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5/27/2020 11:18:00 PM

BREAKING: Bad weather postpones first launch of NASA astronauts from Florida in nine years. Next attempt is Saturday.

News from The Associated Press, the definitive source for independent journalism from every corner of the globe.

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BB Morning_Joe Don’t know if u guys are aware of this yet, but take a gander at the despicable thing happening in Pennsylvania! This is how low Republicans will stoop, just to get what they want! We must vote them out of power, until they can get their shit together! SethAbramson Any NASA people in here know why they continue to launch from Florida, also known as the annual thunderstorm capitol of the country, instead of Arizona or New Mexico where they get next to no rain and already test missiles and whatnot?

Morning_Joe We have Zjim Jones in the White House .FTFonFS1 realDonaldTrump UncleJimmySFY MaxBoot RepMaxineWaters ETTD Apparently it was solar weather. KTLA Trump will blame Obama. Thanks realDonaldTrump Next time NASA should not invite that horrible man. The weather was perfect until he arrived. A clear message from the American gods.

Trump is bad luck Trump will regulate the weather because it's against conservatives. Lmao 😂🤣😂🤣 SethAbramson Born postWW2, rocketry and space travel were engaging topics of imagination and learning. 7 yrs old when Alan Shepherd went into space. Launches are still exciting. Must have been the 'red pill' Elon Musk took.

SethAbramson Trump was present. As ALWAYS chasing a photo-op instead of doing actual job of POTUS. US does have a little global pandemic issue killing 100K, 1.7M infected, 40M unemployed. Yet, no Trump plan: - NO nat'l testing - NO contract testing - NO isolation quarantine protocol NO PLAN! To own the Libs...or some logic like that....

SethAbramson TraitorTrump had to fly by on Air Force One bringing bad negative energy/weather with him. This monster is anti-science he doesn’t belong anywhere near the launch this Sat. Go play miniature golf with your tiny hands. TrumpDeathToll100K KTLA Morning_Joe I saw this episode on StarTrek

SYSTEMIC RACISM.... THIS SHOULD BE ON THE NEWS!! I do hope they’ll be socially distancing themselves in that capsule 😏 COVID__19 SocialDistancing Hurley_Boy99 Bit anti-climactic big man :// Morning_Joe Somebody showed up huh? Should’ve stayed in D.C. Ya off 3 saattir bekliyoruz And it looks like a 50% chance of afternoon showers on Saturday. Why is the launch set for the afternoon in Florida this time of the year?

SethAbramson I should be excited but I’m sick of musk 2020 for you What a unquestionable waste of time and money, while people all over the world are suffering ETTD Trump soon to tweet about Mother Nature being a skank. KTLA Mother Nature just keeps sticking it to us If dumpy weren’t there.... Trump fucks up everything.

Very disappointing. Launch window compromised by weather condition. Scrubbing, which is effectively reverse of launch sequence underway. This will all be repeated on Saturday. Not scrubbing though if all goes well They shouldn't let Trump near Florida next Saturday. Anybody checked with trump, sure things can be corrected with a sharpie!

Oh great, the President can now get in a round of golf or accuse someone of murder or threaten Twitter or if he's really in a good mood, verbally attack some female reporter or some handicapped one or he could applaud the police for banging suspects heads, whatever he feels like. The launch of a SpaceX rocket ship with two NASA astronauts was called off with 16 minutes to go because of the danger of lightning.

Trump is probably bored already with this whole thing...he will probably tweet some ObamaGate tweets again SethAbramson obamaweathergate SaraDonchey That sucks but that’s ok because I’ll be able to watch it. Thank you for keeping us up to date. Obama's fault. Go SpaceX! SethAbramson Don't invite Trump next time.

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AwwwTrump's big rocket parade is a bust. Will Trump try and get in 9 holes? Trump must be having an epic meltdown right now. I say Saturday they switch out one of the astronauts with Trump and leave his ignorant a$$ up there. HealthScience Sad face! Trump showed up and then its scrubbed! Wimps. Safety 1st To be expected with this administration

There are more pressing matters that need our attention icantbreathe RIPGeorgeFloyd Now will have to buy a whole new set of launch clothes for Ivanka Mission aborted due to weather. Just 18 mins to historic launch. Lol ok Oregonian Why aren’t you reporting on the Chemical Spray! Too many know it’s factual, so don’t pull the Conspiracy Card BS. If you really cared. You would break this environmental hazard wide open. Silence is Consenting to Evil

elonmusk should move states, if Florida does not keep her skies open. SpaceX Poor Pres wasn’t he going there ? Must be because POTUS arrived on site. Brings a dark cloud to everything. how is it possible that they can build rockets but not check the weather app? West Coast has better weather. KTLA Why do we build a launch pad in a location that is always subject to weather issues

Boooooo Waiting on the tweet from 45 blaming God for the weather. White evangelicals will rejoice! Better to be safe. Hope they can try again Saturday! GenderX fails in launching astronautes with out American patchess from American soil in to that spacey area above us. This is what happens when Obama illegaly spies on the Trump campaign!

Just ANOTHER thing that Trump gets near and suddenly turns to shit. Whatever. Mother Nature once again is telling you something stop polluting the skies Shari Weather I cant believe they scrubbed it 😭 The Palestinian photojournalist Iyad Hamad was dismissed from his work at the Associated Press following a complaint by the Palestinian Police, becuse of his rejection of their violations against journalists. shame on you!

Am I the only one who read it as Breaking Bad: weather postpones first launch...? 😂 lawanda50 I blame Obama,🙄, Hillary, and Al Gore. Thanks Trump. 😡 Damnit 😎✌ I feel relieved! SpaceX Everything Trump Touches Dies ETTD .cc TheRickWilson 10 years Trump brought his bad luck 😂😂 Trumps Fault Oh come on! They need to be tougher! Be brave! Just launch!

2020 sucks! Great let’s spend billions to explore space again while everyone is hungry and out of work 👌🏽 Cancel cancel culture. JessicaChasmar Better get the Allen wrench out to open that door weird how Elon follows science for once Damn it Bummer dog I blame Trump for bringing bad vibes there

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How Elon Musk took SpaceX from an idea to the cusp of making historyIndustrial maverick Elon Musk started SpaceX with a spark nearly 20 years ago. Now it's set to take astronauts to the International Space Station. *of* history... This headline is on the cusp of being grammatically correct. Forgot 'of'

Stormy weather threatens Wednesday’s SpaceX launchStormy weather is threatening to delay SpaceX’s first astronaut launch. Govt cant organize and coordinate healthcare system controlled hy private sector...even during an epidemic

Op-ed: Unleashing the Dragon – the NASA bargain behind this week's SpaceX launchOn the eve of SpaceX launching astronauts, a preview of a forthcoming book from Lori Garver, former NASA deputy administrator, and Michael Sheetz, CNBC space reporter. Bargain? No. Taxes gifted to Musk? Yes.

Brain coach used by Elon Musk's SpaceX: 3 tips to learn anything fasterSpaceX CEO Elon Musk 'brought me in because he realized, [like] the most successful people on the planet realize, that in order to be successful, you have to always be learning,' brain coach Jim Kwik says. MakeIt 4) give your child a damn foolish name and you’ll quickly learn you’ve made a mistake and victimized your defenseless offspring and no amount of money or therapy will fix it. MakeIt 'Elon Musk's brain coach' is not something I'd want on my resume MakeIt Musk refutes the premise of the article, and we find out about it in the article. Is the reporter, JadeScipioni, who wrote the article, dating the Jim Kwik, the 'brain coach'?

NASA set to resume human spaceflight from U.S. soil with historic SpaceX launchSpaceX, the private rocket company of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, was set to launch two Americans into orbit on Wednesday from Florida on a mission that would mark the first spaceflight of NASA astronauts from U.S. soil in nine years. No space Capsules turned out to be the best way to launch humans into space after all.