Joe Jonas, Sophıe Turner

Joe Jonas, Sophıe Turner

Sophie Turner Tattoos: New Ink Design For Daughter Willa

Sophie Turner Gets New Tattoo For Daughter Willa (via @CelebMagTM)

11/22/2020 11:00:00 PM

Sophie Turner Gets New Tattoo For Daughter Willa (via CelebMagTM)

Sophie Turner just got a new tattoo for her daughter Willa. Check out a complete guide to all of her other ink designs.

, “The couple is already obsessed and can’t stop gloating about their new addition. The couple is taking time to enjoy this special moment and have only shared the news and updates with family and friends. With the pandemic Joe and Sophie have been very cautious about who is around them and their little girl.”

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It turns out, this isn’t the only body art that Turner has. She actually has more than 10 tattoos all over her body, and boy, do they have some seriously emotional stories behind them! We went ahead and broke them all down for you, so here’s a complete guide to all of her ink designs and their meanings…

Tally Marks On Her FingerThe tally mark tattoo on her finger represents all the members in Turner’s family! She previously toldJust Jared, “It’s like a tally of five for my family of five. I got it when I was really missing them in Canada. It was on my birthday and it was me and one person. We were the only people there. And I was like, ‘I’m on my birthday and I woke up and my parents aren’t here and my family isn’t here,’ so I got this. I’m very tight with them. It’s faded in certain parts so I’ve got to get it topped off. It rubs away easier so I try and keep my fingers like this (spreads them out).”

“07.08.09” On Her ArmTurner got this tattoo matching with herGOTsister and real life best friend,Maisie Williams. It represents the date that they had found out they were cast in the show!“We were always planning from Season 1, if we make it all the way through, hopefully we could all get a matching wolf or something. But we don’t know if we’re gonna make it, so Maisie and I were like, ‘OK let’s get these ones before anyone kills us.’ Which is so possible!” the actress previously joked about the stunning body art.

The X-Men Logo On Her Rib CageFor those who don’t know, Turner starred as Jean Grey in theX-Menmovie series, and she got this tat to commemorate the role!The Letter “J” On Her WristThe blonde beauty has a small tattoo of the letter “J” on her wrist, which is the initial of Jonas’ first name. He has his initial, “S,” in the same spot on his wrist too — how cute is that?!

A Portrait On Her ThighThis tattoo was drawn and tattooed on Turner by artistCurt Montgomeryin March 2018. It’s unclear what the meaning behind it is, but we can all agree that it’s seriously beautiful!A Rabbit On Her ArmAlthough the star has not revealed the meaning behind this tattoo, many fans believe it’s another tribute to her relationship with Jonas. Why? Well the night they met was reportedly at a Halloween party, and she was dressed as a rabbit!

Her Brother’s Initials On Her ToeIt’s clear Turner’s family means a lot to her. Yep, she has her brother’s initials tattooed onto her toe, previously explaining, “To be honest I was having like a bit of a party in Australia at this house and we were all watching the football. And we all decided to just get tattoos while we were watching the football and drinking beer. It was so bada** … And I got my brother’s initials tattooed on my big toes.”

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A Wolf On Her ArmTurner has a wolf with the words “The pack survives” inked onto her arm. And this one is another tribute to GOT! She toldJames Cordenon his talk show, “Actually while I was getting it done people advised me not to because it looked like I was giving everything away. But I wasn’t, it’s just a quote from last season. But everyone figures that the pack really does survive. It’s just a moral that I like to live by.”

Three Triangles On Her ArmThis tattoo has a very deep meaning behind it! Get this — the link design, which is of three triangles with three Greek symbols, is actually Turner’s favorite of all her tats.“It’s three triangles, and it’s Plato’s theory that the soul is comprised into three parts — reason, spirit, and appetite. The reason is my eldest brother James, the spirit is my other brother Will and I’m appetite,” the 24-year-old once said. “It means a lot to us, we’ve all got them. They’re like my best friends in the world.”

The Letter ‘G’ On Her FingerLocated on her pinky finger, her “G” tattoo is for her grandfather.“For my granddad. My hero,” she captioned a photo of the body art on Instagram.The North Star On Her SpineTurner hasn’t shared any info on what this tattoo symbolizes, but traditionally, North Star designs are used to honor a family member who was in the Navy.

Fire On Her FingerIn January 2019, the actress got a small flame tattoo on her finger. It’s unclear what it means, but while sharing a pic of the ink design to her Instagram, she captioned it, “Phoenix-ing out.”‘& Beyond’ On Her WristThe actress got the words “& Beyond” inked onto her wrist in October 2018. And get this — her husband got the words “To Infinity” tattooed on her in the exact same spot! It’s a quote from

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