Solomon Islands police find 3 bodies after violent protests | AP News

Solomon Islands police found three bodies in a burned-out building and arrested more than 100 people after violent protests sparked by concerns about the Pacific nation's increasing links with China.

Honiara, Taiwan

11/27/2021 4:17:00 PM

Solomon Islands police found three bodies in a burned-out building and arrested more than 100 people after violent protests sparked by concerns about the Pacific nation's increasing links with China .

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Solomon Islands police found three bodies in a burned-out building and arrested more than 100 people in this week's violence sparked by concerns about the Pacific nation's increasing links with China .

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Solomon Islands police found three bodies in a burned-out building and arrested more than 100 people in this week’s violence sparked by concerns about the Pacific nation’s increasing links with China.Australian media reported the bodies were recovered late Friday after riots and protests subsided. No other details were given.

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Authorities imposed a curfew in the capital Honiara, after a 36-hour lockdown ordered by the embattled Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare ended Friday.Sogavare blamed outside interference for stirring up the protests calling for his resignation, with a thinly veiled reference to Taiwan and the United States.

Sogavare has been widely criticized by leaders of the country’s most populous island of Malaita for a 2019 decision to drop diplomatic ties with Taiwan in favor of mainland China. Beijing claims the self-ruled island of Taiwan as part of its territory.

ADVERTISEMENTHis government, meanwhile, has been upset over millions in U.S. aid promised directly to Malaita, rather than through the central government on the largest island of Guadacanal, where Honiara is located. The two islands have been rivals for decades.

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Andrew Yang, a professor at Taiwan’s National Sun Yat-sen University and former deputy defense minister, said China’s efforts to win diplomatic recognition from the Solomon Islands are part of a competition for regional dominance with the United States and its ally, Australia.

The Solomon Islands, with a population of about 700,000, are about 1,500 kilometers (1,000 miles) northeast of Australia. They are best known for the bloody fighting that took place there during World War II between the United States and Japan.Riots and looting targeting Hoinara’s Chinatown and downtown precincts erupted Wednesday out of a peaceful protest in the capital by people from Malaita. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the demonstrators, who set fire to the National Parliament, a police station and many other buildings.

Critics also blamed the unrest on complaints of a lack of government services and accountability, corruption and Chinese businesses giving jobs to foreigners instead of locals.Since the 2019 shift in allegiance from Taiwan to China, there has been an expectation of massive infrastructure investment from Beijing — locally rumored to be in the range of $500 million — but with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic shortly after the shift, none of that has yet materialized.

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Malaita threatened to hold a referendum on independence over the issue, but that was quashed by Sogavare’s government.A plane carrying Australian police and diplomats are in Honiara to help local police restore order. Up to 50 more Australian police and 43 defense force personnel were also deployed following a request by Sogavare under a bilateral treaty with Australia. The presence of an independent force, though small, seemed to help quell some of the violence.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has been following the protests “with concern,” his deputy spokesman Farhan Haq said.“(Guterres) calls for an end to the violence and the protection of hard-won peacebuilding gains. He urges dialogue and ceful means to address differences,” Haq said in a statement on Friday.

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Australia is creating instability in SolomonIslands .

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Solomon Islands leader blames foreign powers for unrest | AP NewsCANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare on Friday blamed foreign interference over his government’s decision to switch alliances from Taiwan to Beijing for anti-government protests, arson and looting that have ravaged the capital Honiara in recent days. He is right. Australia is creating instability in SolomonIslands to punish them for their alliance with China. In short, it is dirty politics. ScottMorrisonMP is a slave for the West. China was the aggressor with those aircraft. Taiwan did nothing to cause that. It's that simple.

Solomon Islands PM blames foreign powers for unrest as protests spreadForeign countries are responsible for stoking unrest that has led to violent protests in the Solomon Islands , Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said on Friday, as the small South Pacific island country struggles to quell the unrest. In China, I cannot get justice for my father's death due to academic corruption caused by medical corruption, malfeasance in judicial, law enforcement agencies, government administrative departments and discipline inspection, and lack of conscience in media supervision. thanks aka Facebook?

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Australia deploys peacekeepers as riots rock Solomon Islands Australia rushed peacekeepers to the Solomon Islands Thursday, hoping to quell riots that threatened to topple the Pacific nation's government and left its capital ablaze. Enterprise needs to smooth things back over in the Solomons? Revolution is happening around the world and you guys are not part of it but you will be, you will be! This has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH WHITE PRIVILEGE! Yahoo, do something! Tell us again how these White devils concocted such destruction! White supremacy....