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Some Private Schools Win Families, Others Lose Them in Coronavirus Pandemic

High tuition costs are deterring some families from private schools amid the Covid-19 pandemic, while the possibility of in-person instruction is attracting others

8/15/2020 7:45:00 PM

High tuition costs are deterring some families from private schools amid the Covid-19 pandemic, while the possibility of in-person instruction is attracting others

The pandemic is throwing the start of school into chaos across the country. For private K-12 schools, it is creating opportunities for some, threatening the survival of others, and raising concerns about growing inequities in access to education.

Aug. 15, 2020 11:00 am ETAt the private Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles, new videoconferencing cameras will let faculty simultaneously teach students tuning in from home along with those learning on campus.So far, its officials estimate the school has spent well into six figures on steps to operate safely during the pandemic, once California authorities give the green light for campuses to reopen.

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Trump, Biden clash in final debate on COVID-19 response, health care, race

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in the final presidential debate of the 2020 election from Belmont University in Nashville Thursday.

Toddler and preschool programs often serve as 'feeders' - and sources of financial resources - for elementary programs. With the move to online instruction, parents are no longer enrolling their little ones in early ed. Definitely a tough time for many private schools. The anti-LGBT school where “Mother Pence” teaches art is open so come on down! Masks encouraged, but not required! PenceIsAFakeChristianandHuman

You will see an influx of medium priced, secular private schools after this. 💯🦅 School vouchers would solve this problem. JuanAbelG

Families struggle with financial impact of at-home schooling amid coronavirus pandemicNBC News' Stephanie Ruhle takes an in-depth look at the financial toll at-home schooling may have on families already struggling with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. KennethHowardC3 SRuhle Consumerism is the problem as well. We buy things we don't need, and pay with money we don't have to work longer hours to pay for the things we couldn't afford, ruled by laws that are designed to take 1/3 and tell you have a good day. BYDESIGN SRuhle The financial crisis was created by the democrats.

Digital Sex Is Here to Stay, So Let's Make it SaferDating and intimacy practices have changed dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ok Elon I thought this was Cosmopolitan but once again you do this Tell me about it!

Target Hits on Winning Formula Amid Covid Pandemic\n\t\t\n\t\t\t\n\t\t\n\tTarget is hitting on a winning formula amid the coronavirus pandemic. Aaronback explains why it’s his stock pick for 2020. WSJWhatsNow AaronBack So glad our trying-not-to-die shopping can help you rich ppl out

Arne Duncan: 'I worry a lot about what we're seeing with athletes now'“I’m extraordinarily concerned about the risks, not just short-term but long-term that we're putting student-athletes in because of the revenue they generate,' fmr. Secy. of Education Duncan says, discussing college sports restarting amid the pandemic. Trump is the one to blame. Why didn’t he care? Why is there still no federal plan? Their free tuition, room/board is the payment they're receiving for playing college sports. Most matriculating students aren't like them, and graduating debt free. 'I’m extraordinarily concerned about the risks' Translation: I'm worried about a huge cash flow drying up. Perhaps colleges should spend more energy on learning. 🤔

Opinion: Duke and Notre Dame, prestigious academic schools, surprisingly silent as football presses on'For 48 hours now, the silence has been deafening from the schools you would least expect to remain quiet about the health and safety of their student-athletes,' cbrennansports writes in this opinion piece for usatodaysports cbrennansports usatodaysports cbrennansports usatodaysports Becasue covid is complete and utter bull shit ! cbrennansports usatodaysports Southern schools in red states. 🤔

NCAA Says No Championships This Fall, Except Maybe FootballThere are not enough schools participating because of coronavirus cancellations and season postponements. The NCAA is governed by the descendants of foreign slave capitalists who are obsessed with profiting from the labor of the indigenous its forefathers declassified as African-Americans. Apartheid is barely noticeable when you have sports as a distraction. NCAA is illegitimate. The NCAA did NOT want the “student” athletes to form a more perfect union. A College Players Association. These deferred millionaires don’t want to be your slave labor during a pandemic. Football?