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Social Media Has a Lot to Say About Nars’ Phallic Lipstick Campaign

#NSFW is an understatement.


Social media was quick to react to NARS Cosmetics' phallic lipstick campaign.

#NSFW is an understatement.

honestly in love with this color and now I must have it to soften my boner

NARS tests on animals but y’all are worked up about this fucking ad? WACK

NARS reached meteoric levels of fame with a blush called “Orgasm,” and there are plenty of other shade names that will make you…well, blush. François Nars is such a genius, in fact, that he sold his company to Shiseido and then bought his own island in the South Pacific.

Nars literally has products called Orgasm, Pussy Control, DEEP THROAT…… What did you expect sis.

those who are disturbed clearly are not familiar with the brand. Nars IS sex appeal, and has always been. Before makeup was even mainstream, they were releasing colors named “Deepthroat” and “Orgasm” like…cmon y’all

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NARSCosmetics G ikso

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