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Some WeWork directors considering removal of Adam Neumann as CEO: WSJ

Bloc of WeWork board members planning to try to remove Neumann as CEO: WSJ


Bloc of WeWork board members planning to try to remove Neumann as CEO : WSJ

Some WeWork board members, including officials tied to SoftBank Group Corp |9984...

WeWork’s owner The We Company has faced concerns about its corporate governance standards, as well as the sustainability of its business model.

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It should be called WeWrite Down to Zero. What to do when you raise money at valuations so high that you can’t even plug retail investors? The game of PE hot potato is coming to an end. Maybe they should “try” to make him return the 700mil? Can they if he fights it loved reading the piece on him, good stuff.

Emphasis on “try”.

WeWork Has Bigger Problems Than Adam NeumannFor instance, its business model. And convincing potential IPO investors of a $20 billion valuation is looking very difficult. Never trust a CEO with long hair who builds a company with ridiculously high valuations. WeWork seems like a cult to me. Is ‘negative profits’ a thing? Doesn’t help when the CEO cashes out $700 million before the IPO.

SoftBank's Masa Son is in favor of ousting WeWork CEO Adam NeumannThe news follows a tumultuous week in which WeWork postponed its IPO roadshow and new revelations were published about Neumann's behavior. We work has been taking hits ever since Hysterical- what a scam- guess having Billions to invest does not guarantee you have any BRAINS- hahahahahaha

WSJ News Exclusive | Some WeWork Board Members Seek to Remove Adam Neumann as CEOA bloc of WeWork directors is planning to push Adam Neumann to step down as chief executive after a tumultuous week in which the startup delayed its IPO . How much longer can they play the malinvestment game? A decade, two? Three? The rest of this century?

WeWork sparks worries about Masayoshi Son’s Vision FundsWeWork's co-founder Adam Neumann is 'humbled' by the delayed IPO . His cheerleader-in-chief, Masayoshi Son, probably is not

Renovation work on WeWork CEO Adam Neumann's $10.5 million Manhattan townhome led to disputes with contractors over $1 million in alleged unpaid billsNeumann and his wife Rebekah planned to completely renovate their townhome. But contractors claimed they didn't pay all their bills. Adam Neumann seems like a peach... WeWork I hope he pays his pot dealer cash upfront. Shocker.

Things are only going to get worse for WeWork, predicts NYU professor Scott Galloway: ‘It’s beginning to smell like malfeasance’Things are only going to get worse for WeWork, predicts NYU professor profgalloway: ‘It’s beginning to smell like malfeasance' profgalloway Is that smell from a bong?

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