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Social Democrats beat Merkel's bloc in German elections

BREAKING: The center-left Social Democrats have won the biggest share of the vote in Germany’s national election, beating outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s center-right Union bloc in a closely fought race.

9/27/2021 6:09:00 AM

BREAKING: The center-left Social Democrats have won the biggest share of the vote in Germany ’s national election, beating outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel ’s center-right Union bloc in a closely fought race.

BERLIN (AP) — Germany 's center-left Social Democrats won the biggest share of the vote in a national election Sunday, narrowly beating outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel ’s center-right Union bloc in a closely fought race that will determine who succeeds the long-time leader at the helm of Europe 's biggest economy.

’s center-right Union bloc in a closely fought race that will determine who succeeds the long-time leader at the helm of Europe’s biggest economy.The Social Democrats’ candidate Olaf Scholz, the outgoing vice chancellor and finance minister who pulled his party out of a years-long slump, said the outcome was “a very clear mandate to ensure now that we put together a good, pragmatic government for Germany.”

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Despite getting its worst-ever result in a federal contest, the Union bloc said it too would reach out to smaller parties to discuss forming a government, while Merkel stays on in a caretaker role until a successor is sworn in.ADVERTISEMENTElection officials said early Monday that a count of all 299 constituencies showed the Social Democrats received 25.9% of the vote, ahead of 24.1% for the Union bloc. No winning party in a German national election had previously taken less than 31% of the vote.

Armin Laschet, the governor of North Rhine-Westphalia state who outmaneuvered a more popular rival to secure the nomination of Merkel’s Union bloc, had struggled to motivate the party’s base and suffered a series of missteps.“Of course, this is a loss of votes that isn’t pretty,” Laschet said of results that looked set to undercut by some measure the Union’s previous worst showing of 31% in 1949. But he added that with Merkel departing after 16 years in power, “no one had an incumbent bonus in this election.”

Laschet told supporters that “we will do everything we can to form a government under the Union’s leadership, because Germany now needs a coalition for the future that modernizes our country.”Both Laschet and Scholz will be courting the same two parties: the environmentalist Greens, who were third with 14.8%; and the pro-business Free Democrats, who took 11.5% of the vote.

The Greens traditionally lean toward the Social Democrats and the Free Democrats toward the Union, but neither ruled out going the other way.The other option was a repeat of the outgoing “grand coalition” of the Union and Social Democrats that has run Germany for 12 of Merkel’s 16 years in power, but there was little obvious appetite for that after years of government squabbling.

“Everyone thinks that ... this ‘grand coalition’ isn’t promising for the future, regardless of who is No. 1 and No. 2,” Laschet said. “We need a real new beginning.”The Free Democrats’ leader, Christian Lindner, appeared keen to govern, suggesting that his party and the Greens should make the first move.

“About 75% of Germans didn’t vote for the next chancellor’s party,” Lindner said in a post-election debate with all parties’ leaders on public broadcaster ZDF. “So it might be advisable ... that the Greens and Free Democrats first speak to each other to structure everything that follows.”

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ADVERTISEMENTBaerbock insisted that “the climate crisis ... is the leading issue of the next government, and that is for us the basis for any talks ... even if we aren’t totally satisfied with our result.”While the Greens improved their support from the last election in 2017, they had higher expectations for Sunday’s vote.

The Left Party was projected to win only 4.9% of the vote and risked being kicked out of parliament entirely. The far-right Alternative for Germany —which no one else wants to work with— received 10.3%. This was about 2 percentage points less than in 2017, when it first entered parliament.

Due to Germany’s complicated electoral system, a full breakdown of the result by seats in parliament was still pending.Merkel, who has won plaudits forthrough several major crises, won’t be an easy leader to follow. Her successor will have to oversee the country’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, which Germany so far has weathered relatively well thanks to large rescue programs.

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This move to left, is it any reaction to a win by far right-wing in a provisional race earlier this year?

German vote nearly even for Merkel's bloc, Social DemocratsExit polls show the center-left Social Democrats in a very close race with outgoing Chancellor Merkel’s bloc in Germany ’s parliamentary election, which will determine who succeeds the long-time leader after 16 years in power. Hopefully our American Congress can learn from them, how to negotiate and reach a compromise. The communists, just say it

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German vote nearly even for Merkel's bloc, Social DemocratsBERLIN (AP) — Germany 's center-left Social Democrats were locked in a very close race Sunday with outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel ’s bloc in the country's parliamentary election, a vote that will determine who succeeds the long-time leader after 16 years in power, exit polls showed. And the winner is.. Trump!! How did that happen? Closet Trump fans in Germany, what do you know?


Merkel's party, rivals Social Democrats neck-and-neck in vote – exit polls Angela Merkel ’s bloc and their Social Democrat rivals are running neck and neck in national election at 25% each, exit polls show

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Germany's Social Democratic Party wins most seats in federal elections, preliminary official results showPreliminary official results show that Germany ’s Social Democratic Party wins most seats in Parliament Who That sucks for Germany! Let me get this straight

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