Space Force's No. 2 officer tests positive for Covid-19

The Space Force's No. 2 officer has tested positive for coronavirus, the service announced tonight

10/29/2020 6:30:00 AM

The Space Force's No. 2 officer has tested positive for coronavirus, the service announced tonight

Gen. David Thompson, the vice chief of space operations, took a test after a close family member also tested positive, according to a news release.

Despite one of the service’s top officers being sidelined with the virus, the Space Force “remains operationally ready to answer the nation’s call,” the release said.Contact tracing to determine if other military leaders may have been exposed to Thompson was underway Wednesday night, an Air Force spokesperson said. Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett, Chief of Space Operations Gen. John Raymond and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. C.Q. Brown all tested negative within the last 24 hours, she said.

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The news comes three weeks after the Coast Guard’s second in command, Adm. Charles Ray,, forcing members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other high-ranking military officials who had been in contact with Ray during a meeting at the Pentagon to self-quarantine.

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Did this post remind people that we have a “Space Force”? 🤣 Wait until the General finds out the Space Force is an Ivanka Interior Decorating Scam & he’s in charge of bath accessories. Let’s just hope Mars won’t invade us in the next few days. Oh no Covid is in space!!! He must be wearing a red shirt. Oh no, what will they do... actually what do they do? 🤔

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Thankfully, Space Force's No. 1 officer and the rest of the Space Force team are at-the-ready! MelyeeC When Trump is president, what officer comes after No. 2? Don’t we really have to ask this question in Trump’s 1984 rip-off failed reality presidency. Surely the first five bankruptcies reveal numbers are not his friend.

Is Biden going to keep space force or just consolidate it with, oh, I don’t know, the Air Force? Thompson is simply an officer given a task that ultimately came from his Commander in Chief (even if his CiC is a wanker). Disparaging him or his health is pretty gauche. He can't be blamed for his position at the moment any more than he can be for Covid. Best wishes to him.

That may slow down training exercises Is this how the andromeda strain starts? Almost forgot we have a fucking Space Force. amandap726 Like they do anything. Since he have more chance to win the loto than dieing from this shit how is this news? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Send him to the moon base. “Despite one of the service’s top officers being sidelined with the virus, the Space Force “remains operationally ready to answer the nation’s call,” the release said.” And how exactly are they ready to answer the nations call? SharpieSpace

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No 2? who is no 1? And is there a 3? And why do I care since this nonsense “agency” will be cancelled soon? Covid-19 has reached space Someone get Steve Carell in quarantine Wait. How can you bash something you don’t acknowledge? I forgot we had a space force. Wait until after January 20 when he’s out of a job.

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Second highest ranking officer in US Space Force tests positive for Covid-19The second highest ranking officer in the US Space Force has tested positive for coronavirus, the US Air Force says Thank you for sharing this irrelevant news All three of the space force employees are devastated. Have you tried beaming them up to the space station

Trump’s COVID Task Force Is Livid Over the Trump White House’s ‘We Ended COVID’ ReportHealth officials and scientists working on the Trump administration’s coronavirus response said on Tuesday they are personally offended by the White House’s announcement that it has successfully ended the COVID-19 pandemic—a pandemic that is, in fact, worsening.In a statement released Tuesday afternoon Mission Accomplished? See.....a bunch of liars!!!! Really who won the task force told you that they were livid or did you just guys make this up so that your viewers keep the hatred in their heart and believe all the lies you spew with them

Coronavirus live updates: Space Force's second in command tests positiveNEW: The No. 2 in command of the Space Force has tested positive for COVID-19. Gen. David D. Thompson, vice chief of space operations, took the test after he learned he came in contact with a family member who had the virus, according to U.S. Air Force. Why does the space force use jungle camo? Looting, burning, shooting and assault in Philadelphia? No? Nothing? In space, no one can hear you scream.

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