Some Professional Degrees Leave Students With High Debt but Without High Salaries

Degrees in dentistry and veterinary medicine are increasingly leaving many students with ruinous debt, threatening the industries in which they hoped to provide a public service, a WSJ data analysis found.

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12/4/2021 9:30:00 PM

Professional degrees like dentistry and veterinary medicine are leaving many students with immense college debt, threatening the outlook for fields that provide essential public services, according to an analysis of federal data

Degrees in dentistry and veterinary medicine are increasingly leaving many students with ruinous debt, threatening the industries in which they hoped to provide a public service, a WSJ data analysis found.

Dr. Sara Jastrebski, right, checked a dog’s breathing during an examination in Bear, Del., on Monday.Kriston Jae Bethel for The Wall Street Journal

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Renault-Nissan to do more together in $26 bln electric bet

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Instead of solving the problem with tax payer funded student debt relief maybe rethink why tuition is so high in the US to begin with . StaySafe.😷🍞⌚🗣️Arms akimbo 📚👉🦍🇿🇦💍 Colleges have been able to continually raise their costs because of the promotion of student and parent loans. Now , let's look at the outrageous cost of supplies, ... books

I have a degree in architecture, as well as in IT. I've managed to pay off both loans by working in construction. I get paid more building the designs than the designers. The educational systems have been allowed to charge outrageous fees,plus whenever the govt runs anything it becomes a total mess 😟 Can we take away their debt and give it to therapists? The vast majority don't know what the hell they're doing

This is why, when we speak of the need for federal tuition assistance, we need to differentiate between degrees that have market value and those that don't. I realize that's easier said than done, but simply providing federal funding for all college debt is not the answer.

Parents of alleged Oxford shooter Ethan Crumbley facing involuntary manslaughter chargesCrumbley has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder after the death of four students at Michigan's Oxford High School on Tuesday.

A graduate is an investment for the country, a good physician, a good engineer, a good economist benefits the whole society, that's why civil countries have public schools. We could start by eliminating the artificial limits placed on medical and dental schools. We could then eliminate the Federal student-loan program, which has grossly inflated tuition. Those two steps would probably largely resolve the issue.

Throw PTs in there too. I blame APTAtweets . Pushing to make us stay in school longer to get doctorates but not making sure we get the pay that matches the degree One of the richest countries in the world the US and we can't have free college education especially for our STEM students and trade schools...this will only be one of the downfalls of the country.

What legal analysts say about charges against parents in Michigan school shootingThe parents of the suspect in a shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan that left four students dead this week are facing involuntary manslaughter charges in those deaths. Legal experts were quick to point out that such charges are far from the norm. They willfully ignored warnings & put their crazy armed kid back in school to kill. willfullignorance is the 8th deadly sin. EndGunViolence It is about time that the gun owners were held responsible. Gun owners should make sure their lethal weapons can't be reached by others. I have said all along bring charges against the weapon owner and things would change. You Fabricated fake News Regarding Ethiopian school Lockdown. Ethiopia Close Schools To Collect Harvested Crops Of Ethiopian Defencing farmers. That is only for one week. The education minister announced on Dec, 3/2021 This is The Only Truth.

Manhunt underway for parents of Michigan school shooting suspectJennifer and James Crumbley, the parents of a teenager charged with killing four students at a Michigan high school were charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. Start here Omfg.. do you report ANYTHING legit anymore? There is no manhunt. They puto out a BOLO for them as is standard. Their lawyer already contacted Sheriff that they are on their way from somewhere else. No clue where they went but c'mon.. when will u EVER become a legit news source? Our thoughts and prayers are with you all! Hearts are broken 💔!

Suspect’s parents charged in Michigan school shooting; lawyer says they didn't fleeJennifer and James Crumbley, parents of a teen accused of killing four students at a Michigan high school, were charged with involuntary manslaughter. Involuntary…? This is like the biggest opportunity I had in making money from the comfort of the home, gratitude to Geoffreypreud this is really amazing..... I'm counting the racks like never before about $15,800. I think my job is actually a waste of time. Thank you Mr Geoffrey send a DM

Chief: Michigan Suspect's Parents Found Hiding In BuildingA sheriff's office in Michigan says the parents of a teen accused of killing four students in a shooting at a high school were caught while hiding in a Detroit commercial building. Guns are for cowards who fear their own shadow. It's an entire family of🍑🕳️s Weird. Their attorney said they’d be turning themselves in? Also, I hear they are really GREAT parents…

School Chief: Discipline Not Needed For Boy Before ShootingTim Throne repeatedly credited students and staff at Oxford High School for how they responded to the violence Tuesday.