'South Park' Leans Into China Censorship Controversy: 'F--- the Chinese Government!'

'South Park' leans into controversy: 'F--- the Chinese government!'


'South Park' leans into controversy: 'F--- the Chinese government!'

Trey Parker and Matt Stone made it clear how they felt about 'South Park' being banned in China: 'F--- the Chinese government!'

"SHOTS!!!" was a milestone episode for Trey Parker and Matt Stone as it marked the 300th installment of their Comedy Central series.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone made it clear how they feel about

But there was another plot line that steered straight on in the actual news headlines the show made around the world last week.

The Chinese government reacted by banning the show and scrubbing all mentions off its internet.

Randy tried to just mutter the words because he didn't want to lose the Chinese business, but ended up yelling it so Towelie believed his convictions.

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Fuq China 'What happened China you used to be cool.' Well done And (partially) in France, thank you Netflix ! Thank you. I support 911 We good now China ? Not everyone in world needs to kneel down for your money . nomad99hk antichinazi Chinazi StandwithHongKong BoycottBlizzard BoycottNBA BoycottVans BoycottTiffany BoycottNike Boycott76ers

Say NO to censorship! FollowBackHongKong antitotalitarianism pressfreedom SorryNotSorry StandwithHK, say no to CCP.

South Park Mocked China and Got Censored, So They Mocked China Some More'Like the NBA, we welcome the Chinese censors into our homes and into our hearts,' wrote Trey Parker and Matt Stone in their 'apology' HORRIFIC!

Shitty wow Alternate headline: 'Premise of show is followed' Ying66014518 Say NO to censorship! We are going to draw more and more WinnieThePooh ! 'Xinnie the Pooh' Challenge 1. Draw your own 'Xinnie the Pooh' 2. Write down what do you want to tell Xi 3. Post your work on ig, fb and twitter with tag Xinniethepooh 4. Tag up to 3 more friends!

Mind that you may need to apologize to the f...ragile China OhSorryCCP They predict the world so precisely, don't they? Controversial? South Park are just telling the truth I agree with them. ✊🏼🇺🇸👊🏼👏🏼 Ummm... Fuck the Chinese government!

South Park, games company swept up in China censorship furyTV show South Park and a major video game studio are the latest businesses to get swept into a controversy over how to handle China's censorship efforts. Video games maker Activision... they censured kenny American companies need to be be either banned from doing business with china, or required to proactively push back against china if it infringes on human rights of face sanctions. South Park don’t give a S/t and slayed back at China. And rightly so. They won’t bow down to the yen!

They're not wrong. anyonebutChina Is it really that surprising to people? this show will attack anyone nobody is safe this shouldn’t even be “controversial” anymore just expected 😂😂😂 Is it controversial? Who owns THR? It's a bold strategy cotton, let's see how it plays out for them! Fuck the Chinese government.

Good. The only good commie is a dead one. “South Park leans into controversy” - writes person from Hollywood Reporter who has never seen a single South Park episode its not even controversial It’s only controversial to Commucrats and Hollywood, which China owns.

‘South Park’ Is Pulled in China After Mocking Censors“South Park' was erased from major platforms in China after an episode taunted Chinese censors. The show's creators posted a mocking apology: “Like the NBA, we welcome the Chinese censors into our homes and into our hearts.” ' South Park' has reportedly been banned in China after it's most recent episode criticized censorship in the country. Every us company should be banned from doing any business with china until their human rights laws are in line with international law. All funding and money needs to be pulled out of china and their college students banned from attending US universities. What do the people in China think when everything just randomly disappears lol

How is that controversial exactly? I thought everyone hated the Chinese government... Even the people of China? The Winnie the Pooh murder should have had Disney s panties in a bunch with complaints South Park goes South Park Controversial means there is argument for and against it. Noone is arguing for China unless they are getting paid. So it's not controversial.

Same. How is this controversy .. perhaps the NBA and Hollywood can just move to China ? Why don’t they They love their money is it perhaps cause they would all be in jail for they could not speak out like they do They really are the best, aren’t they? Well, boycottChina and f u chinazi, xitler and the ccp.

They're right though

'South Park' creators offer mocking 'apology' to China over episodeThe creators of satirical animated series 'South Park' issued a mockin... MAGA. Pride what a concept. Lots of corporations such as cathaypacific Blizzard_Ent fired employees who stand w/ HK protesters which angers the Chinese. boycottblizzard boycottCX This is why I love South Park. Comedy is standing for social hegemony and freedom and defying the forced clone world in which we live and in a hilarious manner. 😂 🇺🇸

They're right, though. Someone has to stand up to China. Beating on a dead horse are we? Twice and the horse they rode in on.... That's not controversial Who actually disagrees? 哈哈哈哈,南方公园继续乳化

'South Park' creators issue mock apology over China censorshipThe creators of "South Park" have issued a mock apology to China after censors scrubbed their popular animation from the Chinese web. The tongue-in-cheek statement, skewering Beijing&39;s demands that western brands conform to its world view, came with officials apparently annoyed about an

Banned in China: Why the Music Biz Should Be Watching NBA, 'South Park' Dramas (Guest Column)If you're a basketball fan, you know the drama with China over an NBA executive's tweet that supported Hong Kong protestors has been center court. But if you think the music industry is sidelined in this discussion, you haven't been watching the ball. super true and very concerning can go ahead and add Blizzard_Ent to this too

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