Spice Beauty’s Bath Oil Transformed My Dry And Prune-y Skin

Self care nights just got an upgrade.

9/22/2021 9:32:00 AM

Self care nights just got an upgrade.

Self care nights just got an upgrade.

It has sensitive skin-friendly, high-quality ingredients.Tons of body products (even ones with clean formulas!) can leave my skin red and irritated, but I didn't have that issue with this at all. The oil blend isn't just packed with nourishing ingredients like almond oil, rose oil, CBD oil, and vitamin E—Sandoval also put in a ton of work to make sure she was sourcing only the best.

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"As a Mexican immigrant, I lacked the connections many others had access to when starting their business," she says."I didn’t have anyone I could look up to who was doing the same thing I was. I had to educate myself from the ground up to make sure I was sourcing and manufacturing the highest quality ingredients."

Yes, it's packed with a long list of incredible oils, but it's also free of a lot of ingredients that can cause irritation, like sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, preservatives, pesticides, and more.It's super hydrating. headtopics.com

Is it just me who gets super pruned skin after just like two minutes of bathing? That's a thing of the past now, thanks to this oil. I usually feel the need to over-compensate for an hour of sitting in hot water with lots of hydrating body products, but I don't feel that at

allwith this. I do still use a moisturizer (or this oil!) right after, but it's more out of desire than necessity now.It's a multi-use product.I've been using this while traveling, and it's been a holy grail head-to-toe product for me that really helped me pack light."I believe we should treat our bodies like we treat our face," says Sandoval."The B&B Oil does just that as a dual purpose relaxing and soothing oil. It's perfect for whole-body relief."

Beyond the bath,I'll also use it as my moisturizer after I shower, a way to soften my skin before I shave, as a pre-bedtime skin treat, and I'll even put a couple of drops on my hair to tame frizz. Plus, because this has rose and sweet almond oil in it, the light fragrance is a great way to supplement perfume, too.

Whether you're a minimalist, bath lover, or avid traveler, Spice Beauty's CBD oil is absolutely must-try.Neha TandonNeha Tandon is the E-Commerce Editor of Women's Health—she's an expert in discovering the best products you can buy and giving recommendations. headtopics.com

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