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‘Sometimes the Crisis Makes the Leader’: Andrew Cuomo and Five Lessons on Leadership

The nation is watching how New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is handling the coronavirus outbreak, and it likes what it sees

4/9/2020 3:40:00 AM

The nation is watching how New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is handling the coronavirus outbreak, and it likes what it sees

The public has been impressed with how New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is handling the coronavirus outbreak, and crisis managers give his leadership style high marks.

Countries are experimenting with both high- and low-tech ways to enforce lockdowns or self-quarantines. WSJ reporters in Rome, New York and Hong Kong compare their isolation experiences to show how some governments are willing to impose stricter measures to stop the virus. Photo illustration: Crystal Tai

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He didn’t do much without whining about what he needed or didn’t have the entire time! Thanks to President Trump he got more than what he needed! He could have been preparing years before for this but didn’t! Cuomo for President Looking at the deaths in NY, how are people liking what they see? New York is the worst virus state in the country, by a mile. Great leadership, Andrew. 🤣

Just about anyone compared to Trump is going to look good. You don't speak for me. What is it that you would like us to see and like? You already know that social engineering works. Tell the masses what they should like! Trump is the bad guy and Cuomo is the hero? I do not understand our MSM at all. They don’t even seem to have a survival instinct.

Ahhhhh I’ll be the first to call bullshit on that. Meanwhile at the discombobulated White House All he's done is bitch at the President and alibi, justify, cover-up, and compensate for his lack of preparedness and, as usual, empty coffers, always an undeniable fact for Socialist-Thinking (?) and Stylized Government. Failure!

Not on a bet would he state something new. Rehash. annmic Why are you not talking about how GavinNewsom and the city of San Francisco are handling this thing? Sometimes it let's you know who is a narcissist. The only proof you need is how many times he says he's not. Gov Andrew Cuomo has the highest rate of deaths in the US as well the highest stockpile of hidden ventilators. His failed leadership can only be attributed to his Democratic policies. Much like those of Bill DeBlasio.

This guy love the camera. Leader he is not a whiner yes. Remember people were fleeing ny by the droves, taxes through the roof, police being brutalized, homelessness , filth out of control. No supplies for a pandemic you want this guy to be president? Complete idiot. Was not prepared. Are you getting paid by Cuomo?

The MSM is so desperate to find another nut job to replace sleepy Joe. 😂 Stop trying to promote someone who’s negligence was exposed by the Pandemic, Governor Cuomo is well aware he’ll still have to answer after it’s all over, and is only attempting to do all he can to salvage his reputation which was already a rotten one, riddled in corruption

Lmao. This is the MSM transitioning away from Biden to Cuomo. 😂 Fake news - guys pathetic Not us New Yorkers who know Cuomo. Cried the entire time, while leaving NY wide open, illegals and all. Couldn't put up one tent, while screaming for more hospital beds. Begged for billions in asst., while doing nothing for his own state. Schumer, Cuomo, and Deblasio. the three stooges.

Cuomo decimated New York hospitals and sold off all their ventilator inventories. In addition, early on he advised New Yorkers ignore the dangers of the Wuhan Virus since they had the best medical facilities increasing infections. The WJS lies like a dog face pony soldier. Let's not forget Cuomo releasing violent criminals back into society to protect them from getting coronavirus in jail. He is a horrible gov.

He’s been magnificent. That doesn’t mean perfect. It does mean that he rose to the moment. Looser love gov This is flat out bullshit. Cuomo didn't even want to shut down NY and fought with Deblasio over it. When the worst mayor of all time is making better calls than you, you are a failure. Cuomo also lied about the respirators and medical supplies and got caught on tv.

The guy responsible for 40% of COVID deaths in America? Stop playing politics. New York State was not prepared. There is a substantial portion of the nation that very much does not like what it sees. I am a straight ticket Democrat by the way. Media at its best. One article talks about Trump should have started social distancing earlier and the state with worst outbreak waited weeks after federal and and states like CA to social distance and close schools. Hypocrisy

It likes 12k deaths? Governor Cuomo also gave illegals the right to get drivers licenses and signed into law a NO BAIL law that allows criminals to commit crimes without consequences all in NYS. He’s a radical progressive Democrat. realDonaldTrump SebGorka atensnut chuckwoolery RealJamesWoods Democrats praying they can replace Biden with him... it’s their only chance

What part are they liking, the whining and crying or the blaming someone else Give me a break! It's all thanks to Trump. The push by the media to have someone other than Sleepy Joe run against Trump! This is a joke, right? He is a competent governor. cuomovirus squandered 3.3 billion dollars for needless 10 miles of rail road tracks Long Island railroad

Now do Republican GovMikeDeWine for some balance to your bias. Zzzzzz NYGovCuomo don’t worry. NY has the best healthcare on the planet. How many people died because of that attitude? President my ass. He may be “handling” the virus but he is screwing hospitals in nyc and elsewhere cutting the medical budget to pay out the ex frackers in up state since it is banned and his upstate supports want retribution?

I watch the national COVID-19 briefs. Don’t live there.... So, failure? De novo JoaoGAnjos. Is this a joke? I’m in the midst of this epicenter. He shut everything down too late, misused funds given to him before this pandemic, wasn’t prepared at all, fighting with the mayor like a bunch of toddlers and can’t agree on anything.

Only what it sees. How about the readiness of N.Y. for such an event? The supply levels of its hospitals? The early statements of Cuomo on the virus? Like the President, sounds bites on TV do not tell the story. He said that the NYC hospital system was ready for a pandemic. He failed to have a stockpile of ventilators and PPE’s. Trump sent him the ship and built a hospital for NYC. He takes photo ops. He has a cool, calm voice like Obama did but he is full of it.

Really, which nation? He led NY State down the toilet. He manner of speaking is disturbingly awkward, boring and pedantic. He's an arch liberal to boot. Cuomo is a Democrat & they own the Media. His projections of needed supplies far exceeded actual Demand putting other states at Risk. His state is a disaster. If failure is a barometer for democrat success, then he’s your guy. At least he can put two sentences together.

Gavin Newsom has done a much better job and receives 0 media love. Cuomo's state is the epicenter in America. He was unprepared. He literally says the same things as Trump. But because the media is liberal and based in NY, they are building Cuomo up to be a hero. Appalling. Look deeper... an Awful Politicsl Animal... New York suffered his leadership long before the pandemic.

They like how he whines 'I am the lov gov. I'm a cool dude in a loose mood. You know that. I just say let it go. Just go with the flow baby.' - Andrew Cuomo, 2020. He’s New York! That’s not the Nation!! The American people are an educated group and he talks to us as such. He was smart enough to favor green energy over ventilators...

Not sure what the big deal is about Blasio and cuomo have done absolutely nothing but complain take a hard look at Gavin Newsom in California and compare it with cuomo.... “men lie women lie the numbers don’t” 🤍⭐️🙏 Shouldn't the people of NY be more concerned with how the government prepared for the CoronavirusOutbreak than with how the government reacted? The governor said the right things, but did he really do the right things beforehand?

Not really... he made lots of mistakes Leader Trump so much better than Cuomo In what world are you living WSJ? He’s a buffoon and no one likes him but the news media and the crazies in NY ...before mid-February...not so much... More BS from. A biased evil rag Compared to the orange ape, anyone looks like a superhero.

PengillyMichael What does the nation see: It sees a man display genuine compassion and empathy. It sees a man of intelligence, character and integrity. It sees a man committed to helping his people In short in sees, in Gov Cuomo, all the things absent in Donald Trump. Really How many Coronovirus and how many deaths

Oh please spare me and America LOVES what it sees from POTUS !! He is a liberal smuck who window dresses well and follows O’s narrative to never waste a good crisis. And how many ventilators were not used? You know after demanding more... McClain_on_NFL Do they? He gets 5 stars. Perfect vetting to be solid US President.

I see a self absorbed man who loves the sound of his whiney voice talking for hours while his state goes to hell? I don’t know what you see? He should have shut his state down a month ago. But he was too busy being cutsie for the camera🤢 Really? NY has been behind at every step. The Natation For all and this is Not time to watching Ple fight for Natation Togathers against COVID19outbreak.

This is a joke headline, he is, where he is, because of who he is, and did. Cuomo is an actor. He has done a poor job! And gentlemen in the comments I know nobody cares at all but Jeff bezos owns the Wall Street journal, New York Times and Washington post, you know where their allegiance lays Don’t forget billions of dollars cut in Medicare in York over the last couple years, I’m sure that would’ve been helpful cuomo, I’m certain Andrew is thinking more about his future presidential run propped up by the media in 2024 than the prisoners being buried in mass graves rn

Cuomo President President President President Hard at work manufacturing consent I see for the future presidential run, meanwhile cuomo is leaving countless New Yorkers in jail on nothing but parole violations and minor drug crimes to die and refusing to release non violent inmates. The blood is on his hands.

Come to Chinese festivals on March says Cuomo, very responsible. What leadership. Can oh promote this narrative any more? What’s that, 3 times in the last weeks? Agenda maybe? Maybe, you say this just because NYGovCuomo from Democrats ? 🤣 His state obviously wasn't ready for this crisis. He turned down ventilators in 2015. Appears that Gavin Newsome has done a much better job than Cuomo just looking at the 's. Cuomo okay but let's not pretend it's been some extraordinary job. You don't speak for the nation.

'The nation' Absolutely grasping at straws Cuomo attempted to cut Medicare during the worst pandemic in over 100 years. So no...the nation (and certainly not thenation!) does not like Andrew Cuomo. Family legacy cred. Guess the Kenney's have finally reached their end. 👌 No more loud mouth know it all New Yorkers! Both him and realDonaldTrump screwed up. We had HillaryClinton before this. Us out here west of the Hudson don’t want any more of these NYC drama queens! JoeBiden them somebody from out west.

not really. this guy is a loser. although he can't be faulted for ANYTHING he's doing the best he can given that china decided to commit premeditated murder chinavirus chinaliedpeopledied chineseBioterrorism You are no leader, you talk like a turtle, walk like a turtle, you are a turtle. Stop the quarantine! Stop spreading your economic virus!

Why does New York have more cases than California? I totally agree that his leadership to manage the epidemic in NY as a epicenter is phenomenal. But where was this very leadership when this epidemic reached its critical point in February? The Chinese nation. WSJ ChinaPuppet Bull Shit! In stark contrast to the imbecile in the WH

Which makes no sense bc NY is worst spot in US by far! No I'm not. He’s had a hard job. Can’t imagine the stress. I don’t like what I see! NYGovCuomo is bankrupting NewYorkCity He is a vicious back stabbing, corruption hiding liar. With an apparent speech defect. wsj Have you even bothered to research how dysfunctional the unemployment benefits are being handled in NY?

At least He is not Like Big bird Deblasio You guys are pretty much hacks. Most of us outside The NYC Metro couldn’t care less about your little political squabbles and we don’t think NY is the center of the universe. I know there’s a quarantine on but you WSJ guys should get out more. Not so fast you little whippersnaper. Jury is still out.

I like Gov Cuomo but the man who saved massive of lives is Gov DeWine. Gov Cuomo has certainly saved lives though. Just not as swiftly. Sometimes the crisis makes the leader, after the leader causes the crisis. He closed NY hella late! He should of locked down sooner and that would have prevented some deaths!

Weird you are pushing this 🤬 for sometime 🤔 Totally useless Cuomo thanks CCP Jack Ma for ventilators & fails to see that Ma is just Dr Jekyll who cleaned up Xi's blood after murdering 22,000+ Americans, almost 50% of them are New Yorkers. CCPVirus continue to control US by luring politicians or businessmen w/ big $$ & now med supplies

Right now he is America's Governor! Who needs trump when we have Governor Cuomo whether you live in NY or not, he's the man to watch and listen to! Gov. Cuomo Says He's Not Locking Down New York City New York City has been devastatingly hit by COVID-19 while officials in the city were encouraging people to go to parades in February and movie theaters in March? But hey, Trump’s fault, right?

Yes. I'd say Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) is doing alot more than Gov. Cuomo. No, we all still think he is complete trash no matter how much your propaganda machine tries to say we think otherwise. FakeNews Propaganda He is everything that trump is not. Bravo for Cuomo So by not calling for a shelter in place until late- after 1000s had the virus, is doing a good good job? I don’t get it.

Seriously! I don’t think so too many dubious decisions. Gavin Newsom doing a far better job. Cuomo loves the spotlight. He got a lot of help from Trump and others. 🤢 Obey your orders, Blue Tribe, your masters are speaking. Dump Biden. Obey. The nation? Think again. like when he refused to lock down the state borders? Genius move, that way, the scientists can have the samples come to them.

But indian PM got better alternative to treat corona...He gives us task weekly task and some of them include to beat the utensils and with this corona runs away because of noise... CoronavirusOutbreak Have to respect Cuomo’s courage in handling this COVID crisis. While not perfect, he’s been a leader.

The New York Establishment is trying to create a narrative with legs to foist this guy on the nation. They're afraid that Biden can't win. “We need 30,000 ventilators!” Don’t you have thousands in a warehouse? “No, I have them in a stockpile.” Disagree , he is handling the COVID19 from operations standpoint, but medically, blunders. Especially w/ Hydroxychloroquine + Z-pak, mild cases, prevent ICU / Vent.

Not at all. He's a complainer. He seemed scared, nervous, and uncertain. He can talk, but that's not leadership. Besides the 'House on Fire 🔥' news briefs .... What else 😝 It’s a ploy. Leftards really don’t want Biden. C’mon, seriously? Biden? Dude can’t remember what he’s running for! They’re trying to get someone else to run against trump.

ChrisCuomo for President. And andrewcuomo for the VP slot? You interviewed the whole nation!? Lol CA governor is the real hero The nation loved Giuliani after 9/11 so, guess what? The nation is stupid. Stupid I’m from NYC are they out of their mind? How is being the governor at the epicenter a good thing? Cuomo had the power to act independently and aggressively and he chose not to

One of the most corrupt systems in the country, highest death rates anywhere, yet they've been given more cash than most? There's also the issue that Cuomo is a globalist, tied up with the Koch's & links to Epstein. What is there to like exactly? I like NYGovCuomo ... However let's remember RudyGiuliani was a 'great leader' during the 9/11 days & he went full Trumptard... We need to temper our New York hero worship... Just sayin'

I wish he was the president, he’s a true leader Cuomo 2024! We do? Like when he declared everything under control in early March? Or hoarding, and then approving hospital only use of, chloroquine, while the Administration is skewered for suggesting it's use? Names ? Go back and look harder Enough with this nonsense--his state has the most deaths and cases by far. Stop trying to supersede the will of the people by having Cuomo replace Biden as the nominee. It would be such a travesty if a person with no votes gets hand-picked by the Establishment to be the next Prez

Gavin Newsom in CA is doing a great job too. Better than other governors and President, but not good enough to stop spreading. That's the situation and facts Are you sure? No it doesn’t. Run for potus 'The nation is seeing right through the media's bs' is a better fitting title. Are we talking about the same lackadaisical Cuomo whose late shutdown single-handedly blew up the curve and exacerbated supply issue for all? The same Cuomo who then proceeded to cry 'hey we need 30K ventilators, where are they?' which turned out to be completely false?

I like that he rocked a thin shirt w/ his nipple rings that one time. lolnation of wsj. Deathtoll of NY will in 10's of thousands. Two of the worst are DT & AC in that order. Wake up people! Nope If he dont have support of President Trump he already in worst situation Then they look into his actual record and don’t! Dude is a pretty horrible person when it comes to any other issue than CoronaVirus. Quit falling in love with everyone you see on T.V.

从我这样一个科学上网的中国人的角度来说,Andrew Cuomo 在疫情期间是一位了不起的州长,可惜他不是美国总统,他也无法主导美国。特朗普把自己打扮成了传染病学专家,正在主导美国走向危机,国民还在对他歌功颂德,这太可笑了。 Wtf? Colossal failure! Germany, Singapore, Taiwan - those countries did well. You could argue Sweden had similar deaths per million and DIDN’T shut the country down. 89 Sweden vs 67 USA. he owns it even the 's its his,,,,/

Other than botching it up in the beginning. Cuomo for President is not a thing, guys. Trump is stuck with the guy who’s beating him by 12 points and would win 38 states if the election were held today I agree that Andrew is the real leader. AndrewYang. No it doesnt! You mean panicking? Keep trying... CORRECTION: 'The media likes Cuomo more than Trump and will back him in an election bid'

So cuomo is a great leader, even though NY leads the nation in death from Wuhan Virus? And at the same time, Trump is killing people?! He’s got clear communication & great intentions! An amazing leader! Hahahahahahahaha stop sucking those DEM dic** Without NY and NJ, the death rate in America is pretty minuscule.

But if the nation speaks to New Yorkers they will quickly not like what they see on an overall basis. He's 1 in trying to get Coronavirus money to help his massive budgetary losses It’s a total disaster! If they like that, they should see how Newsome stopped it in its tracks and prepared for it at the same time.

Federal Gov daily conference should like that Absurdity. He's not demented. Hardly impressive leading attribute. NYGovCuomo NY is doing a bad job saving lives. Oh you mean the biggest freaking outbreak in the country? The guy who is handling that is your hero? What a bunch of liberal nonsense An out-there question: Will Biden drop out because of “health” problems allowing Cuomo to swoop in for the nomination?

They're all criminals. It seems like he is a little too eager to reopen everything to me Mr. Trump died people and he is responsible Does anyone “like” massive deaths and millions of scared people? How about some praise for Washington state, where we have 10k cases He reminds me of a Mafia boss! He did not prepare for a disaster. Whined and screamed about ventilators which were his responsibility. Not that likable.

Excellent job Mr Cuomo !! So NY is the worst state with the virus and the governor is the best leader. Have you compares NY with CA? Hiding ventilators and telling everyone to go mingle. Highest body count! Highest Infections! Fake news... He has failed his state miserably. Double standard. If he were Republican the media would wipe the floor with him.

Remember this: NYS could’ve had a sweet deal for ventilators for $576 million in 2015. Instead, it spent $750 million on a boondoggle “Buffalo Billion” solar panel factory that went bust. Why? Don’t lionize Coumo for something he is supposed to be doing ! Unemployment WaivetheCall Uhhh...really Are you kidding? The guy is a grandstander, got the numbers wrong and is a whiner, has family chats with brother. Trump is seeing through all the drama and doing the right thing, despite, as you say, he's using daily briefs for squabbles. You're so wrong you deserve 1 less reader

He's likable, as honest as he can be, and frank about the situation. He is CLEARLY a leader. These are the types of people we need as president but they won't bother because it's a disgusting mess of the rich paying for laws to make them more rich. Cuomo is only a success when you compare him to deBlasio, and even that is only because Trump bailed him out.

Highest number of deaths, and wsj is still pushing this incompetent troglodyte as a leader. Never trust journalists The press can make a hero or villain out of anyone. Trying to prop him up to be a presidential candidate or something Zzzzzz 6,000 dead ? Great governor! I literally don’t know one person who likes what they see other than the media continuously pushing this narrative

NYGovCuomo & his party's policies enabled this disaster in the first place. His state is the worst hit.The best crisis management is, avoiding the crisis in the first place by projecting potential problems. In that, all of you failed to project the dire threat of CCP. New York State death toll 5,000 . California death toll 500. Cuomo is not a great leader.

Gen. George S. Patton said this about being a Leader : 'It's 60% Acting the Part, 30% Knowing your Stuff, and 10% Having the Guts to do What Others Won't ' !!! He does a good job at these press conferences. But, if he is so great, why does New York State have the largest out-migration of people to other states in the US?

Who messed NY up so badly? I don’t mean WHO, I mean him!! In Gov Cuomo's 4/6/20 TV briefing he said he is requesting much more hydroxychloroquine from the White House and the Media loves it!! President Trump mentions he thinks it will help people he gets questioned by reporters and excoriated by the media PARTISAN HYPOCRISY

How come NO ONE ever asks snarky, gotch-ya questions of Gov Cuomo, Schumer or Pelosi? Why is everything they say NEVER questioned, just accepted as truth. Yet NO MATTER what President Trump says he is wrong, NO MATTER WHAT. Just PARTISAN HATE! If during a Covid19 briefing Trump joked with Ivanka about fishing & dog photos that is all the media would talk about 24/7 for days! Gov Cuomo with 562 deaths in 1 day does it and the media thinks it is a great show. NO MATTER WHAT Trump does media HATES IT!

Whether Mr. Cuomo is handling the Chinese virus issues well or not is for the masses do decide. At least, Mr. Cuomo is not hiding in a basement bunker like Mr. Biden. He really made some BIG mistakes He always spends most of his time on his baby bros show talking about their mum. Swamp Go Trump MAGA president Man

Fake news media con job He's useless - having him even in the room is amazing- totally crap A national leader with the highest death count? His state is a disaster. He would make a very good teacher. WSJ like the rest of the media falling all over themselves over Cuomo. The jury is still out on Cuomo. Some of his negative prior decisions have a negative impact on the current situation.

I don’t. I don’t want the rest of the country to be like NYC. Not wsj too? It used to be a good source of information. So sad. You better vote for Chairman Xi in China. He values life over material things!!! A real human being with the best values inculcated since childhood by parents. Cuomo is a true leader, he is an actor

He’s reading from slides and seems to be confused at what some medical experts say. But he is more personable than trump by talking about his family often. He's nervous, scared and uncertain. He's verbal, but can't lead. All he does is complain. With all due respect NY is a mess. Get your nipples pierced

It does? Or you do? That s why it’s the epicenter! No thanks He cut medicaid during a pandemic. of cases worldwide: 1. Unreported cases in the U.S. 2. Unreported cases in NY state. 3. Unreported cases in NYC. 4. Confirmed cases in the U.S. 5. Confirmed cases in NY. 6. Spain. 7. Italy We the people desperately need his leadership PresidentCuomo

No. he is only good at press conference. That’s it! WSJ. DNC. DUH. Why not, he stays on point and doesn’t make impulsive claims that have no relevance. What rock have you been living under The only reason he hasn’t been crucified for his mishandling the crisis is because he’s a Democrat. Because he embodies what it is to lead in a time of crisis. The contrast between Cuomo and Trump couldn’t be sharper

From NYC, we do like what we see indeed Omg, who did you idiots ask? His brother that's faking. Why don't you do a REAL poll and ask some Americans and not Chinese Anyone thinking he would make a great president hasn't reviewed his horrid record or lived in NY. Hey, you know what? Get off Twitter if you’re going to put up a paywall to read the article you’re referring to.

Too bad we didn’t get Mario instead of Bill . Why does the media always run after idiots? They have the largest number of deaths, he just complains all day. Hogs all the federal resources. This is just Giuliani II President Trump bailed his ass out! A REAL leader; not a fraud and blowhard congratulating himself constantly.

Not true Oh’ WSJ you do provide the comedy in these coronavirus times... Cuomo for 2020! SOME of the nation likes what it sees. The rest of us know these are the same people who wanted to make Michael Avenatti their president. He's decisive and looks good on camera. And he believes unborn babies are fodder. How can Cuomo say all lives are important as he battles Covid-19, but then say it's just fine and dandy to kill a baby right up to birth?

Is it to late to get him into the convention ? I do not see anything unusual other than he confiscated 1000 plus ventilators that were bought for this contingency a year ago that would have been useful. His honesty is by all means questionable. Once his closet of skeletons opens, all ambition will go south!

Ever hear of Beer Goggles? I think the press has NY Goggles. Meaning the networks and many of the press are in New York and consider Cuomo to be good, ignoring all the mistakes. To me Christopher Walken needs to play him on SNL. Hey we can all board a packed subway car He’s such a great leader that he’s REFUSING to enforce social distancing in Orthodox Jewish communities because he’s cut a deal for votes with them.

Bidens VP pick perhaps, then Biden takes a dive and VP Hillary rises from the ash heap, Mrs. Cuomo invests heavily in Life Insurance on her hubby---- any bets she 'retires' very wealthy due to a tragic accident? What a leader 🙋 humble & tuogh. His heart was broken but right after smile was on his face to lift up & pulled the Nation's together . He also asked President help . And thank him for Navy Comfort Ship . Sorry ! New York all those deaths . Just think ! if I could do prevent .

The most level headed person yet It is a show. People in NY don’t have much good to say Some of it. Must some sort of highly sarcastic piece. Cuomo made the most obvious and critical mistake of the whole crisis: shutting down too late. He had ONE JOB and he f it up big for the whole country. “Nation Watches Grown Adult Behave Like a Grown Adult Should and It’s News Because Trump”

What utter nonsense. He complains constantly about things he doesn’t have he and speaks in platitudes. His state leads the country in covid 19 deaths. If New York was a business, he’d be fired. Give praise to Seattle or Cali not the disaster called New York. Under the direction and leadership of realDonaldTrump - forget to mention that? 🤔

um, GavinNewsom has got him beat! You like seeing the largest viral explosion in the world happen under your nose before you take any action? 😂🤣😂🤣😂 I don't You’re smoking crack He’s starting to fall apart. Was happy with him at first, he’s slipping Cool story bro. It does? What’s to like about having your state absolutely unprepared? Begging the federal government to bail his ass out.

NewYorkGovernorIsDoingAGreatJobWithTheFactsAndFigures,WeJustCan’tSayThatAboutOur FakePresident Leadership lessons. Do you hear this lopezobrador_ AMLO you have the oportunity to rise to the challenge, don´t waste it Too much blathering I think. Sweet guy though. If you like crying whining bitches Smart, confident empathetic leader!! Stands head and shoulders above the manchild. Also bigger hands!!

You need to run for President He wasn’t very well prepared but he just seems likable. ...he’s the Democrat Party’s ace in the hole... Really? Because all I have heard is the sky is falling and we need more help from Washington. Indeed, the lack of a disaster preparedness plan from a mega city that suffered a terrorist attack of enormous proportions less than 20 years ago is mind boggling.

He’s killed off the remaining people whom the rich in NYC step over on a daily basis. What what. He was the most unprepared! Calm, reassuring, confident, speaks to the data, with a little folksiness. All the things the guy whose job it is to protect the nation can't do. AndyCuomo Really? Maybe now he is handling it better. But some very grave mistakes were made for NY State to be far worse off than any other state in the US.

Bet most of the respondents don't live in NY and have to deal with all his other policies. Like like his style, look at his actual record, not so good. 'Unprepared' Maybe in a Manhattan office 'they like what they see'. Beyond the Hudson, he doesn't register. Ha ha, Drivers licenses to illegals and letting criminals go without bail....LoL. He's a horrible politician.

That’s because the nation doesn’t live under his policies. No NY’er says this. Really? Which nation are you talking about? Has he shutdown the subway yet? As someone who lives on the other side of NYS, I’m not impressed. He fucks us regularly. 750 million for solar panels instead of wants federal help for his bloated budget. He's no leader. He's Nero.

His works are better than NY's actions. Could we get names please? Cuomo is prepared, caring - a no BS leader. His PowerPoints provide a visual to help us understand the gravity. He’s able to communicate with other leaders as well as the common people to get what NY needs. And he mixes in some humanity which we all appreciate. Truth, no hubris

He doesn’t have a room full of reporters asking him rude and disrespectful questions all the time. I’m rooting for him. Not because I agree with his politics but because of humanity. I've watched his press conferences and been impressed but is he the governor of the state of New York or the mayor of New York City?-he never talks about the rest of the state. He's all about NYC and isn't that DiBlasio's job? How is the rest of the state doing?

The nation sees in Gov Cuomo an authentic leader. It sees a man display genuine compassion and empathy. It sees a man of intelligence, character and integrity. It sees a man committed to helping his people In short in sees in Gov Cuomo all the things absent in Donald Trump Don’t start with idea of removing Biden to put Cuomo as challenger vs Trump! Andrew already said he isn’t interested in being POTUS. By the way, feud WSJ, NYT, CNN & WAPO vs Trump using Covid19 issues is getting ridiculous

미국 살인집단 -주류언론 CNN 뉴욕타임즈 워싱턴포스트 -전 언론-민주당전단지 들은 뉴욕 주지사 쿠오모 의 -COVID19 미국 국민들께 보도하기에 혈안. 중요한것은 -오바마케어 로 중산층 서민층 다 죽이고있는 민주당정책은 -미국 파괴 ! 어떠한 의료장비도 갗추지 못한 쿠오모 -국민혈세조사 You're kidding, right? He handled it well? Cuomo was wrong about the ventilators, Trump was right. Cuomo has more deaths than any other state and he gets praise. America is leading in Coronavirus cases and Trump gets hate. Junk Media and their Junk Journalism written by Junk Journalists.

Not the nation, just New Yorkers. Relax WSJ A horribly unprepared state that had to be bailed out by the federal government? Oh please 🙄🙄🙄 What does he do different than Trump? They both do daily press conferences. He has his share of mistakes: -closing NYC late -hiding supplies -did pressor in front of much desired N95 masks.-sent national guard upstate to confiscate ventilators.-told NYers 40-80% will get Covid19

Yeah, really impressed with a guy who lied about his ventilators, can't seem to manage to spread out the work load from packed hospitals to empty ones, and spends most of his time blaming others. Wow! New York The epicenter of the virus with more deaths then multiple countries combined? That Governor?

COLOMBIA, UN PAIS CON UN NARCOESTADO BASURA la registraduria creo millones de numeros de cedula para que Duque ganara las elecciones y ahora usan esos nuneros para ROBARSEN LOS SUBSIDIOS EN MEDIO DE LA PANDEMIA a las personas que mueren de hambre Yes all across the nation we like what we see in Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo is a fail So is he the Chosen One when the Democrats try to gracefully usher their Alzheimers patient presumed nominee off the stage... unsucessfully? I'm in Canada and watching him too. I like Cuomo's approach and statements a lot. Lots of TrumpBots on this one. screw cuomo The guy is a joke. Told people to go out when it wasn’t safe. Did you forget that or selectively omit it?

I prefer California's governor, Gavin Newsom. It would be so much better if either of these governors were our president right now. All thanks to realDonaldTrump for hooking NYC up with supplies and a hospital ship in 3 days... He starts with data. A winning strategy. He is so much better than my governor, and I voted for my governor!!!!

By ignoring recommendations and not being prepared? The whole country, regardless of party, should be ashamed at how unprepared they were to handle a pandemic such as this. Opinion: We all want this to be over (this is my opinion). How did he get a haircut ? I need one ! If the state and city had adopted widespread social-distancing measures a week or two earlier, including closing schools, stores and restaurants, then the estimated death toll from the outbreak might have been reduced by 50 to 80 percent.

murraymatt Good job on keeping the paper straight. So should the rest of ur nation! I cannot decide when I look at the comments since I am not at NY but its not all his fault acting so late. WHO announced pandemic really late and until that all countries didn't think it was such a big deal. Modern world didn't see a pandemic before but he is talking properly

So far it is a disaster. He is our national leader right now Here we go. Of course he has ... he is a Democrat. Is this some joke? What nation is this? He's a Leader! Sheeple.. this man is what total incompetence looks like. Why didn’t his first responders have enough PPE for a biological attack considering NYC is on every terrorist’s radar? They waited until 7000 people tested positive until he locked the city down.

Cometh the hour cometh the man It's like watching a robot's batteries run low Frustratingly slow cadence and very repetitive According to NBCNews he is throwing lots of people in jail? Doesn’t matter how much you flatter him he doesn’t want to run against trump in 2020 and lose. He saw what happened to Bloomberg and he didn’t even make it past the first boss! trump2020 coronavirus CuomoForPresident Election2020 Biden2020

Cuomo has been fantastic. His judgment was terrible! Missed the target by a mile! I guess the only thing that really matters doesn't really matter to the left! He's a fucking cure for insomnia. Look deeper! Nice work, Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo Has Launched a New Stay-at-Home Campaign on InstagramNew York Governor NYGovCuomo is urging residents of his state to stay home amidst the coronavirus pandemic, spreading the word via hashtags NewYorkTough and IStayHomeFor.

Hate him or love him—New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo can teach us a lot about how to speak during a pandemicAs the leader of the state now hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo 's political star could easily be plunging. But the opposite is happening, thanks to his textbook demonstration of how leaders should speak in a time of crisis. MakeIt Yes specially after a very late reaction from him MakeIt Dude is straight ass. Babbles on and on for hours a day. MakeIt Do nothing Democrats!

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Skeptical Of Broadway’s June 7 Return: “I Wouldn’t Use What Broadway Thinks As A Barometer Of Anything”New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo expressed skepticism about Broadway’s just-announced June 7 reopening date. “I wouldn’t use what Broadway thinks as a barometer of anything unless they&… Lmao gottem Ouch. rude

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Coronavirus: Andrew Zimmern says Americans 'need to be using food as a prescription for better health’Andrew Zimmern, host of MSNBC's 'What's Eating America,' discusses COVID-19's impact on America and the food industry.

How Andrew and Chris Cuomo's Sibling Rivalry Captured Our HeartsBrothers Andrew Cuomo , the governor of New York, and Chris Cuomo, CNN host, have a playful sibling rivalry playing out in the media that people can't get enough of I'm looking for an advertising contract. A short description about me. I am 168 meters tall with blue eyes, I weigh 65 kilos and my hair color is black. I already miss my partner at my side with or without children. Dogs wish exists. My favourite dish is tortellini Number of fucks given.....