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Soundcheck: The 13 Best Music Releases Of The Week

Gender is a social construct, y’all. Live your best life @jvn!


Gender is a social construct, y’all. Live your best life jvn!

'I was just always like 'a gay man' because that's just the label I thought I had to be'

Did AOC Just Tap 'Queer Eye' Cast To Give The U.S. Congress A Makeover? Yes henny

There's a whole lot going on in the Instagram stories that Jenner shared. First, she narrates walking into the party, claiming that series is her"favorite show ever.""Praise be bitches," Karanikolao responds, before getting into costume with her friends. Drinks at the party included"praise be vodka" and"under his eye tequila," and afterward, guests sat down at a rose-adorned dinner table.

The internet is not here for any of it. In case you have never watched the show, The Handmaid's Tale tells the story of an oppressive regime in which women are subject to sexual slavery. That said, it does not portray a life that any woman should want to be living, let alone celebrate.

Another Twitter user accurately pointed out,"Kylie Jenner hosting a Handmaid's Tale themed birthday party is actually a perfect analogy for how rich people will be perfectly fine if Roe v. Wade is overturned. They'll always find a way to afford and access abortion—low income folks won't."

The singer didn't make an empty"cash me ousside" threat, either. He wants to see Cruise in the octagon for an MMA-style fight, according to a tweet sent from his official account yesterday. He even tagged Dana White, the current president of UFC, to ask if he wanted to"put on the fight."

He then followed up with a challenge of his own to Mark Walhberg. Apparently, McGregor is still harboring some feelings toward Walhberg that stem from his Marky Mark days.

Necking, a post-punk band from Vancouver, is gearing up for the release of their long-awaited debut album, Cut Your Teeth, by sharing their newest single,"Spare Me," exclusively via NYLON.

The band's sense of tongue-in-cheek humor has clearly continued to play into their songwriting long after the band itself was formed from a party joke, in which the four members, all strangers at the time, pretended to be a band (first called Britney Bitch, and then Four White Guys). Just as funny now but with more musical finesse, the band's jokes and unabashed lyrics are sure to continue to grow their fan base far outside their DIY Canadian sphere.

Brown, who was up for the award for Best Choreography for her work in Choir Boy, stepped out in a Cinderella blue masterpiece by costume designer Beeōmbi, which featured a sparkly bead-embroidered bodice and a ginormous tulle skirt. Her look was completed by magenta sparkling heels, a matching head wrap, and a handful of crystal hair embellishments. We're always here for a bit of loofah fashion, and Brown definitely nailed it.

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Soundcheck: The 13 Best Music Releases Of The WeekIt's been recalled by the FDA So does Jaclyn Hill's 🤷 MiszGeena

Soundcheck: The 13 Best Music Releases Of The WeekShe clearly doesn't understand the show You keep partying KylieJenner ! 📍📍💅🏻

Soundcheck: The 13 Best Music Releases Of The WeekThe heated exchange was caught on video I think the real crime he committed is looking like a fish. This is probably staged in an attempted to make him look hard instead of stupid, why would he keep his strap in his large sweater pocket

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