“Some of the boldest protesters have called for reform of the monarchy”—Thailand’s under-fire king

Also on the daily podcast: the secrets of the Freemasons, and why Britain has gone raving mad

9/18/2020 1:40:00 PM

Today on “The Intelligence”: Thailand’s monarchy under pressure, the future of Freemasonry and why illegal raves are making a comeback in Britain

Also on the daily podcast: the secrets of the Freemasons, and why Britain has gone raving mad

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Trump, Biden clash in final debate on COVID-19 response, health care, race

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in the final presidential debate of the 2020 election from Belmont University in Nashville Thursday.

Freemasonry is behind Pres. Duterte's rise in power. The US, NATO and EU countries knew it. Philippine Freemasons are at par in sovereignty with US, Russia, EU, Africa and the Arab countries.

New Generation Presses Thailand’s Military and Monarchy to Step Away From PoliticsA new generation in Thailand has taken to the streets against a system they see as dictatorial and out-of-place in the 21st century, with some questioning the very foundation of what it means to be Thai. so familiar sign, symbol of nazi coup in Ukraine 2013-2014, meet nazi «Svoboda» party banned in EU. while our youth is being taught to chant Death to America ... and how great socialism is ... weird, expected, predicted

Apprehensive Thais await major political rally in BangkokA two-day rally this weekend is jangling nerves in Bangkok, with apprehension about how far student demonstrators will go in pushing demands for reform of Thailand’s monarchy and how the authorities might react. Jangling nerves...a good band name ก็มีแต่ควายๆๆทั้งนั้น 5555😆

Anti-India clashes erupt in Kashmir after rebels, civilian killedHundreds protest in Srinagar in India-administered Kashmir after a police shootout kills three suspected rebels and a 45-year-old woman. Arabs Are involved Palestine holocaust and kashmiri particularly mbs and mbz Shahidmasooddr

A Doctor Went Viral For Saying His Daughter Was Attacked By BLM. She Wasn’t.A clash between motorists and so-called squeegee kids in Baltimore quickly spread on Twitter after a respected doctor falsely described it as an attack by Black Lives Matter protesters. The BLM boogie man stikes again.... We have all been attacked by BLM He's auditioning for a spot with the LawlessPresidency ?

U.N. Panel Says Venezuelan Regime Committed Crimes Against HumanityA U.N. panel said Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and some of his top lieutenants committed crimes against humanity by ordering extrajudicial executions, the jailings of political rivals and the torture of protesters Dr. Zakir Naik 🖥 The same U.N. that's been accused of human trafficking?

Federal officials considered using 'heat ray' on D.C. protesters, report saysA military whistleblower says federal officials sought some unusual crowd control devices — including one that’s been called a “heat ray” — to deal with protesters . Biden & Harris is a death trap for America ... ... So how did we get here? Seriously America. Slow down. Listen to each other. Do you really want another bad policy or do you want your neighbor to respect you? Have you even talked to your neighbor? Stop assuming everyone is bad.