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South Africa’s Promise of Racial Equality Falters Under Pandemic

Coronavirus outbreak pushes world’s most unequal society “over the tipping point”

9/26/2020 1:40:00 PM

Coronavirus outbreak pushes world’s most unequal society “over the tipping point”

South Africa is cracking under the weight of a coronavirus outbreak that has ripped through impoverished populations, challenging the promise of equality that the nation’s postapartheid democracy was built on.

Updated Sept. 25, 2020 8:37 am ETCAPE TOWN, South Africa—Two out of five Black workers have lost their income during a monthslong coronavirus lockdown. Police are tearing down shacks built on public land by people who can no longer pay rent on their previous homes. And senior government officials are accused of stealing funds meant for the fight against the pandemic.

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A quarter-century after Nelson Mandela became president with a promise to empower South Africa’s Black majority, the world’s most unequal society is cracking under the weight of a coronavirus... Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

Israel says UAE visit 'making history' - Palestinians call it 'shameful'

A group of United Arab Emirates officials became the first Gulf Arab delegation ever to visit in Israel on Tuesday, cementing a normalisation deal in an occasion that Israel and U.S. officials described as historic but the Palestinians called 'shameful'.

STOP WAGING WAR OF US ........ THIS IS TREASON There is a white genocide in South Africa, and the world is silent Not again. Fake News Yeah; contrary to what most conservative leaders today believe, inequality (whether it’s economic inequality, social inequality caused by racism sexism etc, all of the above) is a REALLY BAD THING. It makes life worse on a dramatic scale it’s something that needs fixing ASAP


South Korea suggests joint probe with North Korea on shooting of South Korean officialSouth Korea urged North Korea on Saturday to further investigate the fatal shooting of a South Korean fisheries official and suggested it could be a joint probe by the two sides, as public and political outrage over the killing grew. 🐂💩no probe needed we know what happened. Except that the Dictatorship Regime Over Korea consists ENTIRELY of official cover-ups of crimes and has NO respect for ANY rule of ANY laws that its tyrants have NOT, PERSONALLY, decreed.

North Korean leader offers rare apology for killing of South KoreanNorth Korea expressed regret on Friday for having shot dead a South Korean man to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the South's national security adviser said, amid growing public and political outrage. It’s a trap! As he should!

Beta remnants to soak South as wildfires still rage in WestRemnants of Beta continue to soak the South, as 4 to 7 inches of rain fell in Louisiana, southern Arkansas and Mississippi in the last 48 hours, which produced flash flooding.

Troublesome South African baboon evicted for raiding homesKataza already had a lengthy rap sheet with Cape Town authorities, so when he organized a band of others to raid a series of suburban homes, he was captured. Looks like he belongs with the BLM rioters.

Kim Jong Un apologizes in letter to Seoul for shooting of South Korean officialNorth Korean leader Kim Jong Un apologized for the death of a South Korean government worker who was shot dead by North Korean troops after crossing a maritime border between the two countries Why nobody cares about the Iranian students problems about getting visa appointment from the US embassies?! Iranian_students_visa_appointments realDonaldTrump IvankaTrump AcademicChatter usembarmenia elonmusk AlJazeera ClemsonUniv Öpünce geçmiyor bazı acılar Think about who controls the troops and then act, Kim Jong Un.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un apologizes over shooting death of South KoreanIt’s extremely unusual for a North Korean leader to apologize to South Korea on any issue. wondered same guess we are allies with north korea in ww3 lol !