Tech, Spacex Lands Mars Rocket Prototype For The First Time - Cnn

Tech, Spacex Lands Mars Rocket Prototype For The First Time - Cnn

SpaceX lands Mars rocket prototype for the first time

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5/6/2021 2:43:00 AM

SpaceX just launched another test flight of an early Mars rocket prototype, sending it soaring to about six miles above Earth, then putting it through a series of aerial acrobatics before re-lighting its engines and landing it upright back on a landing pad

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The vehicle, called SN15, was the fifth of SpaceX's rocket prototypes to attempt such a landing and the first to do so successfully. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk confirmed the successful landing on Twitter:Starship landing nominal! Read more: CNN »

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SpaceX successfully lands its futuristic Starship for first timeSpaceX has finally launched and successfully landed its futuristic Starship They parked a 15 story building, coming from the sky... smoothly 👏👏👏

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China lands a rover on Mars, state media saysChina has successfully landed its rover on Mars, according to state media, becoming the second country in history to have a rover on the red planet. Proof? Can you for once be a proper newspaper and put some REAL effort on covering GazzaUnderAttack ? mars doesn't exist, everyone knows space is flat!

China's Zhurong rover successfully lands on MarsChina’s first Mars landing follows its launch last month of the main section of what will be a permanent space station and a mission that brought back rocks from the moon late last year.

China Lands on Mars in Crowning Moment for Space ProgramThe success of the Tianwen-1 mission makes China the third nation after the U.S. and Soviet Union to land on the red planet. “Soviet Union”? Did they land in in 1985? FakeNews as always India's richest person from 2005 to 2021 in INR

China lands on Mars in latest advance for its space programBEIJING (AP) — China has landed a spacecraft on Mars for the first time in the latest advance for its space program. The official Xinhua News Agency said Saturday that the lander had touched down, citing the China National Space Administration. 😏 I cant say how much I hope it fails miserably. Maybe a computer “virus” will take it out. Second place = first loser. If you're not first you're last.