Snow, Cold

Snow, Cold

Southern Brazil Hit by Rare Cold Snap and Snow - Videos from The Weather Channel |

Did you know it can #snow in Brazil? Check out this #cold snap:

7/29/2021 10:59:00 PM

Did you know it can snow in Brazil? Check out this cold snap:

Brazilians were treated to record snow accumulations Wednesday after an unusually cold air mass swept over the country. - Videos from The Weather Channel |

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Yep, the earth is tilting on its axis and sometimes goes to the north, sometimes to the south, sometimes in the middle. But nothing is constant today, and it won't be until the Lord returns soon. It might even rain cats and dogs. Climate changing everywhere BRRRazil. Isn't it like Winter down there now?

Severe Weather Threat Continues Thursday - Videos from The Weather Channel | weather.comMeteorologist Domenica Davis has the full forecast. - Videos from The Weather Channel | Plsss take the heat away I can’t summer anymore🥺😂

Brazil begins mass vaccine study in poor Rio neighborhoodRIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazilian health authorities on Thursday began the mass immunization of Rio de Janeiro's Mare neighborhood in a novel bid to control COVID-19 in a poor community while studying vaccine effectiveness and the prevalence of worrisome variants. Hint to Brazil. The vaccine doesn’t work. USA is back to masking, social isolation and constant testing. To say it works and when they reimplement these pre vaccine standards is just a lie. I think that Bolsonaro is very happy to see the weak part of Brazil’s population to die. Killing Lula voters to win his reelection. So they're experimenting on Brazilians because they are poor....

Brazil to cancel contract for Russian COVID-19 vaccine, minister saysBrazil plans to cancel a contract signed in March for 10 million doses of Russia's Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga said on Thursday as the South American nation struggles with one of the worst outbreaks in the world.

Ex-New York senate candidate charged in Capitol riot asked friends to delete Jan. 6 videosA former candidate for the New York state senate charged in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol asked people to delete videos and photos of him inside the building after his friends began to get arrested, authorities say. There is no greater joy than having a financial freedom and a life from debts, that's why I keep posting a comment about grace_diamond.1 because She has changed my life with a little amount of money 'maga'

Ex-New York senate candidate charged in Capitol riot asked friends to delete Jan. 6 videosDaniel Christmann was taken into custody Wednesday on charges of disorderly conduct, entering a restricted building and demonstrating in a Capitol building. Disorderly conduct? Seems about white. Climb that ladder to the top D. Christmann, should be charged as a war criminal. Why do we let TRAITORS, get away with murder? He was there, for on reason only, Is to overthrow U.S. Government and stop peaceful Democratic transfer of power. CIVIL WAR was on his mind. No leniency, HE'S AN ENEMY OF THE STATE

Olivia Rodrigo Talked In A “Blaccent” And Used AAVE In These Videos And It’s Sparked Mixed ReactionsThe 18-year-old singer can be seen talking in an accentuated Blaccent and utilizing AAVE slang in some resurfaced clips from an Instagram livestream earlier this year. literally everybody below the age of 30 uses terms like this and talks like this, get a life So if black people speak like white people should they be cancelled too? Or can we stop with this bullshit? this is not news this is simply buzzfeed trying to find anything they can to “stir the pot” online