Southern California wildfire forces 60,000 Orange County residents to evacuate

And electricity was cut to thousands across the state so that equipment doesn't spark more flames.

10/26/2020 9:43:00 PM

BREAKING: Southern California wildfire forces 60,000 Orange County residents to evacuate while huge swaths of the state are without power in an effort to prevent further fires.

And electricity was cut to thousands across the state so that equipment doesn't spark more flames.

Unseasonably warm, dry temperatures and high winds throughout California have led to planned power outages to curb the threat of electrical wires sparking wildfires.About 300,000 homes and business were in the dark on Monday, impacting more than a million Californians, officials said.

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Stay safe OC. JFC I didn't think we had anything left to burn after the last couple of years.

60,000 in Southern California to evacuate after blaze growsBREAKING: 60,000 people have been told to evacuate because of a fast-moving wildfire in Southern California’s Orange County, officials say. Power has been cut to hundreds of thousands statewide to prevent utility equipment from sparking new blazes. California and Colorado are burning and Trump has got nothing to say. ClimateCrisis Why is no one asking about why the infrastructure is so bad that it causes wildfires? With a $203b budget, you’d think there’d be a major push to update the grid

Irvine, California, issues evacuation order to about 60,000 people as Silverado Fire spreadsAbout 60,000 people in Irvine, California, have been ordered to evacuate as a wildfire rapidly spreads in the area. The fire started this morning and has burned 2,000 acres. I am in the record cold area on this map and can confirm. How about you? 2020 🤦🏾‍♂️ Wild fire burns corona

Los Angeles County emergency officials warn of fire conditions in the coming daysL.A. County emergency management officials are warning of potential wildfires and power outages. Start unearthing your email archives Keyword: Wildfires Solutions. No World Series fireworks, neighbors. Please. Hunger down folks California going through some weather freezing up the hills best stay home chill Watch Rams chill then dodgers Tuesday ✌🏽

Elderly couple who wouldn't evacuate killed in Colorado wildfireThe couple, in their 80s, cherished their home and refused to leave, the sheriff and family said. There are no other known missing people in the blaze. A terrible decision. Their family suffers from their selfishness.

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Extreme fire danger in California, record cold and snow from Texas to MontanaExtreme and rare fire danger is being issued for California early Monday and throughout the day. But there’s no climate change? This extreme weather is the result of climate change Record snow huh? If climate change is real, why did BarackObama and JoeBiden buy houses in front of the water ? Perfectly illustrated by a photo of massive and unnecessary trucks which are a huge contributor to climate change driving the extreme weather reported