, ONLY if there under deadly threat.

Totally Love This !!! Jail Stripes look good on her! There’s your chance to shoot your wife in the back! Haven’t they been arrested yet?! St Louis couple protects house from thugs This is what happens when you watch Dem Media Private property. Private community. They have all the right in the world to protect their PRIVATE community. Another bullshit agenda to try and please

They are protecting themselves from violent Neomarxist, which have been looting, murdering, and spreading COVID-19... All throughout the USA. I don't blame them. All individuals should protect themselves from the violent mob. This is nothing new for St. Louis. We had a homeowner point a gun at us in 1970 as we drove past their home one night. STL has anger management and paranoia issues!

Only TMZ could make criminals the victims! No one's buying it. It's actually insulting to their viewers. They have eye balls lol! Morons! Good one TMZ get the damn facts straight! Marxists broke into the gated area and was threatening their lives & homes W T Report the truth, the “protesters” broke down their gate and was on their property....

This is the gate into the community, at least what's left of it... looks folks 3rd world Mental Americans GREAT JOB, PATRIOTS.. WAY TO PROTECT. IF THE CROOKED POLITICIANS REFUSE TO PROTECT AM SERVE....THEN I GUESS IT'S UP TO US....C'MON..!!! Not sure if Missouri has castle law but thankfully mine does and we’re sufficiently protected 🇺🇸

Thats a cute little gun Red flag laws! They pointed guns at children... Well they broke into a gated community so the protesters should have been arrested Those 'protesters' broke into their gated community and were trespassing. They had every right to defend themselves and their property. When 2nd Amendment meets 1st Amendment..

What’s the problem? They look absolutely ridiculous! I hope a bird shits on them! Let’s not twist the story . “Peaceful Protestors” broke the gate and trespassed on PRIVATE property. This couple had every bit of their 2nd amendment right to do what they did. of course we’re letting trespassing on private property slide cause white ppl had the gun 😎😎

This So this happened in St.Louis this weekend too. Catholics & Elderly brutally attacked with weapons praying at Catholic monument BLM hates because St. Louis, the city name & his Statue are RACIST! .. For breaking into their private property! Makes sense! PEACEFUL BLM BTW Her finger was on the trigger

I love it! Didn't see anyone smashing their windows. Good. What a country you guys have there.... Buttugly and Clod. Karen: Say hello to my little friend. Oh, and my little gun too. 🥴 Correction: Point guns at *themselves*. Pulp Fiction Part III the return of HoneyBunny and Pumpkin Americans have lost their minds, moral ethics and human decency. God help us all !

*after protestors broke into a private gated community* 2A I’m all for protecting your home but these people must’ve missed their gun safety classes. Fingers on the trigger. Pointing them directly at people and each other? This is bad news waiting to happen. 🥴 The MF protesters broke into a private road. Report the true story numb nuts!

Protesters or rioters? If you watch the video, he never really points the gun at them. Fake news? RACISM White people Oh what smart people what good Christian stupid Karen and her husband Mark or Brad! They sure do look tough don't they, LOL, you can tell 5 min before they went outside they googled 'how to hold a gun'

Sad 😢 Fucken rights The video shows the group prying open a gate and walking onto private property. Good for them! America it's a wild country, crazy people with guns. Whose more insane who buys or who sells... Does that dude really need an adult rifle? Like holy hell! Not peaceful protestors they went into gated community no permission

Protecting you family and property is not a crime They were protecting a historic home that they had restored. Good for them. Not well educated on gun safety as he’s pointed a “loaded” gun at his wife!!🙄 Also, these people were minding their own business when a group of vocal yelling protestors entered their private neighborhood. They weren’t looking for trouble but the other side was. Intimidation in not the way to get things done

This is actually a pretty funny picture 😂 they do not look threatening at all, but then I am reminded of the purge movie ha Misleading headline from trash mag zoo Red Flag laws now! All y’all screaming Race this and that! Bro show up to my house deep like that IDC who y’all is Upping my strap too! ...Is anyone gonna talk about how strangely they're holding their guns? 😂

This really isn't anything new in St. Louis. We had a homeowner pull a gun on us in 1970 as we drove by their house in Bellefontaine Neighborhood. That's my STL! TMZ are such losers. They take a story and try and make it look worse. The protestors broke down the gate They turning into a meme as we speak

Really for protecting themselves those protesters broke down a gate it’s a private community we have the right to protect ourselves they didn’t search those protesters out they went to them so who was the one looking or trouble !? Idk how many times he pointed that gun at her lol and she needs to take her booger hook off the bang switch before she 'accidentally' kills someone.

About time ! This is a gated community they broke in and busted a gate people have the right to protect themselves and there belongings Americans will not be the victims ! Careful what you wish for what you think was gonna happen good for them ! I heard the are Attorneys too... 🙄 Look how they hold the guns...losers

Crazy times! Good people start protecting themselves from the jealous communists WHY THOUGH. Bonnie and Clyde. Arrest them. Defund some shells in yo ass. NEED MORE OF THIS. Good for them! Come for our home, we will come for you! Enough!! ARREST THEM. Who’s the man and who’s the woman in this photo? I would have done the same thing. I’m not racist and I would never point a gun at someone unless they were threatening my life or my families life and my property and belongings. I worked too hard for the stuff I own just for someone to destroy it.

They Gun License Should B tooking Were R the Police Protect N Serve🤔💯 Look how they are holding their guns? They're going to kill themselves 🤦🏾‍♂️🤬 I don’t bother anyone. Mind my own business...bring that mess to the burbs, ya better come heavy. Their right to protect their property but they need some classes on how to handle weapons properly.

👍👍👍👍👍👍 A bit of an overreaction but nothing surprises me Rioters that broke into a gated community looking to burn it to the ground after stealing what they can carry* They went through private security checkpoints. They have a right to protect their home. Show the full video. These boomers in these comments have gone wild 😭😭😭

Trump supporters are big sucks When do Americans will realize that guns should not be authorized ! More guns more killing right ?! Mathematical 🙄🙄 how is it possible for cops to maintain order when they have to face simple people with guns !!!! ' marching' and threatening to kill them and their dog..

Absolutely vile vile people!! Crazy people! Fuck the “gated communities”, comments. That should be step one on finding common ground and equality. Get rid of these gated communities. I guarantee majority of the people defending these clowns, also complain about the tax breaks they constantly get. EXCELLENT! Good for them, they have a rite to protect their property.

TMZ is such a joke. Harvey hates cops. I think he hates white peope too. I live in St. Louis and these are gated houses because it is an upscale neighborhood near a high crime area. Because they are both lawyers, I’m sure they were within their legal rights It’s always the ugly ones 😂 If these 2 were black the SWAT team would be there in minutes.

Everyone who comments is a racist Good for them! Protesters don’t break into private property. Protect your home and your family! The worlds gone mad I see a lot of “so-called” gun rights folks don’t know the laws. Brandishing is illegal and you can just shoot someone on your property.. you must be in reason fear of death or serious injury.

Apparantly guns matter too This is the least threatening guy ever. Dude looks like he shouldn't even be holding the gun They went through a private gate. They were marching on private property. Just like someone coming into your backyard. That’s a house? “St. Louis couple is prepared to defend home from trespassing mob” - There fixed it for ya

😳 OMG 😱... Karen has a husband! She’s wearing unflattering prison strips! He looks like the CEO of Butt scratchers and he’s a client! They love COS play as Bonnie and Clyde! 😲 IDIOTS! 😝 I can tell by the way they hold them they're not proficient Protect your shit! Home owners protect their property from looters

So what This isn't ok but the freaks that are armed outside of CHOP in Seattle is ok GTFOH If they didn’t get arrested what was was the point of showing this? What to show us how much shit white people get away with? Property Owners vs. A bunch of losers. I bet they were under a threat of some sort but leave it up to TMZ to propagate hate. This company is a joke.

The purge 2020 coming soon to theaters Should be in jail Good for them!! Sad but that's what we need to do in a climate like we are in today!! Our Governor’s & Senator’s should think on that!!!! She said amerikkka roaz3r What a cesspit! Libtards trying to make these guys as bad guys. They’re literally protecting their home 🤦🏻‍♂️ CompoundBoss

I see two ppl fed up.Pointing firearms in the right direction. looks like it's the first time they've ever held those guns THESNELLS OZARKS THIS is what happens when you go into a gated community that says RESIDENTS ONLY. Didn't you guys just promote a story of s guy with a shotgun standing outside a Wendy's?

Headline should mention “Two St. Louis lawyers points guns”... 100% support this couple. It's time we stand up and clean out the gutter trash They look like they met in the nurses office at school after both being bullied minutes prior 😂😂😂😂 Can’t say that I blame them. Liberals want anarchy and no police? You got it!

Lol, they did the opposite of trying to get rid of guns, now everyone is out there buying guns!!! Lmao 😂 Great Job protesters!!! Peep the need to compensate, Karen with the mini pop gun to feel petite, Ken showing size envy 😎 I have no problem with people protecting their property from Thugs. I applaud them even though they're democrats.

Tell the entire store. “Peaceful” protesters went through a gated area that was clearly marked private property. Good 😳 This looks like a clip from The Purge They have every right to do so in a 'private' neighborhood! If you come marching through my neighborhood and infringing on our rights, there will be white - black - and latino people pulling out their weapons to 'defend' the properties we all own!

Wow, ridiculous 'Natural Born Complainers' You think they’re scary now, wait until the gyms reopen. The media love missing out key parts of the headline to misinform readers simply to get clicks huh? Someone needs to put this pic on a movie sized poster. Best seller So they would risk accidentally killing someone and loosing everything instead of just calling the police or if this is a gated community security?

Trump ushered in crazy like no other! And? I’m ok with that! They are not the bad guys, thats just what tmz and all the fake news wants us to believe..... im not believing any of this massive bullshit Guess what... the rioters didn’t touch their house. They are protecting what they earned and I couldn’t be happier about it. Thank god for the 2nd amendment. Trump2020landslide

Good for them FAKE NEWS ONCE AGAIN..... they did trespass into the gates community so they where protecting themselves..... they did the right thing, what do you expect them to do, wave and say hi? The rioters broke down an iron fence and entered their property. Protesters were trespassing. TMZ clearly doesn't have any real journalist working for them.

Handsome couple lol Yeah. It's about time. This is what we need to do to protect ourselves, and our property. More people need to do this. These people cannot be trusted. You will NOT destroy our neighborhoods. Be warned and stay out. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Wow the US is a mess. Keeping the world entertained, that’s for sure!

Idk 🤔 I live in a private community and if I brandished an assault rifle and handgun I’d have been killed by police. Oh, I forgot, I’m black. Scratch that. Here is your protesters that broke down a gate. onlyinamerica If I was in that protest crowd and as soon as I would of saw ol boy with this rifle I would of TORE his crib up

Pulp Fiction Part III. HoneyBunny Lives!!! If black people did this they’d be arrested so quick That dude been watching too many 80s action movies. Holding that AR like that. Poor trigger safety too. He needs to learn how to properly handle it. Glad these yahoos aren't my neighbors. 'Get off my lawn!' Why TMZ don’t say “people defending their houses from protesters” instead of “couple points guns at protesters”.

A black couple could never 🙀 Where is Harvey Levin? Is he afraid of the mob? Why you lying tmz what did you think was gonna happen? Marching after breaking through a gate and entering private property Private property. These 2 wouldn’t last long in a real gun battle. They forgot to take self defense lessons from the RoofTopKoreans . ThePurge

They are standing on their own property and they have a mob outside that broke down a guard gate and marched toward their home. I support the homeowners. Every man and women have the right to protect themselves and their property. And the man never pointed his gun. The woman appeared to be point the hand gun up well above anyone

coz there r too many white and black criminals🤣🤣 She bigger than him 😂😂 Oh honey, horizontal stripes. No baby No. And you Sir with your tucked in pinky peach polo top and brown belt. Oh babes. If they come to destroy and kill u if the have chance why u can’t defend So black ppl are allowed to kill destroy steal

TMZ again with your fake headline the protesters broke into their private property and harassed them and threaten them they have every right to point guns at those SOB's Real story. Mob of rioters invading private property are confronted by American citizens protecting their home. The media is the enemy of the people.

Can people legally shoot them for aiming a gun at them? Like for real asking, would it be lawful? You left out the part where the protesters were chanting “kill the police” while they broke through a private gate onto private property I've yet to see a poor lawyer in America. Personal injury must be big business for a mansion that size.

His wife should be holding the AR, give little man the pistol hun.😂😂😂😂 3rd world white people Where are the arrest? In a gated community. Report news accurately. Ken and Karen I believe it was a gated private street. Protestors were trespassing. I would do the same thing with the way some of those “protestors” act

Excellent!!!! Homeowners point guns and protesters that broke into a gated community and are trespassing. Why would protesters go through a neighborhood? To intimidate? They made the first move, they’ve been violent all over the country of, so of course people will do what they can to protect themselves and their property.

Ion care tbh as long as the crackers don’t shoot cause they don’t look like they gonna tbh And they should be arrested for threatening with a firearm also they need to have their guns taken away...period That might be the least intimidating human with a gun I have ever seen. I would smack the glasses right off that dudes face and he would apologize to me.

Who the hell wears a pink shirt....tucked in at home? How TF is she holding a loaded gun like a cup of tea outside the Louvre 🤷‍♂️🤦 I didn't know The Purge got a reality show Someone should of told them never pull ya gun if you ain’t finna use it Good She pegs him at night....yep I said it Y'all aren't a reliable news source. Y'all claimed Kim Jun Un was dead yet he's alive.

LMFAOOOOO Karen and Mike at it again 🙄 Are they aware there are amendment rights BESIDES the 2nd? Should be a good enough warning 💙🖤 Trespassing has consequences..... Don’t blame them one bit. Don’t step on THEIR property and no one will have a problem. Nothing is gonna happened to them nothing at all New flash: if you “defund” the police, this is how people will protect themselves. Isn’t that kind of what everyone was protesting to do? “ Defund the police”. Now you don’t like it when people defund themselves? Give. Me. A. Break. defundthedummies

When did stuff, even nice stuff become more important than human life, empathy, kindness, understanding, really sad state of affairs, Goobers. Gotta love the ambulance chasers. They are real beacons of light. Exhibit A, why people hate americans... I would too if I lived in a community where they broke down a fence to get in. I will protect what’s mind.

Nothing says armed and dangerous like a pink polo and khakis... John Wick take note 🤔 Ok and Wtf do you expect them to do when shot load of ppl are outside of your house That group of people was sure not the welcome wagon The protesters were literally on their property. Idk if these people are racist or not. Those protesters weren’t just black. They were white too and they walked past the couple’s gate and on to their property. People have a right to defend whats theirs.

Just a couple of Karens out Karening Damn Tony montana and Alvita lookin old. On private frickin property. Tell the truth! Streets, sidewalks & all privatized. They were trespassing. Ooh, I’m a scared, I’m a scared! She out there like This guys has seen Scarface too many times.... Was his side kick holding a cigarette or a gun?

Ken loves his woman and his guns to be bigger than him😂 What’s wrong with them protecting their property? Good!❤️ What the irrational, emotionally reactive people don’t understand is that they have a right to protect their home. Unless someone definitively knows where the property line is any argument is just speculative nonsense. But I’m willing to bet, they exercised their right lawfully.

Correction: residents of a PRIVATE GATED COMMUNITY confront trespassers. You should change your name to The National Enquirer Protesters marching is a hugh threat. America stop living in fear JimJaxMedia Man, Being Called a Racist came out quick! Lol They look real dumb Good for them.. they are protecting their property with their second amendment rights BLM!

Why does this looks like a scene from the Purge? oy such nonsense Gross display of firearm handling. There was no imminent threat. Good, love seeing this Hallelujah If a black couple did this the police would have shot them! Racism in America is the worst disease! Good for them, the protesters were trespassing in a gated community.

Bet they were not arrested. He definitely has a side chick 😂 Karen and Mr. Karen ok! 👏👏👏 Why do they look like they’re in “True Blood” I love this. Great Americans. Defend your property. Good! Americans are finally getting fed up with the looting and destruction! Heroes! Ya forget to mention how the “protestors” tore down the front gate of the community and threatened homeowners

Lads, i give you 'The Purge: Suburban Scarface' America used to be cool when this wasn’t frowned upon 'Tiny Montana' y’all realize this is how people will defend their property if we get rid of the police right 😂😂😂 this is what you wanted Bonnie & Clyde! 😂😂😂😂😂 Idk of anyone who’s scared of a guy in a pink polo with chino pants

Her base speaks for Mayor Lyda Krewson. The inflammatory leadership Lyda Krewson is unparalleled to any former mayor of city for the past 30 years. Unsafe gun owners and racists😡 Due to Covid-19 I will be cashapping anywhere between $100-$500 per person to whoever DMs me right now or likes/retweets this!!! I understand it’s hard right now everyone needs a blessing🤘🏽🗣🤑

I support the homeowners on this 1 Yall I think they switched guns 2A those 'peaceful' protesters should've been sent home in a body bag They wasn’t finna do shit dsuave1911 see Nope, this is a gated community the rioters broke down the gate and threatened them This isn’t even remotely close to what happened but ok....

Couple draw guns at crowd heading to St. Louis mayor's homeA white couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis, Missouri, as the group marched toward the mayor’s home, demanding her resignation Now if that was a black man he would be arrested Context needed, the so called protestors broke in to the gate it's not like they were just passing by Meanwhile, pointing the gun at this wife.

Couple draw guns at crowd heading to St. Louis mayor's homeA white couple pointed guns at protesters in St. Louis as the group marched toward the mayor’s home, demanding her resignation. after people trespassed onto their property* TiffanyDCross The guy is a weak nothing, but the wife is a real piece of work. I don't know who she thinks she is but it ain't some rich pig living in a gaudy mansion. TiffanyDCross Lock them up!

Couple draw guns at crowd heading to St. Louis mayor's homeA video shows an unidentified couple in St. Louis pointing guns at protesters who were marching to demand the mayor's resignation after she read the names and addresses of some residents who supported defunding the police during an online briefing. protesters earlier in the evening... Ken & Karen 😜

Calls for resignation mount after St. Louis mayor releases names of individuals calling for police reformHundreds of protesters marched to the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson Sunday night while chanting 'resign Lyda, take the cops with you,' according to CNN affiliate KMOV. I am a rapper i need $500 to launch my albums and songs Individualism no longer works in a large society interdependent for employment consumer trade health and security. Frontier self reliance days are over they ended with Fords first assemlly line The situation in Yemen has been dubbed the world’s worst humanitarian crisis by the U.N. Yemen SpeakingOut YemenCrisis YemeniLivesMatter

St. Louis mayor slammed for broadcasting names, addresses of 'defund the police' supportersThe mayor of St. Louis is facing backlash for reading aloud during a public briefing the full names and street addresses of protesters who are calling on the city to defund the police department. good.... hey they want their voices heard. This bitch was calling on the red hats to murder protesters. Put her in jail. Wow,get her gone.

New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral is about to celebrate its first public Mass since MarchNew York City's St. Patrick's Cathedral on Sunday will celebrate its first public Mass since March, when it stopped in-person attendance during the coronavirus pandemic. Don’t worry. ThatBloke_Jesus will protect everyone. Nice...keep it up murica why this RUSH to reopen places? Like... haven't you learned at all