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Space to Ground: Interactive Investigations: 09/24/2021

NASA's Space to Ground is your weekly update on what's happening aboard the International Space Station. Got a question or comment? Use #AskNASA to talk to u...

9/24/2021 6:56:00 PM

~250 miles above Earth, the Space_Station crew is gearing up for a spacecraft relocation next week, followed by the return of ISS_Research flown aboard a SpaceX cargo mission! 💫 Get your dose of life in space with this new episode of SpaceToGround:

NASA's Space to Ground is your weekly update on what's happening aboard the International Space Station. Got a question or comment? Use #AskNASA to talk to u...


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Space_Station ISS_Research SpaceX Follow the Twitter link: Space_Station ISS_Research SpaceX Very exciting 😀 developments and love the SPACE TO GROUND epithet, that catches the spirit 👏 of the contribution of explorations in SPACE to 🌎 EARTHOME..(Ramji could go a bit slower and enunciate more roundedly)🙏

Space_Station ISS_Research SpaceX They are on the Way i Kid you Not You Been Told 👽. Space_Station ISS_Research SpaceX Space_Station ISS_Research SpaceX القرءان_المصدر_العلمي_الوحيد ان الانسان في الحياة الدنيا . يركب هيكل جسدي . هذا الهيكل الجسدي جزء من النسيج الكوني . ف اذا كان الانسان عيدا لله الواحد القهار. تلاحم هيكله الجسدي مع النسيج الكوني . و أصبح مسخرا لهذا الانسان . و يعيش فى النعيم دنيا و اخرة.

Space_Station ISS_Research SpaceX BabyFloki BSCGems cryptocurrencies Binance BinanceSmartChain cypto Space_Station ISS_Research SpaceX Space_Station ISS_Research SpaceX Spacecraft relocation. 50 years after moon landing. What an epic event 😳 Space_Station ISS_Research SpaceX Wow Space_Station ISS_Research SpaceX iss isn't in space

Space_Station ISS_Research SpaceX

Visionary Tech Concepts Could Pioneer the Future in SpaceUsing extendable grippers, ReachBot could one day explore deep caves and scale vertical cliffs on Mars — and it's just one of the many futuristic NASA_Technology projects in our NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program: _Technology نداء عاجل إلى ناسا الفضائية،خذوني معكم إلى أقرب رحلة إلى الفضاء أو ضعوني في إحدى الثقوب السوداء،مليت من كوكب الأرض ولكم مني جزيل الشكر والعرفان علما'بأني في مدينة الطائف، المملكة العربية السعودية🙏 _Technology Hella sick _Technology 'Spider Bot: In Spaaaaace' 😅😂

Space_Station ISS_Research SpaceX Great job keep going you are all doing great hope everything works out good you all have a good one Space_Station ISS_Research SpaceX ● जय हिंद, वंदेमातरम!🇮🇳

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Space Station Crew to Relocate Soyuz, Make Room for New CrewmatesThree residents of the International Space Station will take a short ride aboard a Soyuz MS-18 spacecraft Tuesday, Sept. 28, relocating the spacecraft to prepare for the arrival of the next set of station crew members. Space_Station Lindo 😍 Space_Station Do 3 people do it so that if it can't re-dock there are still enough emergency seats for everybody? Space_Station Need a bigger Space Station...🤣

Why Africa is sending more satellites into spaceAfrica's space industry has been slow to take off, but it's predicted to skyrocket in the next few years. Yet another lie from CNN. This company is apparently owned by china. Why CNN is bothering about Africa Satellites misssion into the space while it is not questioning the why a single company, SPACEX is sending several Satellites into space.

Visionary Tech Concepts Could Pioneer the Future in Space🚀 What's the next big thing in space? We're supporting early-stage research into futuristic NASA_Technology concepts, like metamaterial structures small enough to fit in a rocket that can expand to over a kilometer in size: _Technology 😶 _Technology I and my family members are under threat and targeted, assistance is imediatly needed, I implemented US programs and projects in Afghanistan for years now i have been left behind. Please help me and my young children.POTUS StateDept RepJasonCrow SecBlinken SenTedCruz _Technology El tenía todos los poderes del estado a su antojo, era fácil para el sacar ese traidor y asesino del panteón nacional pero esa no era su prioridad entonces.

Visionary Tech Concepts Could Pioneer the Future in SpaceSpace settlements of the future will have to learn to grow their own food — and fungi could help us turn asteroids into rich soil. Learn more about the early-stage NASA_Technology concepts we're exploring: _Technology Can you have a word with BorisJohnson as he seems incapable of supplying food on earth. Maybe the Swedish Chef could help a fellow muppet. _Technology Rama is that you? _Technology Dear NASA, you really should hit up Astroeco_Morgan