Firsttimes, Bı, 비아이

Firsttimes, Bı

South Korean Rapper B.I Opened Up About Being Starstruck When He Met Tablo For The First Time

I didn't want this interview to end!

9/14/2021 8:40:00 PM

.shxx131bi131 shares his FirstTimes and we didn't want the interview to end! BI 비아이

I didn't want this interview to end!

Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIFBuzzFeed CelebTablo is even featured on the song"STAY" on B.I's album! Read more: BuzzFeed »

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shxx131bi131 말 잘 듣는 강아지남 찾아요~ 웨이트트레이닝 음악회 후불유심 스와핑 부산움짤진안유머 건오 존멋 인천 삼척시 소통해요 좋아요 다이어터 ootd 여행스타그램 옷스타그램 맞팔 맞좋아요 선팔하면맞팔 좋아요반사 일상 shxx131bi131 아이콘이 없어도 여전히 한빈에게 충성하지만 여전히 당신을 응원합니다 한빈 사랑해요 행잉 한빈 이 모든 것을 분명히 직면 할 수 있습니다 당신은 혼자가 아닙니다 shxx131bi131 Kim Han Bin Watching Your Video Makes Me Cry Never Disappointed Following You For 4 Years You are a wonderful person waiting for you to become famous again. I will follow you forever. I will wait for you. I love you, Kim Hanbin.

shxx131bi131 (주부 직장인 대학생 가능) 본계정문의yeon90216 이더리움 가상화폐 재테크 반려동물 애완스타그램 반려견 좋아요 비트코인캐시 투자 행복 리플 여행에미치다 좋아요 소통 여행 이더리움 shxx131bi131 Hanbinaaaa hanbinaaa I have something to say to you... that the support you give everyday is just enough live properly in my life. When bad days comes, listening Illa Ilaa is the best way to cure💜 Plz keep making our lifes better forever... 🆔💜🆔💜🆔💜🆔💜🆔💜🆔💜🆔💜🆔💜🆔💜

shxx131bi131 Such a cute video! shxx131bi131 ❤❤❤❤❤❤ shxx131bi131 I'm so proud of u my luv 🐣💛 shxx131bi131 hanbin shxx131bi131 I Love yoooouuu shxx131bi131 I keep replaying this interview so many times :)) bc he is so fuckin' cute :(( his smile saved my bad day 🥰🥰 shxx131bi131

South Korean antitrust agency fines Google $177MMore worries for Google as South Korea becomes the latest country to impose multi-million dollar fine on the tech giant in an antirust case *antitrust Everyone should sue Google

shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 your english is so good !! ❤️‍🔥 shxx131bi131 Hanbin ah, I hope you always smile like that Let's be happy!!! shxx131bi131 It was very refreshing seeing you again B.I 3 ty buzzfeed heh shxx131bi131 TE AMO PUPI shxx131bi131 Uhhh my boy😘😘😘😍😍 shxx131bi131 Nice to see you :)

shxx131bi131 Lovely💗💗💗💗💗 shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 i have a bad day 🥺😟 ive got a wrong report prepared for our companys Board of directors meeting .. can you give me a warm message to atleast comfort me? ☺️ shxx131bi131 When did he got so fluent in English, like seriously his English accent is so sexy.....

shxx131bi131 KEWREN QAQAA

Founder of South Korean megachurch dies at 85David Cho Yong-gi, a South Korean pastor who founded one of South Korea's largest and most popular megachurches died on Tuesday morning, his church said in a news release. thanks When you died people tend to regret how they treated you

shxx131bi131 Hai BI How are you ? I miss you ❤❤❤❤ Can't wait for your 1st Concert 🔥🔥🔥🔥 shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 Next up: 'B.I reads thirst tweets'💦 shxx131bi131 Thank you Buzzfeed! shxx131bi131 love you kim hanbin ❤️ shxx131bi131 AlwaysWith131 nak, shxx131bi131 told us to talk to him when we are having a bad day. 🥰☺️🥺

shxx131bi131 hiii hanbin shxx131bi131 Why r youu soo handsommmee😭❤️ shxx131bi131 KEEP SAFE AND HEALTHY !!!!! 😭 ILY ALWAYS ✨ shxx131bi131 ILY !!!!!!! 😭✨ shxx131bi131 I really hope he feels confortable enough to share his struggles with us 🐥

Kang Daniel Will Win You Over With His Korean Radish Beef SoupWith the release of this new album 'Yellow,' the K-pop powerhouse answers some questions from the writings of Warhol. spideyniel1210 👍👍👍👍

shxx131bi131 Space again pleaseeee❤❤ shxx131bi131 Hanbin's English accent is so perfect 💜 And his smile can melt mount everest 💜🥺 shxx131bi131 벌써 봤지롱~ shxx131bi131 And next is Hanbin reading Thirst Tweets 😅 shxx131bi131 HANBIN WE SEE U shxx131bi131 ❤ PUPPY INTERVIEW NEXT PLS 🤩🙌🏻 shxx131bi131 Habinie you did great!! shxx131bi131 비아이 HANBIN BI 김한빈 한빈 KimHanbin

shxx131bi131 Hanbin is here ❤ shxx131bi131 📣The first KPOP album I've got is this man's album, WATERFALL! 💖 📣The first K solo artist I stan,Kim Hanbin. 🔥👑

South Carolina opens investigation into allegations that Alex Murdaugh misused fundsAlex Murdaugh, the South Carolina attorney who survived a roadside shooting months after his wife and son were killed, is being investigated on allegations that he mishandled funds from his former law practice.

shxx131bi131 minha vida..... shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 Please talk to us when you are not feeling well 🥺💛 Hanbinnie 👋👋👋 shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 오빠가 the beatles - in my life 라는노래... 가사가 아주 와.... big respect to the artist including B.I artist who wrote and composed their own songs 🔥 From your songs, I feel another different emotions from your life story that are very well delivered to others heart! ❤

NEWSHANBIN shxx131bi131 So happy to see you like this Hanbinah 🥰🥰 shxx131bi131 💖💛ྀི❤️ྀི shxx131bi131 I need more!!! shxx131bi131 Hey buzzfeed did shxx131bi131 gonna do that 'reads thirst tweets' too? Make him do that please, bcz like thousands ID's gonna give him that really 'thirst tweet' to make him got blushy 😎🤭

shxx131bi131 Did you or did you not read a thirst tweet with

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shxx131bi131 Thanks Buzzfeed, we also don't want to end the interview! 😅💖 shxx131bi131 THIRST TWEET PLEASE HELLOOOOO shxx131bi131 I miss you shxx131bi131 With puppies next time pls!!! 😩🙌 shxx131bi131 Yo hello Hanbin✨👌🏻🙋🏻‍♀️ Hanbin is naturally a funny person 💙 shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 oh juga si bebeb

staytrue_kr shxx131bi131 love it☺️ shxx131bi131 HanBinie가 마침내 트위터에 업데이트 되었다.🥰🥰🥰🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳. 정말 고마워 그리고 사랑해 저는 항상 오빠의 게시물을 기다린다. shxx131bi131 Watch it here

South Korea's antitrust regulator fines Google $177 million for abusing mobile market dominanceGoogle allegedly used its market position to block smartphone makers from using operating systems developed by rivals, according to the regulator. thanks Like million, with an M?! That’s not a mistake? Kek Securing your investment requires a well inclined manager that gives the best service, that's why you have Cryptoprofe

shxx131bi131 KAGETTT shxx131bi131 Omg B.I TwT this 😍💛 shxx131bi131 Thirst Tweet next time please!!!! 🙏😁 shxx131bi131 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ shxx131bi131 yessss shxx131bi131 Can I ask more about your “first”? 🥰 And finally, today it came 🤍🆔 shxx131bi131 thirst tweets next 😏 shxx131bi131 I love when Hanbin speaks English. So cute^^ ♥️

shxx131bi131 KAMUSTA KA NAMAN DYAN shxx131bi131 CIEEE BABANG

shxx131bi131 I Miss you everyday 💖💖 shxx131bi131 Hanbin i miss u ❤️ shxx131bi131 ❤❤❤❤❤ shxx131bi131 🤍🤍🤍🤍 shxx131bi131 KIM HANBIN 😍 shxx131bi131 THIRST TWEETS NEXT PLEASE!!!! hanbin cutie shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 Thank you for having our dear Hanbin! 💙 thank you! please invite him to read thirst tweets please 😭😭😭😭😭

shxx131bi131 Thank u (♡˙︶˙♡)

shxx131bi131 😍😍😍😍 shxx131bi131 thank u. if we could see him in a room full of puppies, that'd be very lovely too! shxx131bi131 Thank you BuzzFeed🥰🥰🥰 DC_BI_gallery shxx131bi131 Watch hanbin interview on buzzfeed shxx131bi131 Thankyou!! 💛 shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 please expect more of my dms from now on 😌 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

shxx131bi131 Thank you BuzzFeed. I want to see anymore.♥️ shxx131bi131 Omg thank you:) shxx131bi131 You did really well, love you so much❤️ shxx131bi131 Thank you BuzzFeed for having him as a guest Thirst tweets next🙏🏻 Thx for having him ❤️ waitin' hanbin doing it 😂

shxx131bi131 Wow BuzzFeed, thank you🙌 shxx131bi131 waking up to this💕💕 shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 Thank you Buzzfeed! 💕 131trans shxx131bi131 Thanks for inviting him ❤️❤️❤️ HANBIN BI shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 Thank you❣️ shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 Thirst twts next please. That's our expertise

shxx131bi131 THIRST TWEETS NEXT shxx131bi131 😂🥺 shxx131bi131 When is gonna be the first time of we kissing shxx131bi131 🤡 shxx131bi131 Thank you for casting our Hanbin. khb131_Global shxx131bi131 Thank you for this ❤️

shxx131bi131 best boy ever shxx131bi131 what a cutie Thank you Buzzfeed! waiting for the thirst tweets next 😆🙏 shxx131bi131 ❤️🔥 So excited shxx131bi131 More please 😍 shxx131bi131 Love you man 💛 Thirst tweet next please 🥺 shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 We don't want to end it either. 😊 131trans shxx131bi131 whoaaa, finally Hanbin on BuzzFeed.. I watched all the Thirst Tweets and it is so entertaining to watch but I don't think I can watch Hanbin doing it, the kids mind would go crazy. 😂 Good thing it's Hanbin FirstTimes.. 😍

shxx131bi131 Thank you for this.. Now we know what happened that day! Congratulations shxx131bi131 for your first online concert on October 3!💙 비아이 BI HANBIN shxx131bi131 ahhh Hanbin... thank you shxx131bi131 OMG SIR WHT IS THIS ? 🙃🤘🥲 shxx131bi131 Thank youu❤️ shxx131bi131 hanbin reading thirst tweet when? 😂

shxx131bi131 OMG shxx131bi131 ready stok konsmile doll shxx131bi131 Thankyou for having b.i❤😊 shxx131bi131 Goood morning hanbin!!!

hanbinsense shxx131bi131 Ugh Why didn’t put the English sub title shxx131bi131 We want more, not enuf!! 😔 shxx131bi131 so cuteeee shxx131bi131 but reading thirst tweets when? 😆 shxx131bi131 💖💖💖 shxx131bi131 Waking up watching this is soooo satisfying! Thank you Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa shxx131bi131 Thank you for this! The questions are good hope the next interview will be longer. ☺️ Hanbin hi! shxx131bi131

Listen to Waterfall 🎶 3 shxx131bi131 TrendHanbin shxx131bi131 Hanbina😊 shxx131bi131 Thank you Buzzfeed! Still waiting for the thirst tweets 😆🙏

DC_BI_gallery shxx131bi131 Thank you Buzzfeed❤️ btw thirst tweets next please❤️😆 Almost fluent in English I see shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 He iss soooo fine shxx131bi131 yeaahh hanbinnnn😍😍😍 HANBIN shxx131bi131 YEEEEEEESSSSSS shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 O MAIOR shxx131bi131 THIRST TWEETS NEXT !!!!!!!

erythrocloud shxx131bi131 Thank you for having him as a guest and thank you B.I for always working hard we don't deserve you ❤ shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 thank you so much. I loved it. now it's thirst tweet time.

My Hanbin in BuzzFeed 😍 Thank you 😘 shxx131bi131 can you give me B.I with puppies next shxx131bi131 PUT SOME PUPPIES IN THAT ROOM WITH HIM PLS shxx131bi131 Please hanbin in thirst tweets next 😂 we like seeing baby boy uncomfortable jk shxx131bi131 Sream !! 🥲😍😍 i miss him everyday shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 My love 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤❤❤❤

shxx131bi131 Omg i cried 🥲😍😍 i miss him everyday shxx131bi131 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it's 3am here am i seeing things shxx131bi131 Everyone get your tickets to attend B.I online concert ~

THIRST TWEETS NEXT YES kimhanbinloops shxx131bi131 Thank you shxx131bi131 Make him read thirst tweets bestie, we have a lot to say 👅 hanbinblaze shxx131bi131 Thanks Buzfeed 🍀 Waiting for loooooooooongeeeeer interviews 🐣🥳 shxx131bi131 how bout thirst tweet…?😏 shxx131bi131 i love u so so much thank you

shxx131bi131 PULL UP WITH THE THIRST TWEETS BUZZFEED I KNOW U SEE THIS shxx131bi131 Thank you Buzzfeed. Totally loved it ❤ shxx131bi131 Thank you buzzfeed ❤❤🥰 shxx131bi131 SO CUTE JUST SO CUTE

shxx131bi131 yaaaaaaaay B.I 🔥 Thank you so much buzzfeed 🥰🥰 Hanbin_UK shxx131bi131 Thank you Buzzfeed We would love Hanbin reacting to thirst tweets as well😆 Thank you so much shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 Can't wait for the thirst tweets one🤧 Thank you Buzzfeed B.I FIRST ONLINE CONCERT tickets on sale now shxx131bi131 🔥

shxx131bi131 B.I My love !!!! 💙💙 shxx131bi131 shxx131bi131 thank you bestie 3