'Some of his tweets have not been helpful': GOP senators criticize Trump's Floyd protest rhetoric

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A number of Senate Republicans criticized the president's rhetoric on protests demanding action after George Floyd's death in Minneapolis.

Trump says violent Minneapolis protests dishonor George Floyd’s memory, Twitter labels ‘shooting’ tweet as ‘glorifying violence’

"The country is looking for healing and calm," Thune said Monday at the Capitol."And I think the president needs to project that in his tone. He masters that sometimes, and that’s the tone he needs to strike right now." Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah and a frequent critic of the president, said a tweet by the president that said"when the looting starts, the shooting starts" was"unfortunate." But he noted Trump walked back the comments after many took the tweet as a threat and others pointed out the phrase echoed a Miami police chief who, in 1967, made clear his distaste for civil rights activists.

"You have to dominate," he said, according to audio of the meeting obtained by CBS News."If you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time. They’re going to run over you, you’re going to look like a bunch of jerks. You have to dominate."Calling protests 'acts of domestic terror,' Trump orders additional help for cities to clamp down on riots


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Your kinda late to the part Lady!!🤬

Neither has your opinion

it's okay....Joe Biden delivered a perfectly beautiful speech today that promoted justice and healing....just like a President should. It's okay Trump, we have Joe to handle your business for the next few months

People critical of him? You're kidding me. Aren't they government officials? What are THEY doing? Talking heads?

please find another voice besides concerned Susan Collins...

Lady retire

Congress does nothing anyway

You think? You fence strataling hypocrites

Let me guess... Those Republicans who represent states where they are projected to loose to Democratic competitors? It is called not empathy but hypocrisy and heartless strategically right decision.

Remember this republicans

A little late and totally ineffective, just like they were when they had the chance to remove him from office. There won't be a second.

So USA Today, your saying that a number of Senate Republicans are criticizing the POTUS for his demanding quick action from the DOJ to serve justice for George Floyd&for ordering protection for the AMERICAN PPL!Hmm I would say those Sen. Repub. will not survive the 2020 election!

Susan needs to cut the bullshit. Most likely to late for her.

Protest in peace George Floyd brother is right.

George Floyd brother said the truth he.Said what he said from the heart stop the looting.But keep up the protest but in peace.

SenSusanCollins what a complete and utter disappointment you have been for women and peopleofcolor. We can only hope your opponent wins in a landslide.

The ones we never hear from only when they have something negative to say about POTUS ? Is that the ones?

Senators that are critical are weak and or stupid. When would be the correct time for force, after six months of rioting, looting and arson? Or maybe when it comes to their neighborhood?

Sometime republicans

SenatorCollins is concerned ooooooooh!!!!!!

How bout his latest photo op? Using military to forcibly clear peaceful protesters for it.

Tell me Susan when Trump finally learns his lesson

This man has been attacked by everyone and he stands up for himself and he’s the bully? What a crock of dooo!!!

Susan Collins you failed us and your state. Your words are hollow.

All it is is words!! Actions speak louder than words!! They will DO nothing!!

Too little, too late Susan

VoteBlue✌🏼💙2020 No more clowns🤡🤡

Sorry, but the damage has been done. They had opportunity to address glaring issues - today is no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.

AAAAAA hahahahahahaha Some GOP pretending to care again. Funny how the 'caring' never amounts to action.

When in the hell are you R going to do something about that idiot. He’s complicit in EVERYTHING happening in this country.

Talk about “weak”

It's to late for these republicans to start talking moral behavior. They had their chance numerous times in the past but chose to do nothing and now Trump has escalated worst. They'll have to pay the price of not being reelected and some may be investigated after a Biden win.

Like Trump, they are all spineless cowards.....

USA today you mean career politician who don’t care about America but only to fill there pockets!!!! Both dems and repubs!!!! The dems hate America which makes them even raw then the repubs!!!!

She needs to GTFO

This is how people put down their sharp sworded tongues, pointing fingers, and egos to create dialog.. Geez.... BeTheChangeYouWantToSee

They had their chance to rid us all of him in January, but they chose to approve of his lawlessness and NOW they are complicit in the upcoming authoritarian destruction. Collins, McConnell, Graham, Cruz, and all their ghouls are equally to blame for what happens next.

No one wants to hear from the people who voted against impeachment. Just like I don’t wanna hear anything from the people who didn’t show up in 2016

'Some of his tweets have not been helpful' That's all she's got WTF?

Not her again

Whatever. Too little too late.

Yet when push comes to shove they will kiss his as and suck his dick when asked to do so.

Yeah the RINO's going along with the deep-state narrative big surprise. Pick one: Trump or Collapse of the Republic

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad some GOP Senators are speaking out. But they’re the irrelevant Senators. Many who are doing so cuz they’re getting beat up on their upcoming election. Rich Mitch speaking out clearly and strongly would be something to report

GOPSenators could of averted this gross incompetence. If they would of held legitimate impeachment hearings, President Clownshoes might not be in office to waste everybody’s time with deep diving rhetoric

They would be concerned if they were being beaten and ravaged

Tone deaf!

Republicans are gutless. Their words are meaningless cause they refuse to do anything

Too late Republicans

Well I guess you just fold under real pressure....I guess burning a church, businesses set on fire, and looting must be OK...Sad no backbones, just weak politicians...Reality is just another word.......

Nope. You had your chance to stand up to him. Pathetic that only Mitt Romney had the stones to do it. We are way, WAY past pearl clutching and “well he’s not helpful.” We are going to vote all of you out in November and not return any of you to power until you change.

Yellow streaks down their backs, they have no backbone so they slither along

SenatorCollins is a cowardly realDonaldTrump enabler. She’ll be an ugly footnote in history.

I try to be positive as well, however you are representing citizens of the US, to say trumps comments weren’t helpful- well you are not being helpful! Be honest!!!

Yeah. How'd that weak ass criticism work on his calling out our United States military to go up against their own people? BS. Stop writing fairy tales. These Republican Senators don't give a shit what Trump does. They are in lockstep. Look it up in a dictionary.

She's very very vexed.

Just saying.....

I feel like every elected Republican is the apologetic child of an alcoholic

And this. Stop it now. Said FloydRiots family.


It’s too late. You’ve empowered him during this administration and you’re the only ones to blame. It falls upon your shoulders and it’s now your cross to bear.

If the GOP Senators do not want to be procecuted as accessories for Constitution violations and Civil War, then I suggest they convene and vote to remove a mentally unstable US President.

do something, don't talk about it he must go

DICKtator tRump likes 'The Siege 1998'

I am sure she is concerned.

Is SenatorCollins troubled and concerned again? Awww

most of her votes haven't been helpful, especially for Women. Now she playing the government slot machine of holier than thou unless she gets her way..

SenSusanCollins you are far too wishy-washy to be in the US Senate. It is a deliberative and thoughtful body. Not a 'well, ya know, it's hard to form an opinion given all the yadda yadda'

Don’t care..

ILLINOIS RESIDENTS, PLEASE, GET A PETITION SIGNED BY ALL AMERICANs TO RECALL YOUR GOVERNOR IMMEDIATELY. PLEASE. PLEASE. I’m old and am asking you to not wait till His RE-election. Please recall Gov. Pritzker NOW. HE is a disgraceful AMERICAN. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

A tremendous understatement.


Susan Collins miffed photo. She is just adorable!

So? 'The reason we have a federal government is to protect liberty when state governments are either inherently unable or unwilling to do so.'

Has he learned SenatorCollins ?

She’s a fraud. SenatorCollins will never do the right thing. She is pro-dictatorship.

Aaaaaggghh stop

Let me guess she is very concerned again.

I’ll bet Collins is concerned

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