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Some Countries Threaten Citizens With Jail if They Return From India

Some nations that have largely contained Covid-19 have threatened their own citizens with jail time or heavy fines if they try to get home from India

5/4/2021 10:30:00 AM

Some nations that have largely contained Covid-19 have threatened their own citizens with jail time or heavy fines if they try to get home from India

Australia says violators of its travel ban, including its own citizens, could face five years’ imprisonment after New Zealand eases a similar restriction to exempt its own citizens.

SYDNEY—Thewave of Covid-19 sweeping Indiais leading some nations that have largely contained the virus to threaten their own citizens with jail time or heavy fines if they try to get home from the South Asian country.Australia has banned travel from India because it fears positive cases would overwhelm its quarantine system, which has largely kept the country free of coronavirus until now. New Zealand last month temporarily prohibited all travelers from India before modifying the policy to allow its citizens to return.

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Australia’s ban on travel from India is temporary and is due to expire on May 15, at which time the government could decide to extend it. The ban doesn’t apply to people who have been outside of India for 14 days. But those flouting the rules could face up to five years in jail or a fine of roughly $50,000.

Violators of New Zealand’s ban could also have faced fines and a jail sentence, though officials in the South Pacific country said no one breached the order.Some legal experts and academics have said that such moves raise serious human-rights concerns and that the willingness of policy makers to restrict individual freedoms when the pandemic is largely under control domestically could set a troubling precedent. headtopics.com

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Western values This just shows how the free, developed and civilized world treats its citizens. Where are the human right fighters from America? The US should send warship and missile to teach lesson to this nation, let me be clear, it is Australia. Urgent call for journalists, human rights and other organizations for investigating all the ongoing violations of human rights and killings in Colombia. Another night of terror and violence all around the country. This must be investigated, reported and above all stopped ASAP

Australia's India ban criticised as 'racist' rights breachThe threat to jail Australian citizens returning home from India has been widely condemned. Perhaps they are following the science & protecting the people already in Australia which enables them to remain safe & Covid free - using their island status to protect ?

Hermit nation: Australia locks out its citizens in extreme new Covid policyFive years jail and a $51,000 fine: that’s the price Australian citizens can expect to pay if they’ve been in India and try to board a flight home to Australia in coming weeks. Smart. Seems.... excessive?! Nobody believes anything you say anymore

Australian government accused of racism over threats to imprison travelers from India for five yearsThe Australian government has been accused of racism after threatening five-year prison sentences for citizens who breach a temporary ban on travel between India and Australia. 这货就是一sb Racism is not the cause of everything. Time for a break Yeah nah. Not even close.

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