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Some people of color worry reopening rethreads nation's dark economic narrative: Analysis

ANALYSIS: For some, patriotic reopening appeals could come at a deadly and familiar price.

5/29/2020 1:41:00 PM

ANALYSIS: For some, patriotic reopening appeals could come at a deadly and familiar price.

Communities of color worry that patriotic appeals to reopen the country come at a deadly price that feels all too familiar, according to an ABC News analysis.

and financial upheaval, white Americans tend to fare better than blacks, Latinos, Asian Americans and Native Americans.Water is delivered by staff of the John Hopkins Center for American Indian Health at a home with no running water, near the Navajo Nation town of Fort Defiance in Arizona, May 22, 2020.

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Water is delivered by staff of the John Hopkins Center for American Indian Health at a home with no running water, near the Navajo Nation town of Fort Defiance in Arizona, May 22, 2020.Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty ImagesRecent figures on the virus' impact further highlight the divide and, by extension, some of the reasons why communities of color are especially concerned.

Overall, theAmerican economy lost 20.5 million jobs, skyrocketing the unemployment rate to 14.7%.Broken down by racial groups, the U.S. unemployment rate in April climbed to 14.2% for whites, 16.7% for blacks, 14.5% for Asians and 18.9% for Hispanics, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While white Americans make up the majority of essential workers nationally, people of color are heavily overrepresented, according to data from the Economic Policy Institute.Overall, people of color --blacks, Latinos, Asian Americans and others who identify as non-white -- make up 43% of all essential workers in the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an analysis of data released last week by the Economic Policy Institute.

Black Americans represent just over 13% of the population according to the Census, and they encompass 15% of all essential workers in the pandemic. Latinos represent just over 18% of the population and make up 21% of the essential workforce.The question of who will pay the price amid patriotic calls to rally to action on America’s behalf has long been the dark economic thread woven into the nation’s narrative.

At this nation’s founding, European settlers seeking economic and religious freedoms from England killed, displaced and stole valuable land and resources from the indigenous people who called the Americas home.The enslavement of African peoples fueled the U.S. economy for centuries, built its infrastructure and even its Capitol and White House. Even after their descendants were freed, racist labor policies further ensured that

American industries benefitted from their work.“Go West, young man” and “Manifest Destiny” defined 19th-century American expansion across the continent, which came often at the expense of the treatment of Chinese immigrants who helped build the nation’s railroads. Mexican Americans had their land stolen in what would later become the American Southwest and West Coast. Both groups were relegated to low wage work during that period of the nation’s growth.

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now the media is keeping the race war going Who? What is the race, ethnicity, nationality of the people your story is referring to? How blatantly disrespectful are you news organization going continue being. If when you mean white you say white and not some disrespectful euphemism 'PONC ', people of no color. STOP.

What the actual fuck is a patriotic reopening appeal. It's either intelligent or it's stupid. Not patriotic. Why is it that you are always trying to divide? It's not people of color, it's poor people. And in case you can't fathom reality poor comes in all colors. What are you trying to gain by dividing America? You can try, but We the People won't be having any of it. Period.

LOCKDOWNFAILURE LOCKDOWNFRAUD Absolutely shocked to see corporate media pushing a weird racial angle on 'Corona' news. For. 005% of the population. This is a political hit piece by ABC news. First you are finger pointing at reckless patriots (aka. conservatives) and throwing in the race card (blacks are being endangered by these reckless patriots). All of this is being done subtly, but your underlying message is clear.

Why is the media so far the lockdown? Proven it does help ! 😡 Lol Ok and In set my taikun Stupid article. Not surprised ABC “Reopening the economy is racist” should play well with voters in November. Y’all should totally keep going with this narrative. What a sad life, sitting around complaining about being brown all day. If you want to end racism go so something positive.

What does 'patriotic' mean?

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