Snow-covered bridge in Pittsburgh collapses

A snow-covered bridge in Pittsburgh collapsed Friday morning, Pittsburgh Public Safety said in a tweet.

Pittsburgh Bridge Collapses - Cnn

1/28/2022 3:55:00 PM

A bridge in Pittsburgh has collapsed. No injuries reported, but police are asking residents to stay away over concerns of a possible natural gas leak

A snow-covered bridge in Pittsburgh collapsed Friday morning, Pittsburgh Public Safety said in a tweet.

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Philadelphia Weather: Remainder Of Fourth Of July Weekend Looks Great

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Snow Forecast: Nor'easter to bring several inches of snow to Delaware Valley Friday, SaturdayNOR'EASTER ON THE WAY ❄️ Blizzard Warnings and Winter Storm Warnings have been issued for parts of the area as a powerful nor'easter could bring upwards of a foot of snow to parts of the Delaware Valley Friday night and Saturday.

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The Infrastructure deal couldn't have come at a more important time... we needed this investment.

Big East Coast storm to brush D.C. area with snow Friday into early SaturdayHeaviest amounts are anticipated east of the Chesapeake Bay, with generally just a coating to 2 inches around the District.

CNN: It was the snow. Wasn't Trump supposed to make America great again and fix infrastructure? Thankfully no deaths, they say the bridge was inspected a few months ago? someone screwed up That's America A bridge in Texas collapsed last week, around Athens Texas Are you talking about the snow covered bridge in DonaldJTrumpJr nose GOP

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One more round of snow into Friday morningAfter a break in the snow for much of the day, steady light snow will redevelop in the Anchorage bowl late Thursday evening and continue into the first half of Friday.

Ben leaves and Pittsburgh starts falling apart 🙏🏻 How’s that infrastructure repair goin ? Build Back Biden! What bridge? Can anyone please confirm location? CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA Well then you havent seen the infrastructure in Africa yet, if a collapsing bridge is international news than South Africa should feature daily🤣😂🙈

Bridge maintenance.... Is that like, important or something? GOP Waiting for the republicans to blame Biden for another Lumpy disaster. Republicans didn’t want repair anything doing his administration 'GOING DOWN'!!! What happened to the gas tax they collected That’s going to happen when infrastructure maintenance is ignored for years.

Nor'easter to Bring Saturday Snow: Timing, Where Most Snow Will FallA nor’easter is expected to bring accumulating snow to the Philadelphia region this weekend with the Jersey Shore and Delaware Beaches, once again, set to see more snow than the rest of the area. We won’t get anything in Philadelphia just like the last two storms.

FernHollowBridge FrickPark 1st world fighter jets and battle ships, 3rd world bridges. Good thing the Republican'ts continue to block Build Back Better. 2022 is a death trap. GOP Explain again why you are against Infrastructurebill Today is a day that I am glad I no longer work for Bridge Management team lol. The next couple of days are going to be nuts reviewing all the inspection reports and having a million meetings

It's sad that the news don't even report what bridge or show a picture. I mean it is a bridge, not hard to find the one that's collasped. If you don't have everything together then don't report. Pitiful that non news people posting the picture but the news hasn't Why GOP and Republicans do not want The Infrastructure Law and the BBB bill pass?

No hurry on that infrastructure bill, tho. Forbes Avenue. Rather long span. See Google maps/traffic feature

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My route to the hospital for chemo gone!! Thank you the fool HouseGOP who voted against infrastructure especially MikeKellyPA 😡 CNN PittsburghPG MSNBC PennLive ABC CBSNews

Latest snowstorm forecast predicts 8 to 12 inches of snow across eastern counties, big cutoffForecasters say the nor'easter is likely to intensify into a powerful 'bomb cyclone,' but many details remain uncertain. joecioffi for weather Can you people please get a map that shows totals for the most populated part of the state? They literally just said we will get close to nothing