SpaceX Unmanned Test Rocket Explodes on Launch Pad

SpaceX's unmanned test rocket exploded in Texas.

5/30/2020 12:34:00 AM

SpaceX Unmanned Test Rocket Explodes on Launch Pad

SpaceX's unmanned test rocket exploded in Texas.

is having a rough week -- one of his SpaceX rockets ignited into a massive ball of fire Friday, and yet ... there's still some good news.The company's 4th prototype of its Starship rocket was fueled up on a south Texas launchpad when it burst into flames. You can hear SpaceX engineers discussing something about a possible methane leak, though it's unclear if that was from the rocket or something nearby the pad.

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Either way ... something lit Elon's baby on fire. Luckily, the test was unmanned -- unlike the Crew Dragon spacecraft, they hope to send into orbit on Saturday from Cape Canaveral.As you know, Thursday'sdue to crappy weather in Florida. Right now, the launch still only has a 50/50 shot of going off as scheduled. It rains a lot in FL and could get pushed to Sunday.

Play video contentPOSTPONED LAUNCHNASAAs for the Starship rocket ... SpaceX hopes that will eventually be able to carry large numbers of space tourists -- up to 100 at a time -- into space, and eventually to Mars. Read more: TMZ »

NASA rn Tuffff And we really want to go to Mars 😐 Uh-hum you’ll notice this took place in Texas not Florida. Interesting. This is .., I guess you could say it happens frequently to both nasa and SpaceX while static firing rockets. It happens more than you know So now we gonna have to wait AGAIN for the next rocket launch or is it still happening today?

It's the pipes and liquid and gas elements in the whole system. Innovate a solid propellant and all electric system (no hydraulic- another gas or liquid element). Control flow w/ burst of solid fuel & oxidizer like a powder coater. elonmusk SpaceX NASA Billion dollar firecracker... Perfect timing for that to happen

My son, zerblat67$vv, will fix. Another success! Wait for it🚶🏻 It is a sign to stop wasting fossil fuel for space tourists. Perfect, Anything that involves trump explodes👀 🥵 Oh no! elonmusk SpaceX Nice to criticize it when we never going to get close to being SpaceX Why is there a flare so close to the launch pad

LMFAO Elon sucks! 🤣 its an elon musk venture so are we surprised? I wouldnt risk my life in any of his products. Why was Trump not on it Of course it did. Pheeeew thought it was a riot Ahhh DUUUUUUH!!!! That was all publicity!!! Good. I'm sure THAT'S giving some pause to the astronauts getting ready to launch this afternoon.

Fake news. This is actually a photo of Minneapolis last night. A fitting visual for the week. Wow Trash “journalism” at its best. Congratulations! *uncrewed, dio cane Ynz10 This isn't related to the proven Falcon 9 rockets SpaceX uses for Crew & Cargo Dragon mission. SN4 was a brand new type of experimental rocket design with a brand new type of engine. It was on a TEST PAD, tied down for an engine test. The drama queen who wrote this piece, knows

Launch pad tt78 This is a bad use of titles. This is misinformation. Well shit! What a pathetic attempt to draw readers! 🖕you TMZ Good NighJamie It’s really it’s over NASASpaceflight everyone in the replies that bashing SpaceX doesnt know anything about what their talking about 👀 Welp We we need to go up there anyway

Glad it was a test. They got some things to fix Ruh roh Prototype !!!!!! apollozac Should this happen like we can’t get proper tech that don’t break 😳😳 JHoby35 Wow All in all... Stolen video TEST rocket NASASpaceflight Typical of them not given all the information. I thought the astronauts were launching from Houston? Not Florida? Or did I read this wrong 🤔

Holy shit, KFCBarstool got his wish. Thieves and vultures 😱 You guys stole Nasa Space flights video with out asking them. Second this was a prototype and failures where'nt out of the question. This is an early design and has nothing to do with the Falcon 9. wcsek Hahahahahhaha Sure just use NASAspaceflight's video without giving credit or their youtube video...

This is utter garbage. Lol TheRealMukz How about you credit NSF?! You don't have permission to do this - this is stealing from the folks actually broadcasting this Did you steal this footage? 🤔 Stolen video 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 oof-.... Just a reminder that we supposedly landed humans on the moon multiple times with 1960’s technology. 🤔

Fuck musk UnitedHuncho That could've been someone's Dad/Mom LMFAO! Looks like Trump and his select administration will not be escaping this earth during the pandemic after all! Back to the Russian Soyuz we go. HOLY S🤪T God saved the astronaut by delaying launch ... Can I get a Discount on my Trip to Mars now

That's what prototypes are for. Elon... Fake program anyways ... It was weather now this? Timing is everything. timestamp Bet the astronauts are relieved the last launch was cancelled 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞 That went well SpaceL

SpaceX prototype Starship rocket explodes after test in TexasA fourth prototype of SpaceX's next-generation Starship rocket exploded on Friday after a test at the company's development facility in Texas. Engendering great confidence at Pad 39A Here's to tomorrow Oops.

SpaceX rocket launch is at a '50% go' for Saturday due to more bad weatherThe weather may once again not cooperate Saturday afternoon for the rescheduled launch of a SpaceX rocket with two NASA astronauts on board, forecasters say. Let me guess......Trumps fault? Do you know why was georg floyd arrested and murdered Is it really the right time to be using our country space program as a posturing tool to promote a corrupt presidential ego

Why a SpaceX rocket launch of astronauts can't wait out bad weather - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. It says page not found Safety First! Always!... Well done SpaceX/NASA et al!👏🏻

Mostly Maskless Trump Family Heads to Florida for SpaceX Rocket Launch Scrubbed Due to WeatherPresident Donald Trump and his family mostly decided not to wear protective face masks while visiting the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday Mostly Maskless? Morons There are so many odd things here. First why won’t the President bring his youngest son to see such a historic event? Also it show that Ivanna Trump is the only one with a brain, good for her.

SpaceX, Hong Kong, Larry Kramer: Your Wednesday Evening BriefingEvening Briefing: Here's what you need to know at the end of the day Fantastic

NASA's SpaceX launch scrubbed due to weather, next chance on Saturday'We had just simply too much electricity in the atmosphere...We made the right decision.' NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine delivers remarks after today's launch was delayed due to weather. NASA Should have something with an omh to move the particles away NASA Well the bad luck charm known as realDonaldTrump was there. So there you go. Scrub it for another day! It’s safer that way. NewsLive NatGeoChannel amidst a pandemic