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South Korea reports recovered coronavirus patients testing positive again

South Korea reports recovered coronavirus patients testing positive again

4/10/2020 4:03:00 PM

South Korea reports recovered coronavirus patients testing positive again

South Korea n officials on Friday reported 91 patients thought cleared of the new coronavirus had tested positive again.

Jeong Eun-kyeong, director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), told a briefing that the virus may have been “reactivated” rather than the patients being re-infected.South Korean health officials said it remains unclear what is behind the trend, with epidemiological investigations still under way.

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The prospect of people being re-infected with the virus is of international concern, as many countries are hoping that infected populations will develop sufficient immunity to prevent a resurgence of the pandemic.The South Korean figure had risen from 51 such cases on Monday.

Nearly 7,000 South Koreans have been reported as recovered from COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus.“The number will only increase, 91 is just the beginning now,” said Kim Woo-joo, professor of infectious diseases at Korea University Guro Hospital.

The KCDC’s Jeong raised the possibility that rather than patients being re-infected, the virus may have been “reactivated”.Kim also said patients had likely “relapsed” rather than been re-infected.False test results could also be at fault, other experts said, or remnants of the virus could still be in patients’ systems but not be infectious or of danger to the host or others.

“There are different interpretations and many variables,” said Jung Ki-suck, professor of pulmonary medicine at Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital.“The government needs to come up with responses for each of these variables”.South Korea on Friday reported 27 new cases, its lowest after daily cases peaked at more than 900 in late February, according to KCDC, adding the total stood at 10,450 cases.

The death toll rose by seven to 211, it said.The city of Daegu, which endured the first large coronavirus outbreak outside of China, reported zero new cases for the first time since late February.A woman wearing a preventive face mask has her temperature checked, as a safety measure to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, before casting a ballot for parliamentary elections at a polling station in Seoul, South Korea, April 10, 2020. REUTERS/Heo Ran

With at least 6,807 confirmed cases, Daegu accounts for more than half of all South Korea’s total infections.The spread of infections at a church in Daegu drove a spike in cases in South Korea beginning in late February.The outbreak initially pushed the tally of confirmed cases much higher than anywhere else outside of China, before the country used widespread testing and social distancing measures to bring the numbers down.

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MisterAntiBully you said this weeks ago, reinfection is very real, are we going to die Jimbo? Did the recovered patient was in contact with the patient who tested +ve MisterAntiBully Oh come on!!!!!! 😩 Ronda524 But are they sick again? Article doesn’t really say if they are exhibiting symptoms again or, if they’re just infected and infectious again 🤷‍♀️🤔

Pas de problème en France on ne sait même pas si on l'a eu une fois. This is not new. What'd be interested in knowing is: What progress has been made to establish the cause of these positive-again cases? How re-infection, reactivation and false negative/positives are being differentiated? What's the percentage of those in positive-again categ.?

JoanMcAlpine fuck ‘Meaning that something is triggering the virus. They all love 5G and do spend 24 hours a day with their handsets. oatila viu isso . MisterAntiBully Airborne AIDS BarusArus Once they test positive, don't they always have the antibodies or whatever? no immunity They will do because the tests a scam. There is no test for covid 19.

Great more lockdown nevermind the virus what about mental health? It is in the air. Undertakers, Plastic manufactures, laboratory waste employees, Wood related organization, Paint and cement manufacturers, prison employees, sites in which food is boiled in the public eye (street vendors), open street butcheries. All High risk to reinfections

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captsingh SPQRIUS Either everything we know about virology and disease study is wrong, people suddenly contract an aggressive disease with any symptoms... Or the tests aren't good. Man, this has us stumped! MisterAntiBully Yikes MisterAntiBully welp, time for at least another 3 months of this shit i guess.

MisterAntiBully MisterAntiBully COVID-19 is the new herpes. It stays with you. 😳😞 A second season of COVID19 MisterAntiBully so why are we bothering locking down everything and ruining lives? MisterAntiBully Let’s just hope the early testing kits were just bad and now our testing kits have gotten better

Please don't be slippery, please don't be slippery, please don't be slippery.... So their experience did not teach them anything, that's right. Countries need to draw a distinction between high risk recipients and medium risk recipients. We must always take into account the flaw of not testing Avian flu H5N1 transmission from Mosquitoes to human. We need to have a Risk profile chart

False negatives surely... Confirme DrDark_Angel ¿posibilidades? Let go through the same bracket. Machine operators,Petrol attendants,Photo copy houses, paper industry,construction industry,chemical companies. All high risk recipients.If the malaria vaccine for essential services has not been provided they will also fall in the HRisk category

Did they show any symptoms of infection the second time? If not then maybe it could be a false positive. It flattens our hopes for the innoculation I also read in the other article that people who had COVID 19 and recovered have a low count in antibodies, very similar side effect to HIV. I hope it's not true.

SheilahBird Dr Birx talked a few times about 'false positives.' That might be it, either the first or the second time. True . Even Shanghai Univ study suggested a third of recovered patients (in a study group) had very low anti bodies. Few were below detection levels. second wave coming HLGatell FYI... Para que no pierden al tiempo diciendo tonterias, engañando al pueblo. Como va el conteo de contagios? Cuando resportarán la verdad Y los miles de casos y muertes por Neumonia Atipica who Almagro_OEA2015 USAmbMex CarlosLoret brozoxmiswebs

Ohhh.. no.!!! Ooopsie! There goes the antibody testing. Two scenarios are possible: 1. The original Covid test threw a false positive 2. The Covid-19 antibody test threw a false negative Don't lose hope until all the information is out there. This article does not comment on the the type of test, nor the clinical picture of people. Key info. Causes panic without declaring this or not.

This can be one nasty virus. Are they being reinfected or are the test faulty? Not every country’s test are accurate. Not good news Hopefully covid won't evolve to something stronger though This is because South Korea's original tests were faulty. They had a high percentage of false positives. So many of those who tested positive never had COVID.

Care and cure and warm and recovery all the world! A bit of a sensationalism here on the headline...'Jeong Eun-kyeong, director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), told a briefing that the virus may have been “reactivated” rather than the patients being re-infected.' Round 2 🥊

Swab test of upper respiratory track may not be accurate if virus has spread to lower respiratory track. South Korea has reported more than 10,400 cases | 208 deaths Latest updates | cases per million population 👇 COVID19 coronavirus Important headline. I've always wondered if those who survived the virus even had immunity. We KNOW so little.

This is scary and make vaccines more difficult to develop?COVID2019 vaccines Fuck me 😠😩😠 This is a misleading title. Either that or the tests aren’t reliable

Once the biggest outbreak outside of China, South Korean city reports zero new coronavirus casesThe South Korea n city of Daegu, which endured the first large coronavirus outbreak outside of China, on Friday reported zero new cases for the first time since late February, as new infections across the country dropped to record lows. For a virus with an R0 over 5 that is just amazing. Wow kita giman ni itsmaanha South Korea contains outbreak. Trump focuses on his ratings while Americans die. CovidiotInChief

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South Korea virus hotspot of Daegu sees no new casesThe city of Daegu, which had been the epicenter of South Korea ’s coronavirus outbreak, reported zero new cases for the first time in weeks Friday, as the national numbers of new cases continues to decline. It called good governance like China and new Zealand. But American tax payers r dying because of shortage of ventilators and other lake of basic medical facilities. Why America spend trillions dollor on weapons ? Tax payers money must b spend for health and education. 💝💝💝 In other news, there were two stupid Americans who consumed fish tank additive because it had “chloroquine” in it and idiots that defy and listen to a stay at home order to go to beaches. By the way, how them stimulus checks? Deep in them pockets I bet.

South Korea Goes to the Polls, Coronavirus Pandemic or NotIn South Korea , the parliamentary election is proceeding relatively seamlessly so far — albeit with a lot of preparation and protocols in place to protect voters from the coronavirus Pay attention America 🇺🇸. Something to be learned here. All your votes will be needed in November to correct this flawed government of yours. Yes... it’s YOUR government... you hired it. Now fire it! VelGise NY TIMES is garbage Very experienced, smart and solid country.